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DVR or What?

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My guess is that this information exists, and maybe exists in many iterations, on this site, but I can't find it.

I'd like to get a device to record the signal coming over our Comcast cable for time shifting. The only fillip, is that in addition to displaying on the HDTV which is currently connected to the Comcast set top box, I'd like to also move some programming to be displayed on my iPad.

Our current setup is pretty simple. We have a digital cable sub to Comcast and a translator set top box which is connected to the TV.

I've look at Amazon and found the Motorola 515 which seems like a reasonable choice, but I'm not sure if:

1. It records in HD 720/1040
2. If there is a a method where I can get the programming to my iPad.

It says it can burn DVD's but are these BD's or just plain jane DVD's? If the latter I suppose I can't burn the HD content to them.

Sure, I know I can record on the device, burn a DVD and then rip the DVD to my iPad but gee, that's pretty darned cumbersome. I was hoping that the DVR or whatever could be networked and accessed through my ethernet and then, when I have the programming on my PC, I could convert to H.264 MP4 (iPad format) and transfer to the iPad.

Is my idea feasible using the Motorola or another device of roughly comparable price?

Any hints or point to links giving me the information would be greatly appreciated. I can't even determine if the 515 is a network device or how it works. That is, does it come after the set top box or does it replace, etc?
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There is a dedicated thread over in the DVD Recorder forum for this.
The huge negative it isn't HD and there is no Guide.
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All I will say is check this out [ link below] I am thinking of doing this for my comcast service and saving about 84 bucks a year.

Down side it you need a mac to do this and a cable box with component outputs. this would than record 720P. I am thinking mac mini myself ebay

There is a software update for the ipad to work

watch both videos [ on after the other you will see this at the end of the first one.

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