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JVC-HD950/RS25 or JVC-X70/RS55

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I'm the satisfied owner of a JVC-HD950/RS25 projector and even one with good convergence and uniformity.
Then I would like to ask you guys here how much better performance or improvement it will bring if replacing my HD950 with the two generation newer X70/RS55 model, or if it's actually worth the money when my interest is only in the 2D performance. In my opinion it still will take several generations more before all problems related to the 3D are solved.
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What size is your screen?
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My screen size is 92' white gain 1.0 - and we are seated about 3.5 meters away.
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Short answer no. Based on your mainly wanting 2D, and the size of your screen, what you will gain in the RS55 won't be enough to justify the added cost (in my opinion).
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Having owned an HD-750, an X7, and having tested an X70 (rs55) on my Carada BW real gain 1.1 88" diag screen (16/9) about 3.4m from the screen, I agree with Jason.

The rs55 doesn't bring much in 2D for our screen size. The effect of the e-shift is not visible in a good way IMHO below 100-110", and then only if you sit quite close to the screen, say 1.5SW or closer.

I tested the rs55 and rs45 in a setup very similar to yours, and went for the rs45...

If I had an rs25 and no interest in 3D, I'd definitely keep it, especially if it had good convergence and uniformity, as it's always a lottery to get a good one, irrespective of the price paid.

Also the CMS is the rs25 is, again IMHO, better than the one in the rs55, in case that matters for you.

The main improvement you could expect in 2D would be with motion, and maybe sharpness, but that would not justify the price difference (IMHO) as it is not night and day, just slightly better.
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Thank you very much for your reply.

When it’s not night and day improvements added since the HD950, it seems like properly most wise to keep this projector for some more years until there really is a step ahead improvement, like e.g. much better 3D and as already mentioned I’m very satisfied with this unit, but always curries to know when the time is right for a change, but of course a new projector need to justify the cost.

And when it comes to convergence and uniformity, exactly - it is really a lottery every time going for a new model and this is so far the only one I have been lucky with out of several.
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