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VSX-821 'b' channel

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I have a couple of indoor outdoor speakers ran out to my back porch. On my old yamaha receiver, it played the speakers just fine on the 'b' channel. I just upgraded to a Pioneer VSX-821 and the speakers are very, very, VERY quiet now. They still play, but not loudly at all. Is there a setting I am missing, or any way to dial in the 'b' channel for my outdoor speakers?

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As the 821 is only a 5.1 AVR, the "B" speakers are likely sharing the same amp as the "A" speakers, therefore when you use A+B, you're cutting the impedance of the speakers in 1/2 (eg. all 4 speakers are treated as 4Ω speakers) which would require you to raise the master volume to get the same volume running only one set of speakers at a time.
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Well, that does make sense when it is on A+B, but there has been times I have only been listening to it on the 'B' channel and it really still isn't that loud. I know the 'B' channel only puts out 80 watts per channel but I wouldn't think there would be that much of a difference between 80 watts and 125 watts (as I believe the 'A' channel is)..... but maybe there is...
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Huh? The AVR's "marketed" rating is 80W/CH with 2CH driven (although would more likely bench test at closer to 50-60W) regardless of whether using "A" or "B" separately. What is the impedance (ohms) and sensitivity/efficiency (db) of the "B" speakers as compared to the "A" speakers?
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You'll have to excuse me I sometimes just talk out of my ass!

I don't know where I saw it (and I know a little bit about this stuff, but not a ton thats for sure) But I saw where it was a 625 W 5-channel receiver, so 125 watts per channel. Then I saw 80 watts for the B channel, but I (of course) can't find it now. New egg is saying 125/110/80 watts depending on Ohms, so It is very possible I just jumbled up all of that information.

As for what I am currently running ohms and decible wise, I have no idea. I just hooked some wire up and started playin! Any way to tell? If I had to guess, The outdoor speakers aren't even about 1/10th as loud as my indoor speakers, but trying to compare the little speakers with a 5 speaker polk monitor system and a couple subs doesn't seem fair, it is way too quiet though I can tell you that much.
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You should be able to find some markings on the outdoor speakers to determine the brand/model which you can then google to determine the impedance/efficiency. Also what is the guage of the speaker wire and what is the length of the wire out to the speakers? If possible, as a test, swap your outdoor speakers with your surround speakers and see if you get a similar response from the surround speakers.
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Well you might have just answered one of the problems. It is 18 guage wire ran probably 50 feet. I'll have to check any markings on the outdoor speakers tonight and I will take one down and run it through some 14 guarge wire in about a 5' strand and see how that sounds.
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You'll likely want to replace the 50' 18AWG wire with 14AWG wire as that's too thin for that length.
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On page 47 of the owners manual in bold print it basically reads
80 watts.

I thought the RMS issue was taken care of long ago.
My 821 replaced my Carver Hr 772.Rated at 140 watts per channel in 1993.
Stereo Review tested at 163 watts peaking at 181.(A Bob Carver Production LOL)

My 821 has better seperation and clarity.But Base.The Carver is like a Sledge
Hammer!! The Tech from 1993 was far different.
They both power Klipsch Chorus II's.I set the 821 to Large.Sounds fine.

The VSX-821 remote midnight setting has a Loudness setting.Just keep
pressing the midnight button, 1st press the #2 receiver button.
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