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TVpad Owner Thread for the Asian Community

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Hello AVS peeps! I just bought 2 of these TVpad devices for myself and my parents and it's a very impressive little device. Almost like the roku but for asian TV. Figure I'll be the first to share this with the asian community that visit this forum. And hopefully we can share knowledge and experience with the device here.

What is TVpad??

the device looks exactly like a Roku or AppleTV. Has HDMI, USB, TFcard, Network connection and it can stream up to 1080p.

It has access to 60+ asian TV channels from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Japan and Korean. If you are a big TVB drama series or Korean drama series fan this device is for you, it has a VOD section with the latest TV series. You can see the channel line up below. Some of the more popular channels are Hong Kong TVB, Jade, ATV, CCTV, Phoenix and Canton Channels etc.

It also acts as a media player and can play the following video formats.




You can download the recorder app for TVpad M121s or M121.

It records to SD card, USB or Network Share! You can play the recorded file using TVpad or VLC player on other devices.



For More TVpad info you can visit the sites below:


official TVpad website http://en.tvpad.hk/tvpad/01/index.jsp?head=home


www.tvpadfans.com  (TVpad's official forum, If you can read chinese this is a good forum to visit)


www.clubtvpad.com/forums (Great community for TVpad English users and hackers)


www.popularasians.com (Members are extremely helpful anything TVpad related)


www.tvpadzone.com (Detail English and Chinese TVpad info with some video and great tips)

I've been using it for the past few months and is thoroughly impressed with the support and service. As with any streaming device, it rely on fast internet connection. It requires at least a 3mb download connection to operate smoothly. After all, you are streaming in HD.

So please ask me anything about TVpad. I'm a huge fan and would love to see others join the band wagon!!!


If you are in the U.S you can purchase TVpad from www.Clubtvpad.com They are an authorized U.S reseller.


Option #1


Club TVpad official website.


Option #2

Club TVpad Facebook Store
http://www.facebook.com/pages/ToyzMore4 ... 9942176662

Option #3
Club TVpad eBay Store Toyz&More4u
http://stores.ebay.com/Toyz-More4U/_i.h ... d=89150563

Option #4
Buy direct from Tvpad Hong Kong

Use promo code below to get $30 off

Order in English:

From Official English Website: http://en.tvpad.hk/tvpad/01/index.jsp?head=home

use the discount code 19238315 to receive $30 off.

Order in Chinese:



use the discount code 19238315 to receive $30 off.


Channel List



APP Garden



Korean Apps







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LOL...I guess I'm the only Asian here that is interested in this thing!
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Interesting - in-laws might be interested in this! How much did you pay for yours, if you dont mind me asking?
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Darn, the webpage is all in Chinese! Does it require a VPN? Is there a monthly fee?
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Nope! No monthly fee.
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don't need vpn just regular internet.
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Thanks for the info. My main concern is that TVB will likely be cut off again, like they did with other players heh.
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That was my concern to. According to their support page, they actually pay a license fee for their feeds. Not to mention they have more than one app with multiple TVB channels. If one goes down u can watch from another app. Plus all the TVB series is on demand so that is a plus.
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So they pay a fee for the Chinese channels and I see PPS on their webpage. They also let you watch copyright infringed content too?
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I believe PPS is one of their sponsors or partners. So some of the VOD content is through PPS. and yes, looks like they have some copyright material too. I just watched Mission Impossible 4 a few days ago. But I'm not complaining hehe
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Guys, I need some recommendation on a decent surround sound system. I have a Sony bravia 60" and the speakers on it sucks ass. I just want something a bit better but don't want to drop more than $500-$600. Any recommendations? Thx
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Any idea how much they charge for delivery?
Some say it's free, but can't find it on their website (official tvpad site)
Location is the Netherlands More people in the Netherlands interested in buying one?
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free delivery. You know when you check out that you are not paying more than $199. Just make sure you use the promo code other wise it's $229.
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I know what BETV is. What are HITV, Lily TV, and 516 TV? Are those PC applications like BETV?
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They are just apps similar to BETV for different parts of asia. You get channels from Bejing, Hunan, taiwan etc....so each app is for certain regions.
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Anybody can download BETV and run the software on their PC. Same thing applies to both PPTV and PPS. Is the same true for HITV, Lily TV, and 516 TV?

Also, do you think it is possible that TVPad has a license and/or is approved by TVB? I doubt it, but would like your opinion.
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You are correct about BETV and PPS etc. I don't believe there are apps you can download for HITV or Lily and 516.

From TVpad's chinese forum, it has been announced that TVpad indeed pay a license fee to BETV HITV 516 PPS ETC to stream live feeds. Weather BETV or HITV has license rights to stream TVB..that I don't know. But BETV has been around for quite sometime so I assume they must have some rights to stream TVB content. Just my opinion.
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Anyone know how this compares to XBMC with the asian channel(s) plugins? I hear that you can do something similar with XBMC, but I haven't tried it yet.
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Yes you can get similar results with XBMC. But you won't get as much channels as the TVpad. I had a mythbox prior to the TVpad and the reason I got the tvpad is because of my parents. It's totally plug and play and all they have to know is how to use the remote. Plus it draws less power than my mythbox thus saving electricity. I no longer get phone calls from my parents asking me troubleshoot why they are not getting chinese TV. It's extremely ideal for the older generation.
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Ok, cool.
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So do you stream content anytime or is it a live stream so you have to watch the shows when it is broadcast in their local timezones?
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You are streaming live at their time zone. It's nice for those who don't have a job and can watch anytime. BUT..for me I use the video on demand app. The latest drama series are available one day after it's been broadcasted and I can watch it at my leisure. So I would wait a few days, and catch 2-3 episodes at a time.
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just tested the youtube app for TVpad. Now you can use it to watch HD quality youtube videos too......pretty sweet!!!!
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where do you get the youtube app?

i have the firmware 2.6, is there a easy way to upgrade to 2.7 as it has more apps?

Originally Posted by mofo888 View Post

just tested the youtube app for TVpad. Now you can use it to watch HD quality youtube videos too......pretty sweet!!!!
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If you are on 2.6, you can only upgrade to 2.62. You can get the firmware from tvpad forum, but it's all in Chinese. Since I can't read Chinese I joined club TVpad on facebook. Go on facebook and search for club TVpad. Message them and they will help you.
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What is average GB usage in a month? Also, any solutions for DVR recording the show that's easy to implement with this for timeshifting?
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no dvr or timeshift settings on the device. But I found it not necessary since movie valleys have all the latest TVB drama series which is why most people want this device for.

i use about 4 hrs a day and I have comcast with 250gb limit. I say I use about 50-100gb a month of that 250gb.
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I copied this from another Forum. Seems like a good deal if anyone is interested. See post below.

TVPAD FOR $195 with Free Shipping!!!

Hey guys, The ebay seller I bought my TVpad from is having a friends and family sale on his facebook page. Club TVpad

It's a pre-order but still a damn good deal. The reason I recommend buying from them is because they are local in the US. I don't have to send my unit to Hong Kong which is pretty damn expensive if you want shipping with tracking. And it's good to have an authorized dealer that speaks english since I can't read or speak chinese.
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Does he ship to Canada? I can't find any shipping info!
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On his facebook page, he says to message him for international shipping. Check and let us know. I'm sure there are other Canada buyers interested.
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