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Was debating long and hard on which sub to order as a replacement for my old one that was damanged in a move from WI to FL (Harman Kardon HKTS 18, was a 10" 200W piano black sub, I thought it sounded good enough but had nothing to compare it to) - debated over the Cadence CSX12, Klipsch RW-12D and the Lava LSP12 - after reading as much I could on all three, I settled on the Cadence. I am sure I could have not gone wrong with any of them - I ruled the Lava out purely on not being able to read enough online to be comfortable with it. I ruled the Klipsch out - as silly as this may seem- because of a fan of the RW-12D calling me a troll in the perpetual 'its $299 again' thread, I guess I have thin skin, would have always bothered me owning the Klipsch knowing if I had an issue that I needed help with, that I would have to post with that group again and risk being called a troll for asking for opinions/assistance. Not sure what their delivery times typically are from order to arrival but I will post back some non-audiophile impressions when it arrives.
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Yeah, please let us know.
Just a little while ago I replied to one of your post' in the Klipsch thread and I don't know how in the heck I missed the line where you said you bought the Cadence but I did. Anyway, I think you made the right choice. Of course, I don't have any hard evidence to back it up except I just think the Cadence sub is better all the way around. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think about it.

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Anyone know how long it takes Cadence to ship after the order is placed?
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They seem to be pretty good about getting things out the door quickly.
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Thanks Jim, after being so paralyzed for so long, now I am impatient smile.gif
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Contacted Cadence today to see about a shipping date and low and behold it had shipped out the same day I placed the order! I went back to my email and sure enough their tracking number email got put into spam. Thats fast shipping turnaround; shipping same day as order! Should arrive via Fedex on Wed! Excited!!!
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Glad it worked out so well for you. Once you've had the chance to break it in be certain to come back and post your opinion.
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HI All -

So my CSX12 arrived as scheduled this past Wed - I have not had much time to play with it this week as we have visitors from WI with us in FL for the week and for next week.

Initial impressions:

1. Came double boxed - outside carton was a little beat up but not bad. Inner box was perfect and sub itself was well packaged. Everything survived the trip just fine.

2. Typical unboxing - open top, flip over, lift box off. Sub itself wsa wrapped in both the cloth sock and a plastic over bag - very well protected. Opened both cloth and plastic bags and pushed down the sides. Screwed in the metal feet - nice design on the feet - there is a nut that can be used to help adjust the sub to level, nice touch. As it turns out, I needed to take advantage of this as our floor wasn't perfectly level where I was going to initially place the sub.

3. It also comes with little disks about the size of a nickel with an indent in the middle - there wasn't mention in the manual that I could find on what they were or when to use them, so I made an educated guess that they are to be used on hard floors. Once I got the sub turned right side up, I found these little pads to be a pain the rear - I had a hard time getting them under the spiked feet, everytime I would get 3 of them in, when lifting the sub to get the fourth under, one of the other three would spit out from under the spiked foot. I gave up and just put them back in the bag and through them in my drawer. I was satisfied with just using the spiked feet as our floor is tile - those with wood or scratchable floors will want to use them though I think.

4. After getting the feet screwed in, flipped it over to get it right side up. Easy enough.

5. First impression of the finish - ehh, not sure I am crazy about it. The vinyl wrap has a pretty silvery tint to it that I think makes it look fake. Not that most vinyl warps do any sort of good impression of real wood, but I was still a little disappointed. The warp seam was on the bottom of the sub, so its not visable when the sub is in use anyways so I got over it.

6. In the accessories bag is a fuse - when I read the manual it said to make sure the fuse is installed behind the power plug so I got down on my knees, looked, and started scratching my head, couldn't see a place to put it. I plugged the sub cord into the wall, made sure all the dials and knobs were turned to safe parameters and turned the on switch on. Worked just fine so I assume the fuse is an extra and used in the future if the one already in place breaks. I am also assuming that when they say behind the plug, they are referring to actually inside the back plate as I didn't see anywhere on the outside to put the fuse - also didn't spend a tremendous amount of time looking.

7. I like the piano black trim on the front, however, I am not crazy about the silver nuts/knobs of the grill pegs showing on the face, would prefer a cleaner look and not have them showing.

8. In the accessories package was the extra fuse, manual, a sticker (not sure where they intend me to stick that but just gave it to my son to play with) and the plug adapter for the other voltage.

9. It was bigger than I had pictured in my head, when placed next to my broken Harman sub, it looks huge, lol. Box for shipping was way bigger than I had anticipated. Its heavy - I put it on th
scale in my workout room and it weighed 75.4 lbs - Cadnce lists it as 73 lbs so pretty close (not a calibrated scale).

10. Moved the sub into position where I wanted to start and then plugged in the preout cable from my Harman avr354.

11. This is where it gets interesting: those that have been reading either this thread or the Klipsch Rw-12d thread know I had been paralyzed for awhile on which sub to get. I finally settled on the CSX12 on a Thursday at lunch and placed the order. My old sub was a Harman TS15 that came with the HKTS18 HTiB and was damaged in relocation from WI to FL - the move happened Sept 9 and it took the relocation company until first part of Feb to resolve my move damage claims (we had about $4000 worth of damange including the sub) - I had wanted to order an Epik Legend as the replacement sub when they went on sale around 12/1 but didn't want to order until I knew whether the relo company was going to repair or pay to replace the Harman sub. So I waited and the Epiks went out of stock and have been since. At the same time all this stuff was going on, I was working on a small/cheap setup for our new master bedroom in FL and I was looking for a smaller sub for our bedroom and was watching the local Craigslist - I happened to check on lunch on Friday and bang, Epik Legend listed for sale just 30 miles from home. I thought, damn, just ordered the CSX12 and now the sub I really wanted was potentially available. I decided to pick up the Legend thinking, ok the Cadance while probably overkill for what I really needed in our bedroom, would work fine. I picked the Legend up last Saturday and have had it hooked up for Sat-Wed when the Cadence arrived. I LOVE the Epik for music - I realized when playing around with it that I was missing a lot of detail in music before. Put Transformers III in on Bluray expecdting to just be blown away - I was disappointed. The lows were great but felt it was lacking in the middle low range - hard to explain but for example, when one of the TF's would move, the Epik played their footsteps perfectly (and the floor shook) but when I machine gun would go off, felt the bass effect was lacking, sounded like it was just coming from mains and center, just felt like I had highs and lows but nothing in between. So Wed roles around and the Cadence arrives so I swap them out in the same place in the layout. I rerun the Harman EzEq thing and put Transformers III back on - wow, everything I was missing from the Epik was there in the Cadence - lows highs and mids, I definitely preferred the Cadence to the Epik for movies. So I switched to some music. Cadence did really well and was lightyears better than my broke Harman but not in the same league as the Epik on the music. The Cadence with music I thought was just a little muddy and not quite as punchy or as crisp sounding - I could tell it the most when listneing to something like Bach Cello Suite #5 or Gregg Isakov, less so on something like Macklemore. To both subs credit, I did zero sub crawl to optomize any room gain/interference. The Cadence really shined with the movie though - I had watched Transormers (all of them) a few times already but felt like I was watching a movie I had never seen before. Even my wife was like, WTF, this is awesome. Floors were shaking and I could feel the bass in my chest. No boominess or port noise at all and I had the volume loud enough that our neighbors said something to me about the bass later that night when I saw them outside. The Harman EzEq thing set my crossovers to 80hz for mains, center and surrounds and I left them there. Sub level was set to -2. I had the bass boost to zero on the sub, crossover all the way to the high side so my AVR can handle the crossover activities and I had the volume know at about 10 o'clock position.

12. I like the looks and finish of the Epik better - just seems to look more...for lack of a better word, 'expensive'.

13. Epik cabinet was very dead - set a glass of water on it and hardly any vibrations at all but you could see the bass wave go through the water. Same with the cadence - just slightly more vibration could be seen and felt on the cabinet but the glass never moved around or vibrated and only then I could only notice a difference with the loudest or deepest explosions in the movie. With your hand on the Epik, you could not even tell it was on hardly except for hearing or feeling the bass in your body. Cadence, just slightly more vibration could be felt with the hand on the cabinet.

14. At the end of Transformers III, the Cadence amp was cool to the touch as if it wasn't even on. The Epik amp was HOT, not quite burn your hand hot but uncomfortably hot.

15. Noticed zero hum from either the Cadence or the Epik amps.

Those are my initial first impressions - really happy with the initial playings with the Cadence - love it for movies which in our living room is 95% of the use. Going to move the Epik to the bedroom since there we use it for 95% music where I tink it really shines (at least for my non-audiophile ears and with nothing 'better' musically to compare it to). I am going to spend some time once the fam leaves for WI and find out if placement in the room matters and get more hours played through the Cadence. More to follow when I get that far and get some hours in it. I might actually relist the Epik for sale on Craigslist and purchase something smaller for the bedroom as its probably overkill for our listening needs there. Never thought I would like the Cadence more than the Epik and am pleasantly surprised. Extremely pleased with my Cadence purchase, got to believe I made the right choice over the Klipsch Rw-12d. At $279.99 plus free shipping it seems like a bargain!
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That's great ljn21!
When I was considering the Cadence I figured it was a better by than the Klipsch and from your review I still think it is.

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Originally Posted by ljn21 View Post

More to follow when I get that far and get some hours in it.

Glad it's worked out for you thus far. One suggestion though; when you post your follow up try to add a few line breaks and some spacing. It would make things a whole lot easier to read... biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by JimWilson View Post

Glad it's worked out for you thus far. One suggestion though; when you post your follow up try to add a few line breaks and some spacing. It would make things a whole lot easier to read... biggrin.gif

Sorry not a professional reviewer - edited my post to add breaks between each number.
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Originally Posted by ljn21 View Post

Sorry not a professional reviewer - edited my post to add breaks between each number.

Few are. I just figured you put a lot of time into that write up, why not make it such that everyone reading it would get the full value. Contributions like yours are very beneficial to the forums.
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Any new updates after breaking it in a little? I myself am torn between that and the Lava LSP-12 or the Klipsch Rw-12d.
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Sorry haven't had a ton of time to play with it. Work is going crazy and we have a new baby that consumes most of my time. We have watched a few movies and we listen to music more now than before in our living room since its further from the nursery and no regrets. I love the Cadence and have zero regret not getting the Klipsch. Movies are just awesome to watch now and our eclectic music collection never sounded better to our amateur ears. To tickle me more pink I picked up a Pioneer SC1222 and haven't run the MCAAC yet and just love the sound. Just leaving it flat sounds so sweet. Running Polk Monitor 70s up front csi5 center and leftover satellites from our old Harman setup along with the Cadence to make a 7.1 system. I bought a Mediabridge sub cable from Amazon and love it as well.

Back on topic, love the Cadence for both music and movies the more we listen to it. I should be able to run the MCAAC this next weekend and hoping it sounds even better! Order the Cadence you will love it.
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Ordered a Cadence CSX12 Mark II around noon yesterday to replace a JBL Venue SUB12 that smoked its circuit board. Cadence shipped it out the same day, and it should be here next Thursday. I was deliberating between the CSX12 MKII, Polk PSW505, and Klipsch RW-12D. I settled on the Cadence since everyone who buys one seems to have mostly good things to say about it. The JBL was just a thumper for our HT system (Denon AVR-3808CI, Athena Surrounds), so this should be a big step up.
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Congrat. Hope it works out for you. Be sure to come back and post your impressions once it's been broken in and tuned.
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So I got my Cadence CSX12 Mark II last week and I think it is a great value. It was well packaged and double boxed so it didn't suffer any shipping damage despite a fairly large dent in one of the corners of the box. It is heavy at 70+ pounds (which is a good thing). Fit and finish is excellent for the price. It sounds a heck of a lot better than the JBL SUB12 that it replaced. Plays well with music and movies. Overall I'm really happy with my purchase and have absolutely no regrets. I don't think you could do any better for $279.
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Glad it worked out for you. I thought it was a solid value as well.
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I've had my Cadence CSX-12 II since December 18 2011, and am as happy with it today, as I was the day I hooked it up. It lives in the front left corner of my 24' x 16' living room with a vaulted ceiling, and that opens up to the kitchen. I will echo all of the positive reviews regarding quick delivery and phenomenal packaging. It is to me at least, a beast, but it fits fine in our living room without issue. I also really like the looks, as it looks completely different from the herd, and having the port located on the front accommodates easier placement options.

My sub is used everyday, all day, as it's part of our living room home theater, and it hasn't missed a beat. The amp never gets warm, much less hot, and there are no buzzes or rattles even after several thousand hours of usage........So far, bullet proof comes to mind.

As for its sound, well it is loud and does what its supposed to do. The Tri-Pod scene in War of the Worlds energizes my whole room, without any weird noises.....Ever. We like our movies loud and with a fairly large room to fill, the CSX-12 has no problems whatsoever. The opening D-Day scene on Saving Private Ryan is also awesome, as the deep explosions energize the room like in WOTW, but also it pounds out all of the upper bass stuff like the gun blasts, and does so effortlessly.

No, I don't have any graphs and you can describe me right square in the middle of Joe Six Pack and Mr. Audiophile. I know what I like, and I like the CSX-12. Sure, it could have deeper extension into the true 20hz range and an always on switch would be awesome, although the auto-on does work well but I still don't like any of them. I'm not sure what more I could add to the sound description, as I believe loud, clean and authoritative pretty much covers it all.

This "review" was more of a long term update to show just how reliable the CSX-12 is, and we all know that isn't always the case with other subwoofers. If I had it to do all over again, the only thing I would change would be to reduce the time I researched this sub, because I wasted a couple of weeks that I could've been enjoying the Cadence instead. cool.gif
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Thanks for contributing that info. It's always beneficial when an owner posts his comments, especially when they're from long term usage.
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Looks like Cadence decided to discontinue the home audio gear, including the subs. Quite the shame since the subs were a great value.
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Cadence discontinued most of their home audio products about a year ago, so its been a while. There's no indication they're releasing anything new either, which as you noted is unfortunate.
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