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Market for quiet amps.....

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Do you think there is a market for proamps that have aftermarket quiet fans... Just a thought....
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My Ashly KLR series amps are extremely quiet stock. There may be small demand for quieter EP4k and FP clones though.
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The only down side is you now have an amp without enough cooling for demanding jobs, IE, PA use. Someone grabs one, tosses it in their rack, cooks one after an hour, and calls you demanding a new one under warranty.

But just tossing out ideas. If I were to build an amp specifically for HT use, I would design it with a lot of metal in the heat sink to help absorb the heat generated by the loud passages. Instead of thermal swings of the heat sink from say 80° to 200° back to 80° in just a matter of a minute, they might be 80 to 120 to 80 in five minutes. There would be no need for a fan to increase fan speed to help cool it down due to excessive heat build up, because the temp would be kept more consistent.
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Almost seems like a Crown K2 clone would be in order, any takers ?????
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A K2 in a plain black case with removable ears so it can rack mount or go in a consumer stand would seem like a winner to me.
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I think the potential liability for modded amps (Berry EP/iNuke, Peavey IPR, etc.) would exceed the financial benefit. It's one thing for an owner to do something to a personal unit that one reasonably knows could impair its function. It's quite another to sell such a part.

As for something like a Crown K2 clone, I don't know whether that's feasible, given IP issues. But even if it is feasible, I suspect the market for people who want them would be quite small. Especially since it wouldn't have Crown's warranty or resale value. And such an amp, I'd assume, would not be properly safety-certified by an OSHA-approved NRTL. I cannot fathom why people would allow uncertified electronics into their home. (Note that a Dayton SA1000 has a UL stamp on the back. Likewise, a Crown XLS2500 carries a CSA stamp on the back. Others have stamps from ETL or other OSHA-approved testing labs.)

IMO, people who want quieter amps should either use amps known to have less active fans (e.g. Crown XLS Drivecore rather than Berry iNuke or Peavey IPR), or amps designed without them (e.g. Dayton SA1000). Or modify one's own part at one's own risk.
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There is also the Yamaha P7000s already besides the k2
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Originally Posted by Svendsen View Post

There is also the Yamaha P7000s

I've never heard the fans on any of my older P or current P-S series Yamaha pro amps come on at home. When I used some of them for PA, it was still rare to note the fans were on.

The only market for high power, low fan noise amps is the DIY and niche even for audio, audio sectors.

The alternatives like the Yamahas and others get overlooked because they are not as cheap as a Behringer in W/$.
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Originally Posted by kgveteran View Post

Almost seems like a Crown K2 clone would be in order, any takers ?????

Are we assuming sub only use for these quiet amps? Didn't the K2 have problems (output) down low? I think I remember a test a few years ago.

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As a general rule to keep the size realistic(of the heatsinks and therefore the overall amplifier size) with passive or very low speed fans a very high power amplifier must be incredibly efficient, and efficiency costs. The ep's are cheap and powerful but they generate a lot of heat, worst part is they generate a very inconsistent amount of heat, I don't mean depending on usage I mean from one amp to the next their idle heat generation varies considerably. Some work just fine with fan mods and some meltdown, with the same usage.
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speakerpower might already have a rackable/stand alone version of its plate amp. i don't think that it has a fan and it puts out pretty good power.
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you main problem will be... people have a hard time to pay 300$ for a cheap beriger with 2k watts..... how can you compete against beri????? i hate beri but 300 $ is a no brainer for the bang.
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