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just bought pioneer PDP 5080 have questions

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OK so I was on craigslist and found this pioneer 5080 for 150$ the guy was loosing His apartment .So I bought it put it in my Honda accord hatchback 1986 and drove it home screen up. Came with manual,remote,stand,speaker bar,warrantee card and a 1"scratch on screen

While I was at the guys house I watched it for a hour and it worked great no problems

So I've had it for a few weeks. I used the recommended settings from this site except the enhancement is at 1. 2 made the picture too soft. And I have power save on 2

It takes 2.5 hours for it to get warm.I have the 3 hour shutoff timer on also

I want this to last as long as possible. Does the power save mode keep it cooler so the chips don't fry? And if I put some PC fans on the back will that increase its longevity ..I mainly will be using this for xbox 360 and ps3 for 3-6 hours on the weekends and maybee a blue ray here and there.

I moved my 34xbr910 to the side for this tv and I sold my 50" Sony kdfe50a10 LCD projection. Because of space concerns. My main tv is still a 34hf83 Toshiba crt HDTV since when I have days off I leave it on all day.

So ideas to make it last are good.

And the scratch on the screen is small and unnoticable while on but is there a way to fill it or buff it.I don't want it to eventually crack or anything

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No ideas?
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I have an idea. Don't obsess about it and just enjoy your 5 year old TV. Good buy.
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Exactly 5 years old. I wanna make this thing last as long as possible
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agreed, good buy, now enjoy!
I don't worry about heat on my PDP-1150. Though I leave it in pwr save 2 almost all the time, for ice hockey I change it to "off" for the brighter, whiter ice and I also change from "movie" to a more vivid "standard" or "optimum" picture setting for more pop. I often have the TV on for 12-15 hours so I wouldn't worry about shutting down after 3 hours. That said additional fans wouldn't hurt but the internal fans are there to protect the electronics.

Recommended setting are good but feel free to change to your liking. I ended up dropping contrast on mine down to 32-33. It seemed to give a more dimensional quality to the picture. I think several other settings are tweaked as well from those recommended. I didn't bother having it professionally calibrated but I did come to like the less vibrant/more real settings that D-Nice's recommended settings provided for movies and general TV viewing.

This is important: DO NOT TRY TO BUFF OUT THAT SCRATCH. You will only enlarge and make MORE noticeable the damaged area. Live with it as is, if you can't see it when the TV is on, that's all that matters.

Get yourself a good quality microfiber towel to clean the screen. The general advice is only use distilled water to slightly dampen the cloth, TV screen should be cool and lightly wipe away dust and fingerprints etc... do not scrub!!

Personally, I have a small compressor that I use to blow away dust and have only cleaned the screen 3 times in the 4 years I've owned it. I also used an automobile window glass cleaner each time I cleaned but I wouldn't tell you the name unless you asked me directly. There are too many threads here that speak about damage to the anti-glare coating from products other than distilled water. I've often wished that Pioneer had used another layer of glass in front of the anti-glare coating. It certainly would have made life easier for tons of people on this web site.
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Good for you.
I check the classified ads from time to time but FHD Kuros are very very rare in my country and if there is one for sale then the price is usually a retail MSRP from their time (2008-9) + currency inflation since then (and there is no free shipping or box, etc - what you could get if you bought it as new 4-5 years ago. So those are really "great" deals...).
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OK so don't touch scratch got it.
I run it on user mode with
35 contrast
-2 brightness
+5 color
+5 sharpness
0 tint
Everything else is off or 1 except I've been trying the drc. Contrast boost on low.the picture gets more pop but way more video noise

Its tough I have it so the picture is very sharp but the sharper I make it the more I get video noise.
I'm using a ps3 1080p over a very long HDMI cable,xbox 360 over HDMI 1080p looks best the xbox defaulted to screens native 1366x768 or whatever it is and it looks washed out like crap,original xbox over component 720p,Sega dreamcast over VGA 640x480,pioneer cld 1070 laserdisc play over composite, RCA videodisc player over coax ch3,and ps2/gamecube over s-video

Oh my ps3 has a green background I noticed today one call lower right has a dead green. The red blue works but the green part is dead.
Any ideas if it will fix itself or its a sign of impending doom

Also I noticed some video noise over HDMI. Is this normal or interference. I can take picts

Oh and the ps3 has these weird options like deep color,HDMI color range and hdmisuper
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I would say yes your sharpness is too high causing the noise/sparkles. I set mine about -8 to -5. My color is +3, brightness -1, DRC at 2. Since I have an Elite model I have some menu adjustment available to me that aren't available on the menu for a 5080. You will see people and calibrators enter the factory service menu on the standard KURO's to get to the additional settings available there. So you'll have to find what pleases you. Did you start off with 8th gen KURO recommended settings by D-Nice? I'm sure it's still available on AVS archived somewhere.

As far as a dead green pixel, try another input or another device to see if it's the device, input or screen. Try playing color break-in slides, you can download them elsewhere on this site onto a usb stick and play them back through the "Home Media Gallery" usb tv input. If it's the screen they say that playing a Pixar cartoon movie may help "unstick" a dead pixel, I don't know about that though(?). One dead pixel wouldn't even get a Pioneer response when the TV was new.

I can't speak to using gaming devices, I don't game.
Noise over HDMI wouldn't be normal except as to the sharpness or other menu settings. Again try swapping inputs, swapping cables, shorter cable, changing settings. Remember plasma does look different, some will say softer/film like, than other technologies.
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My 4280 is in a cabinet so I put a 5x5 inch fan over it, in the top middle. The fan is very quite and runs at 9 volts. Without the fan the TV does get a little warm in the summer (my previous 4270 was quite a bit warmer). I notice the top left corner is the warmest area but with the fan it all stays much cooler. But if your 5080 is out in the open, then it will be fine.
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