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"brilliant color" on or off?

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Brilliant color seems to add a yellowish tinge with my acer 7531d. Using dalite matte white 106"....can't seem to calibrate the yellowness out. Using spears and munsell calibration disc. Anyone have this issue?
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Brilliant Color should always be off for a true image. At least that's what all the experts/calibrators say. You could verify this in the Calibration section here.
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I agree. Sometimes, the contrasty stuff it adds isn't too bad, but I feel like it's leaning the temp of the color a good bit.
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I think it looks better on adds more depth to the image
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I used brilliant color at first on my Mitsubishi HC3800, but I noticed some artifacts. For example, a red brick wall would turn into an orange blob with brilliant color. Other projectors might handle it differently, but I don't trust brilliant color.
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Sometimes, it seems *more* natural, other times it doesn't....but in any event, I guess that's not what the filmaker intended.
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When I first got my Mits HC-3800 I played with Brilliant Color a lot. It makes it very difficult to calibrate the projector properly and if you do get it close it produces bad artifacts in the bright whites. (Flaring pixalization effects)
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It does vary from projector to projector. I've had 3, here are my experiences,

Mits HD1000U: Mainly just pumps up the whites, so you get an unbalanced image with overly bright highlights. No benefit IMO.

Infocus X10: Works better than the 1000U, but adds the odd pixelization in whites unless you reduce contrast quite a bit. Not worth it here either IMO.

Benq W6000: I'm actually using it with this one. Whites are ok and it does boost brightness across the board. In outdoor bright scenes I actually prefer it. Calibration still isn't as good though. In particular, light blue colors (think light blue sky, maybe water/ocean) are off and I can't find a way to fix them 100%.

I'm only using it with the W6000 because I have a large 1.0 gain screen and the extra brightness trumps the modest calibration problem (personal taste, some won't agree). Eventually I may get a higher gain screen and stop using it, although it does really look good in brighter scenes.
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That's sorta where I am at. The outdoor scenes do look good. In many ways, more natural...but I see other areas....low light, inside, ect. Where it looks off. The thing of it is, I can't seem to dial it in right(eg, other adjustments that bring it back to being closer to being calibrated)
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In my experience with an HC3800, any settings that preserve the brightness boost of Brilliant Color also posterize the image. At least for that projector, it's better left off.
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