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My DIY video of Home Theater set-up

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Hello Great AVS Forum people.

Here is my DIY project with my 2 boys.

My living room is not so big, but it had open back towards kitchen.

I am pretty new to this Home Theater setup and I have done a lot of research here in this website. My HW are as follows:

Onkyo NR609 7.2
Def Tech Mythos series (OK please don't laugh) this I charge to experience and was being too excited to buy a home theater.
I added for my Front L&R monoprice speakers
Rear L&R installed on the ceiling circular 8" Monoprice as well.

I have an extra amplifier for Bass shaker ($50 on cragislist). I needed 2 movable IKEA Poang Chairs to enjoy front HOme theater viewing.

Hope you enjoy the video as much as I like remembering it.


Thanks for viewing.
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I love your video! A lot of care and love put into your system and involving your kids was awesome. Very well done.
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DITTO!!!!!!!!! Awesome job!
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Outstanding! That Papao sure is brave. Very well done.
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Great video and set-up- nice job
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Nice video!! Great job getting your kids involved!! I'm sure it has been an experience you truly cherish.
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One of my favorite DIY videos here! Very Nicely Done! It's awesome you included the kids in the process as well!

Again Terrific Job!!
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Excellent job on both the video and the Home Theater set up!
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haha man your video is cracking me up, going into the crawl space was hilarious, bass shaker critics was hilarious. awesome stuff. Ive been looking at the bass shakers i'm thinking about picking up some.
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Kudos to brave family, very sweet!
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Great video! Looks like the project turned out awesome. Nicely done!!
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Great video Norberto, got a big smile watching your "big" boy go down under the house in his rain coat with you. Who was taking the video when you were in the crawl space - did you just put the camera on the ground and the framing worked out?
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Hot damn you got that TV on the mount by yourself!

I saw your video on youtube when I was looking up bass shakers lol. Great job!

Amazing cinematography and very clean crawl space there
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Well, the home theater is very nice, but what I took away from the video is that you are truly an excellent father!

Kudos, my brother!
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Thanks for taking the time and effort to make such a sweet video. It re-enforces the heart of what "Home Theater" is all about, bringing smiles to faces. Thumbs up on your hard work and focusing on the family enjoyment aspect of it.
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gusto ko ng setup mo. very clean work
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This video is remarkable. Great job on everything! I'm glad to see that you're getting the kids involved in this Home Theater hobby early! Very cool.
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Very impressed! Love the video and the little ones. "Because you made a terrible mess." - AWESOME!
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Love the video Norberto and I like how you involved your kids. It's the little stuff like this that they'll remember forever and pass it on to their kids. So kudos to for being a great father and having the guts to tackle this by yourself
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nice video love it, aren't you satisfied with your mythos speakers?

I love mines, they look great and they sound nice too.
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Thanks pcwebber111 Notice my Dallas Mavs shirt while working on the Ceiling speakers

Originally Posted by pcweber111 View Post

I love your video! A lot of care and love put into your system and involving your kids was awesome. Very well done.
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Hello fellow AVS members, sorry for the late reply! But I want to address all of you in here for the kind words.

@pcweber11 your Son is soo cool, I bet he is taller now than the speaker! I love the beast HTPC, I think that is the best thing nowadays. Now i dont have any cable anymore and I build my own DVR on my HTPC. i will review your set up more. Maybe i can learn more about building PC. I'm not a gamer though.

@Hidef Lover Thanks very much

@Blusynk Thank you as well.

@Scout Staff, wow your set-up is a thing of envy! I am sure you are having a great time watching.

@dharel, yes the project was something to cherish, it was not easy and the house was dirty for Months! Ofcourse the wife was not happy for the mess at that time

@Bunga99, I am just happy I found this forum and gave me creative ways to explore cheaper means to enjoy home theater! But man your home theater looks cozy. Just the library is awesome! Lazy chairs looks so comfy, too bad only Ikea will work on my movable home set-up Gotta give it to the wife for the curtain Claude!

@jnnt29 I can only say WOW on your woodworking skills, Ok I don't see the electronic connection My father is a carpenter and I admire wood carvers and workers very much! I say great job on the design of your home theater.

@Snitzl5 I can guarantee you it definitely adds value to watching. Plus its rather cheap, for the sofa 2 bass shakers will make it. One thing I can add is if you build one, get the a used amplifier no need for a brand new one. I got one for $50 from craigslist. good thing it was same brand as my main amp. I'm sure you will not watch 5.1 again without it.

@Rodriguez_Brazil thank you, I wish to visit your country on the world cup! 2014

@Norske, I am still happy with it, maybe this summer I will make use of Zone 2 for the living room, it has been cabled anyway.

@Brad Horstkotte, I had the camera on a stick I love documenting "the good" things my kids do so come adolescent time, I can tell them "See you were good back then

But wait Brad I have to say this after looking at your PIMPed Garage... DARN man I Hate you You are one of those people that I wish I didn't have to see because you give us such ideas! darn darn I am full of envy now at your garage, that set up is sharp and clear as ever! Darn it I can't get over how sharp it is. THat dragon was from "How to train your dragon? " I want that in BLu ray man! Congratulations on such inspiring garage... and yes I hate you for showing it again hahahah

@pokekevin, the house is atleast 5 years old, we were brand new owners, yup the builders were good and made sure the crawlspace had those black plastic. Glad you like it. Good luck on you building one. I think given the right set-up $300 budget is good for 4x bass shakers and a used Amplifier.

@Splicer010 I am humbled, thank you very much.

@perfectevolution Your comment is highly appreciated. I absolutely agree and thank you for calibrating my mind again too. Sometimes we get so "geeked" out on specks and brand, we forgot why we did it in the first place. (this apply also to my photography hobby i.e. Canon vs. Nikon etc.)

@lwong180, kabayan Salamat! Dami dyan sa Raon pwede makabili ng components

@BrolicBeast, thanks, the younger one is just getting over fundling over the volume speaker I have now words to describe your beautiful set up. That power cord is massive! Hope the electric bills not too hot Thank you for sharing your setup

@limp003, hahaha! the kids are straightforward funny at times. Thanks on your set up I like your taste in color combination. Just nice, Im sure with the sound absorption, the sound is superb now.

@Tigre, Thank you very much for the kind words.

@leviathan18, didn't mean to put mythos down, I love them too, good pitch and love the high quality finish. But the price was a bit too much in my honest opinion. But I still have them and works quite well for my living room.

Again thank you very much for the wonderful comments. And also for the inspiration for more home projects.

More power to AVS.

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Originally Posted by Onkyoinked5 View Post

@Rodriguez_Brazil thank you, I wish to visit your country on the world cup! 2014

Nice! Be my guest!
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