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Individual 2-arm setups?

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All of the HT seat companies offer single seats with both arms.


You can rotate the seats to balance the wear.
You can configure any way you want.


Not as clean-looking as usual combinations.
Wider stance.

Thinking of buying this setup in 3-seats, getting a couple yards of leather and building my own wedge tables between them.

Whaddaya think?
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It is all about what you are trying to achieve.

In most cases folks who are building the Home Theaters want to have theatrical movie like experience, hence the rows of seating look like in real movie theaters. There is nothing wrong with getting individual recliners, but I would say that this would be more for a media room that is used as a multipurpose one where you not only watch the movies, but also socialize, play games, etc... This gives you more flexibility of arranging your seating and placing any kind of consoles, coffee tables in between the seats, or simply putting the seats individually in various places in the room.
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Roman, you are quick! You da man!

I'm thinking of still having a "theater-style" row of seats, but more like the Lane Gambler, still lined up together, but with as much curve as you want. With wedges it would be wider but my room can handle that.

Just thinkin'
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If you have space and that is the look you are after, you can do it. I do not see any problem there.
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