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Hi all,

I work for an AV integrator, and typically, we don't deal with cable TV systems directly. It's usually the provider (Comcast) showing up, installing the boxes and such, and we hook up the box. Additionally, we do primarily commercial work.. not so much home theaters, except for very high end customers (McIntosh, Snell, JL Audio, etc).

We've taken over a couple poor installations where buildings have CCTV systems throughout a building. I'm running into more and more instances where I could really use a signal level reading.

Can anyone suggest some suitable models? I believe I'd need to see level from Comcast Digital Cable, as well as those from other modulator sources such as QAM 256 or 64. Under $1,000 would be great, but I think up to $1,500 would be acceptable.. unless no such product exists in this range.

Side question- While I know I need to see the signal level for particular frequencies, is there a way/method/tool of just measuring overall signal degregation across splits, taps, etc without defining a specific source? What I mean is I would think the best approach to premise wiring is to ensure splits and amps are installed for minimal loss REGARDLESS of what the signal type is.