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Panasonic DMR-EH59

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Hello, I have problem, I have Panasonic "DMR-EH59" and hard drive(sata250gb) was broken.
Tried replace with new 500gb but no recognized. Also tried install firmware 1.2 (can't find 1.3) but no success. Maybe can you help me ?

Original and broken HDD is Hitachi 250gb, LBA: 488.397.168 sectors.
Working hdd is Samsung 500gb, model: hd502HI, LBA: 976,773,168 sectors.

P.S. sorry for my english
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You have two problems. the first is that there is no real value to replacing the original hard drive with a larger one. The hard drive size is firmly embedded in the firmware of the EH59, and it cannot be changed, at least, not to my knowledge has it been accomplished.

Second, the operating firmware seems to to be on the HDD for these machines, so replacing it is not just a matter of putting in a new drive*. If you have access to a good HDD, you might be able to clone it and make it work, but other then that, you need to get Panasonic to sell you one already prepped for use in your DVD recorder.

* I think, but am not completely sure about this, but I think that the Gracenote database needs to be present on the disk for the EH59 to come up properly.
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The way I got my broken DMR-EH59 to work was to clone the HDD from a working DMR-EH59
onto a Stock Hitachi HDD (of the same make and model), when I put the cloned HDD into the broken DMR-EH59
it formatted the HDD and the broken DMR-EH59 works now.

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That is just as I suspected. I really wish SOMEONE would make available the disk image firmware so we could put blank disks into the EH59/69s and the CD/DVD with the image into the optical drive and it would create a usable drive that way.
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