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I have calibrated my mits dlp wd73835 a handful of times with my i1 pro, avs709 disc via ps3 and calman. This set has a full featured cms. One issue i have always had is that if i leave the main color control at the default setting red is under saturated on a cie plot and with the adjustments i have available i always end up with a de94 around 4.5. On my latest calibration i raised the main color control to the max which increased the saturation of red on the cie plot and im now able to achieve a de94 around 2. Now it seems certain skin tones do not look correct at times. It seems to vary greatly with the source material as some look great and others have a yellow or even greenish tint to them. Is this a case where even though the numbers are better the result is worse? Which option is the "correct" option? I appreciate your feedback!