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Workprint, alternate and tv cuts discussion:

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hi guys- this thread is for anyone wanting to discuss those evasive workprints, alternate and tv cuts......anyone else a big collector like myself? owning OVER 6,000 SUCH TITLES WHICH ARE HARD TO FIND OR OBTAIN, i help people reunite with their lost films.

if youre a creepy collector who think's he or she is too good enough to share or discuss anything ( and i know who u are ) ill make sure everyone gets the links to everything YOU have; bringing u down a couple notches!!!

....aaaannnnnd GO!!!
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Dont worry, you're all able to curse, disagree, rant, and / or compliment without fear of being blocked-but lets all try to help one another to get the stuff we want to collect.
Remember- we're here to enjoy, not act uppity because u own a room full of dvd's as opposed to 3 very trusty hard drives (4 tb each)...theres no reason not to share!!
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Sounds great!

About time real film fans helped each other out in obtaining those rare versions of films.

I've been trying to get Bram Stoker's Dracula HD version before they altered it for Blu Ray. The Blu Ray has blatant digital artifacting which for an analog shot film should not be there.

Thanks for the original work print of Dracula you posted on Youtube!!!!!!!!! Dracula fans are in for a treat!

That was so great of you!
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soooo very welcome- and theres more fun to come!!! im gonna personally see to it that anyone wanting something in the collectables realm of movies wont have to go to some seedy dealer-and for those thinking that owning over 10,000 dvd's is the bomb!!!
(get a 2 TB harddrive, and transfer those dvd's onto something more saveable-and unceremoniously dump out all those useless discs, or use it to serve your friends beer... NO GUY WHO WANTS TO GET LAID AT ANY POINT WILL IMPRESS HIS POTENTIAL DATE WITH A PILE OF ****** DVD'S!!!! And unless she's into collecting clowns or porcaelin catS , wont want to stick around past some idiot explaining how he has hidden episodes of i love lucy....
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btw- youre very welcome!!!
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Thank you! That's what it is about. Any director of a film would be happy to know someone takes enough interest in their work.

Work prints give a lot of insight into the film making process creatively and make for an interesting discussion. Most of us buy the originals many times over both on DVD and Blu Ray, not to mention VHS.

So saying that, it is so nice to see a work print if you are a fan of a particular film.

Back To The Future is one I would love to see! Batman 1989 and Returns 1992.
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The workprint for Bladerunner is on the 5 disc BD version along with other versions and of course the final cut with Ridley Scott's commentary.
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Originally Posted by Brian Conrad View Post

The workprint for Bladerunner is on the 5 disc BD version along with other versions and of course the final cut with Ridley Scott's commentary.

I love it when studios release different versions of a film in the same package. That way everyone is happy and they can happily sit alongside the other versions.

It's when they change a film's look and withhold the version many are used to that annoys me. Obviously Ridley Scott gets it and understands the needs of the people who support his work as in the fans.
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The rough cut of THIN RED LINE that I viewed on VHS is the best war movie ever made and blows the pretentious final cut out of the water. Malick edited his own film into oblivion.

PAYBACK's rough cut is better than the so called Director's cut released on HD-DVD and Blu Ray. Much better. Hugely so.
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Rough cuts are usually presented to a test audience and studio executives.
The studio in a lot of instances can order the director to make the required changes based on the opinions of the test panel answers.

Someone like Ridley Scott has a lot of control but for many other directors, the financiers can have the final say.

At the end of the day, they just want to get it to the widest audience out there.
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Originally Posted by WarrenD View Post

I love it when studios release different versions of a film in the same package. That way everyone is happy and they can happily sit alongside the other versions.

It's when they change a film's look and withhold the version many are used to that annoys me. Obviously Ridley Scott gets it and understands the needs of the people who support his work as in the fans.

I concur. I'm very glad the BD of Legend included the European DC scored by Goldsmith. Much better storyline and film IMO than the US theatrical version. Gave me a whole new appreciation for the film.

The Tangerine Dream/Yes track is still a nice piece of music to listen to though.
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I also recommend the extended 60-minute pilot of the The Invaders, included in the Season 1 DVD Extras, on the last disc.

Unlike the regular 45-minute pilot, which appears to have been sourced from an inferior time-compressed video master, the previously unseen extended version appears to have been transferred directly from a rough film print, and has a much grittier and more "filmic" look to it.

The extended pilot is a pretty good SF film in it's own right, with a great score by Dominic Frontiere. It's better than alot of material which passes for theatrical releases. If the A/V quality was a tad better, IMO it would probably be worth the price of the whole collection.
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Third recommendation would be the reconstruction from stills of Lon Chaney, Sr.'s London After Midnight included in this TCM Chaney collection...

I'd give a (small) prince's fortune though to see the original film. Anyone know if there are plans to release the reconstruction on BD?

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Just uploaded the pre-title sequence of The Living Daylights.

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Originally Posted by Matt_Stevens View Post

The rough cut of THIN RED LINE that I viewed on VHS is the best war movie ever made and blows the pretentious final cut out of the water. Malick edited his own film into oblivion.

I would like to know how it differs from the released version
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I wish they would have integrate the intro from the TV version of the Warriors (1979) instead of the weird comic book version they put out a few years ago.
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Apocalypse Now – A 330 minute long workprint circulates amongst collectors on the internet

Grizzly II: The Predator – This 1984 film, featuring George Clooney, Charlie Sheen, Louise Fletcher, John Rhys-Davies, and Laura Dern, has never officially been completed or released, and only the workprint survives.


The Thief And The Cobbler

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I would love to see John Wo Hard Target said to run 116 Min's not the 86 mins that was in the theaters.
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I was looking through Google going through searches for work prints and I came across this site and this post in particular and wanted to share my collection that I have been amassing over the past year and a half:


Chasing Ghosts (2007) (1980's video game movie not commercially released or distributed)
Howard Stern Cleveland Funeral (1 dvd)
Howard Stern's Home Movies (1 dvd)
Vintage MTV - 2/25/1984
Turkish Psycho - Turkish remake of Hitchcock's Psycho
German Chainsaw Massacre-German Texas Chainsaw Massacre horror comedy
Killer's Moon- Four mental patients - who, due to unauthorized experiments, believe they're living in a dream and have shed all moral imperatives - escape and find their way to the nearest bus-load of stranded schoolgirls.
Aerobicide a/k/a Killer Workout
Disconnected (1983)-- Twin sisters are implicated in a series of slasher murders. The question is, did one of them do it, did both of them do it, or did neither of them do it?

Unaired Pilots:

Greatest American Heroine Unaired Pilot
Justice League of America Screener 1997 Unreleased 82 min pilot
Munsters "My Fair Munster" Unaired Pilot
Adventures of Super Pup Unaired Pilot
Gilligan's Island Unaired Pilot
I Dream of Jeannie "The Lady in the Bottle" Pilot

TV Series:

Original Talking Max Headroom Show:

-Guests Jerry Hall and Penn and Teller
-Guests Mary Tyler Moore and Robin Leach
-Guests Ron Reagan and Paul Shaffer
-Guests Dr. Ruth Westheimer and Bobby McFerrin
-Guests Don King, Madeline Khan and Emo Phillips
-Guests William Shatner, Grace Jones and Gilbert Gottfried

The Mole entire season 1
Cracking Up entire tv series (6 episodes)
Coupling entire tv series (4 episodes)
Some of My Best Friends entire tv series (5 episodes)
Queens Supreme entire tv series (3 episodes)
The Beast entire tv series (5 episodes)
Wasteland entire tv series (3 episodes)
God, The Devil and Bob entire tv series (4 episodes)
MYOB entire tv series (4 episodes)
Get Smart (1995) entire tv series (7 episodes)
Fighting Fitzgeralds entire tv series (8 episodes)
Oblongs entire tv series (8 episodes)
Downer Channel entire tv series (4 episodes)
Ferris Bueller entire tv series (13 episodes)
Pole Position entire cartoon tv series ( episodes)
Hulk Hogan's Rock -n- Wrestling entire cartoon tv series (38 episodes)
Dragon's Lair entire cartoon tv series (13 episodes)
Rainbow Brite entire cartoon tv series (13 episodes)
Wuzzles entire cartoon tv series (13 episodes)
Pac Man entire cartoon tv series (43 episodes)
Pound Puppies entire cartoon tv series (36 episodes)
George Carlin Show, The (6 dvd's)
Howard Stern CBS Show (11 DVDs)
Howard Stern Channel 9 Show Complete (14 DVDs)
Tales From The Cryptkeeper - (5 DVDs)


Paris Hilton Sex Tape
Bret Michaels/Pam Anderson Sex Tape
Madonna Sex Tape
Bret Michaels and Janine Sex Tape
Exotic Asians
Hollywould Productions: Wonder Wwoymn vs. Jason
ECW and WCW's Chasity in Live Bait
ECW's Beulah in Daydreaming
Sex Wars-the infamous 80s porn spoofing Star Wars
Revenge of Mr. Willie - Sexploitation at its finest, Revenge of Mr. Willie, serves up the terrifying tale of a penis brought back to life from the great beyond. Set in present day Los Angeles, Revenge of Mr. Willie utilizes the same conventions of B-grade "back-from-the-dead" horror films, scantily clad women and cheesy special effects, while adding a new twist.

Workprints/Recuts/Fan Films/Composites/TV Cut/Uncut/Extended Versions:

Death Wish 2 Uncut
Fantasia Uncut
Return Of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Workprint
Halloween 2 TV Cut
Halloween H20 TV Cut
Halloween H20 Workprint
Halloween: Homecoming
Creepshow Workprint
Friday The 13th (Uncut)
Friday the 13th Pt. III In 3-D
Friday the 13th Pt. III Japanese cut
Friday The 13th Part 4 TV Cut
Friday The 13th Part 4 Workprint Composite
Friday The 13th Part 5 Version 2
Friday The 13th Part 6 Jason Lives Workprint Composite
Jason Goes To Hell TV Cut
Jason Goes To Hell Workprint
Nightmare On Elm Street 20th Anniversary Recut Nightmare On Elm Street: The Unseen Cable Cut
Nightmare On Elm Street 5 (Uncut)
Fight Club Workprint
Hellraiser 3 Workprint
Howard Stern Private Parts Workprint
Men In Black Workprint
Pet Sematary II Workprint
Scary Movie Workprint
Dark Half workprint
Children Of The Corn 2 Workprint
Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back Workprint
X-Files Movie Workprint
Alien 3 Workprint
Apocalypse Now Workprint
Bram Stoker's Dracula Workprint
Crow, The: Workprint
Crow, The: Skull Cowboy Scenes
Day of the Dead Japanese Cut
Return Of The Living Dead Workprint
Hellraiser: Bloodline Workprint
Mad Max 2 Lost Version
Natural Born Killers Workprint
The Punisher (1990) Workprint Version A
The Mask Workprint
Dark City Workprint
Bride of Re-Animator Workprint
Cabin Fever Extended Cut
Captain America Workprint
Day Of The Dead TV CUT
Dazed & Confused Workprint
Evil Dead 2 Workprint
Eyes Wide Shut
Fast Times At Ridgemont High Composite
Freaked Workprint
Grizzly 2: The Predator Workprint
Hard Target: Composite Print
Heavenly Creatures Workprint
Humanoids From The Deep (Director's Cut/Fan Edit)
Jaws TV Cut
Jungle Of Fear Workprint
Last House On The Left "Krug & Company" Cut
Legend Workprint
Lollapalooza 1991 Workprint
Mallrats TV Cut
Marilyn Monroe: Something's Got to Give Raw Footage
Mausoleum Workprint Composite
Memorial Valley Massacre
Needful Things Extended Cut
Night of The Creeps TV Cut
Night of the Living Dead (1990) Workprint
One Hour Photo Alternate Cut
Orgazmo Workpint - + Extra shorts:
Phantasm 3 Workprint
Problem Child TV Cut
Ricky 6 Workprint
Superman KCOP Extended Version
Superman 2 Restored International Cut (2 DVDs)
Superman 4 Extended Japanese Cut
Thief & the Cobbler Extras
Thief & the Cobbler Workprint
Trauma Workprint
Warriors TV Composite, The
Waterworld TV Cut (2 DVDs)
What Dreams May Come workprint
Wild At Heart (Uncut)
Willard Workprint
Videodrome Composite

Q&As, Convention Footage, Behind The Scenes, Etc:

Audience With HG Lewis - camcorder footage of HG Lewis giving a lecture/presentation. Runs a little over an hour.

Behind The Scenes Collection - Contains Unreleased camcorder footage for Evil Dead 2, Night Of The Living Dead 90 and Two Evil Eyes

Children Of The Corn Q&A w/ Courtney Gaines (2006)

Clerks On Location - Brian O'Halloran (star of clerks) takes you on a tour of all the locations used in the original Clerks movie! Never released before, this is from someone's personal home video footage!

Creepshow Tom Savini Camcorder Footage - For the first time ever go behind the scenes of Creepshow! This disc contains 2 hours of footage of the movie's special effects from conception to on set shooting from Tom Savini's personal collection! Footage includes Uncle Nathan's Return (set up + takes), Stephen King's Make Up Session, Fluffy (Uncompleted Prop Tests), Nathan's Birthday Cake Set-up, Development of Upson Pratt Dummy, Adrienne Barbeau's Head Splatter, and much much more!

Crow, The: Behind The Scenes - 90 minutes of raw footage from the set of the crow. Mostly focuses on the Skull Cowboy who was deleted from the final film.

Dawn Of The Dead 22 Year Reunion - Almost 2 hours of home video footage from Cinema Wasteland during the 22 year reunion of George Romero's Dawn Of The Dead. Includes interviews, Q&A sessions, Movie Clips, and more!* Featuring Ken Foree, David Emge, Scott Reiniger, and Tom Savini.

Day Of The Dead Tom Savini Camcorder Footage (2 DVDs) - This is Tom Savini's behind the scenes camcorder footage from 'Day Of The Dead'. This covers most of the big special FX shots, along with FX tests, stuff being made & a lot of the zombie makeups being applied. It has never been released anywhere!

Friday The 13th: Q & A With Jason's 2, 3, & 6 - Sit back and watch this hilarious Q&A from 2006 with three of the Jason's from the Friday The 13th films! The actor's who portrayed Jason and featured in this Q&A are: Steve Dash- Jason Voorhees stunt double from Part 2, Richard Brooker- Jason Voorhees from Part 3, and C.J. Graham- Jason Voorhees from Part 6!

Halloween Convention Collection - Home video footage from several conventions featuring cast and crew of the Halloween movies. Includes footage from the Pasadena Civic Center 08/12/2000, Fangoria Weekend of Horrors, Moustapha Akkad Q&A, Egyptian Theater 10/13/2000, and a collection of miscellaneous footage, trailers, etc.

Halloween On Location - The ultimate guide to all the locations used on Halloween made by die hard fans! Very rare and a must have for all Halloween*fans.

Halloween Q & A Collection - Convention footage from the Myers Reunion and Danielle Harris

Helter Skelter Reunion Q&A (2007) *

Horror Convention Q&A Collection (2002-2006) - This is a collection of several Q&A’s from various horror conventions including: Herschell Gordon Lewis (Blood Feast, Gore Gore Girls), Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead Trilogy, Man With The Screaming Brain), Carl Gabriel Yorke (Cannibal Holocaust), & Barbara Nedeljakova (Hostel).

MST3K - Convention Footage

Phantasmania Convention Footage - Home video footage from the PhantasMania convention in Austin Texas on April 1st, 2000. Angus Scrimm (The Tall Man), director Don Coscarelli, and Reggie Bannister are up on stage introducing the Phantasm films which were shown at the convention, and giving the hungry audience little anecdotes about the creation of the movies. Clips from Kenny & Company are shown, a trailer for PhatasMania is shown, Reggie serves ice cream to some fans, and special effects artist Gigi Porter disembowels a girl onstage. Reggie also plays guitar and sings a few tunes with some friends. Also included are 30 minutes of footage from a Fangoria Weekend of Horrors convention where Angus Scrimm, Reggie Bannister and A. Michael Baldwin speak to the audience and narrate video footage and stills. Bruce Campbell even appears to introduce Angus Scrimm! This footage is also home video quality, but the quality is lesser grade than the PhantasMania footage

Phantasm 2 Behind The Scenes Camcorder Footage - Camcorder footage from the set of Phantasm 2 showing special effects, prop tests, candid moments with stars, and much more! Never released on any DVD.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, The: Q & A - This was filmed on October 17th, 2006 at Cinema Wasteland, a horror convention in Cleveland, Ohio. A great and hilarious Q & A with the cast of TCM 2 including: Bill Moseley, Bill Johnson, Caroline Williams, Lou Perryman, & Tom Savini.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 Dailies - For hardcore completists of TCM material, here are 85 minutes worth of "dailies" - several cuts of short scenes, including alternate takes and behind-the-scenes footage.

Twin Peaks: Dinner And Conversation From Another Place - This footage was filmed at a Twin Peaks Convention in 1993 in Seattle, Washington and features interviews and dinner speeches from Frank Silva (“Bob”), Catherine E. Coulson (“The Log Lady”), and Al Strobel (“Phillip Michael Gerard" aka" The One-Armed Man")


Holyfield vs. Tyson (Tyson bites Holyfield's ear)


Soundgarden Seattle WA 8/92
Billy Joel MSG NYC, NY 12/22/98
Stone Temple Pilots Wantagh, NY 6/22/01
Moscow Music Peace Festival Moscow, Russia 8/12/89
Smashing Pumpkins "Vieuphoria"
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame NYC, NY 1/10/95
Silverchair London England 4/29/99
Papa Roach Rio De Janiero Brazil 1/14/01
Linkin Park NYC, NY 9/20/00
The Living End Montreal Canada 3/4/99
Big Head Todd and the Monsters NYC, NY 2/11/97
Grammy Awards NYC, NY 2/26/97
Howard Stern NYC, NY 2/27/97
Pink Floyd Uniondale, NY 2/27/80
Garage Band Jam Chicago, IL 1997
David Bowie NYC, NY 1/9/97
Kittie Grand Rapids MI 8/1/99
Kittie Wilkes Barre, PA 3/13/00
Kittie Raleigh, NC 1/19/00
Rage Against the Machine Randall's Island, NY 6/8/97
Rage Against the Machine NYC, NY 11/3/99
Rage Against the Machine Mexico City, Mexico 10/27/99
Guano Apes Hildesheim Germany 8/16/98
Guano Apes Koln, Germany 8/22/98
Limp Bizkit West Palm Beach FL 7/30/98
Limp Bizkit Worchester, MA 9/23/98
Kittie Kompilation Various Interviews and Performances
Cold Amherst, MA 3/4/01
Big Dumb Face NYC, NY 4/9/01
Papa Roach East Rutherford, NJ 10/19/00
Spice Girls Toronto, Canada 7/12/98
Korn Uniondale, NY 10/30/98
Korn Melbourne Australia 1/24/99
Creed Behind the Music 11/00
The Doors VH1 Storytellers 9/26/00
Crazytown Wantagh NY 6/22/01
Adema Wantagh NY 6/22/01
Slipknot NYC, NY 2/24/00
Kenny Wayne Shephard New Orleans, LA 2/17/00
Led Zepplin Rockumentary
Korn Mesa, AZ 3/6/97
Woodstock Rome, NY 7/23-7/25/99 Various Performances
Korn New Jersey 1996
Jimi Hendrix Documentary
U.S. Festival Devore, CA 5/29/83-Quiet Riot, Ozzy and Van Halen
Infectious Grooves Tempe, AZ 6/1/96
Kittie Lowell, MA 3/18/00
Suicidal Tendencies Riverside CA 11/15/97
Rush Albany, NY 12/12/91
Smashing Pumpkins/Beastie Boys (Tibetan Relief Benefit) San Francisco, CA 6/16/96

Kiss Buffalo, NY 6/24/00 Farewell Tour
Rage Against the Machine Meadowlands, NJ 8/20/97
Pearl Jam MSG NYC, NY 9/11/98
KISS MSG NYC, NY 7/27/96
Pearl Jam MSG NYC, NY 9/10/98
Pearl Jam Jones Beach NY 8/24/00
Pearl Jam Dallas, TX 7/5/96

Counting Crows NYC, NY 11/6/97
Metallica MSG NYC NY 3/11/97
Guns -n- Roses Rock in Rio Brazil 1/19/01
Megadeth Mesa AZ 6/6/98
Faith No More San Francisco, CA 1/20/93
Limp Bizkit Boston, MA 7/23/99
Barenaked Ladies Mansfield, MA 7/30/99
Deftones Somerset, NJ 5/23/98
Green Day Somerset, NJ 5/23/98
Korn Mesa AZ 3/6/97
Aerosmith MSG NYC NY 8/6/92
Godsmack Pittsburgh PA 4/13/99
Matchbox 20 Poughkeepsie, NY 4/22/98
Type O Negative Dayton, OH 4/22/95

Bodeans Seldom Seen Video Hits 1994
U2 Tacoma, WA 4/20/92
Oasis MTV Unplugged London, England 9/96
Nirvana MTV Unplugged NY 11/93
Tori Amos Seattle WA 1998/Talk Show Appearances 1998
Plant/Page Rio De Janiero Brazil 1995
Bryan Ferry Japan 1979
Bryan Ferry Much Music Profile 1988
U2 Zoo TV Miami FL 10/3/92
U2 Oakland, CA 11/7/92
U2 Mexico City, Mexico 12/3/97
U2 Santiago Chile 2/10/98
Elton John Barcelona Spain 7/21/92

Pearl Jam Seattle, WA 7/21/98
Aerosmith Philadelphia PA 1/15/98
Metallica Albany, NY 4/6/97
KISS Albany, NY 11/15/98
Billy Joel Nassau, NY 2/2/98
Pearl Jam Saratoga, NY 8/29/00
Dave Matthews Band Albany, NY 12/5/98
U2 Adelaide Australia 11/16/93

Plant/Page NYC, NY 7/16/98
Collective Soul Newfoundland, Canada 1997
Collective Soul Beverly Hills 90210 Appearance 1999
Collective Soul Denver CO 2/24/00
Spice Girls Chicago, IL 1997
Spice Girls NYC, NY 5/14/97
Spice Girls Istanbul Turkey 10/12/97
G3 (Joe Satriani) Wantagh, NY 1997
Bjork NYC NY 11/7/94
Nirvana NYC NY 11/18/93
Metallica Roseland NY 11/24/98
Dream Theater NYC NY 5/8/98
Nine Inch Nails NYC NY 5/9/00
Queensryche Wantagh, NY 7/18/95
Megadeth/Coal Chamber St. Paul MN 3/11/98
Dream Theater Deer Park, NY 1992
Sevendust St. Louis MO 8/20/97
Sevendust St. Louis MO 11/20/97
Alkatrazz Tokyo, Japan 1994
Dream Theater NYC, NY 3/27/02
Iron Maiden NYC NY 7/16/99
Winger Tokyo Japan 3/5/91
Iron Maiden Hamburg, Germany 9/12/99
Marilyn Manson NYC NY 9/26/98
Metallica NYC NY 11/18/98
Beastie Boys NYC NY 11/21/98
Sevendust Chicago, IL 10/14/98
Queensryche Los Angeles CA 4/27/92
Papa Roach Truckee, CA 7/2/00
Papa Roach NYC NY 4/5/00
Papa Roach Phoenix, AZ 5/1/00
Megadeth Rome, NY 7/25/99
Third Eye Blind Poughkeepsie, NY 2/24/98
Elton John Billy Joel Face 2 Face Toronto Canada 5/26/09
Elton John Billy Joel Face 2 Face Albany, NY 4/24/03
Elton John Billy Joel Face 2 Face Philadelphia, PA 7/30/09

Elton John Billy Joel Face 2 Face The Last Time? (final concert together to date) Albany, NY 3/11/10 (Audio)
The Grateful Dead Albany, NY 6/22/95 (Audio)
Paul McCartney Atlanta, GA 9/20/05 (Audio)
Paul McCartney Philadelphia, PA 9/22/05 (Audio)
Paul McCartney Philadelphia, PA 9/23/05 (Audio)
Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions (Audio) 4 CD Set

Chris Isaak MTV Unplugged 1995
U2 Adelaide, Australia 11/16/93
U2 Strasburg France 6/23/93
U2 Dublin Ireland 8/31/97
INXS Rocking the Rockies VH1 Concert
Hard Rock Live-Better Than Ezra and The Lemonheads

Pearl Jam Winnepeg, Canada 8/93
Nine Inch Nails Poughkeepsie, NY 8/3/94
Rage Against the Machine Washington, DC 1/21/93
Van Halen Shoreline Ampitheater CA 9/14/91
Neil Young Toronto, Canada 8/18/93
Pearl Jam Alpine Valley, Wisconsin 8/29/92

Mick Jagger NYC 2/9/93
Paul McCartney MTV Unplugged (unedited) 1/91
The Rolling Stones Atlantic City, NJ 12/19/89
The Rolling Stones Miami FL 11/25/94
KISS Pittsburgh, PA8/1/95
Paul McCartney Charlotte NC 6/93
Prince Minneapolis MN 8/3/83
The Rolling Stones Dallas TX 1989
The Rolling Stones NYC NY 2003
Paul McCartney Tokyo Japan 11/11/02

KISS Alive I Cobo Hall Detroit, Michigan 1/25/76
KISS Alive II Capital Center Largo, Maryland 12/20/77
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Let me share the tale of the lost version of the 1970 film Skullduggery. In 1952 a French author named Jean Bruller wrote a savagely satirical work on race relations called Les Animaux dénaturés. It told the story of the discovery of the "Missing Link" between apes and humans in New Guinea, a living species of primate called a "Tropi". The Tropis were quite human looking, slightly hairy, slightly shorter than average, they had nothing resembling human culture - they behaved like a troop of chimps or gorillas - and they had white skin.

The novel was translated quite straightforwardly into a screenplay, and a movie was made from the screenplay, starring Burt Reynolds, Susan Clark, and Roger C. Corman. Burt played the adventurous hero leading the lady scientist (Susan Clark) through the jungle in search of hominid fossils, and wonder of wonders - they discover the Tropis, a new species of primate that are very human looking. However they are a lot smarter than other primates, prompting a greedy industrialist to enslave them and use them for mining, paying them literally peanuts (and other forms of foods). The outraged lady anthropologist goes to the press to "save" the Tropis.

But this was America in 1970, still roiling in the wake of the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy less than two years before. The country was not ready for, and could not accept, a straightforward French satire of race relations. For the central theme of "Les Animaux dénaturés" was that Tropis had white skins and were less evolved than Black humans.

Roger C. Corman played the scientist who impregnated one of the female Tropis the old-fashioned way. The local government gets involved then, because if the Tropis are inter-fertile with humans, they themselves must be considered human. Then Roger was charged with murder when he claimed to have murdered the resulting child after it was born.

Not only did they not promote the film Skullduggery, but when I stumbled onto the original version, it was relegated to an anonymous second feature in a cheap Drive-In Theater. Yet still the (entirely white) Mid-Western audience walked out in large numbers (drove out, actually) and booed the film.

I did not see the film again for over a decade, and the version shown on TV had had all the racial controversy edited out, including the inflammatory line screamed by one of the human protesters "Black skin takes 10,000 more years of evolution!"

All in all, about 30 minutes of the original film were missing, including all the racial controversy. There has never been a VHS tape or DVD to my knowledge. I do not know if the original cut of the film still exists. But the version you occasionally see on late night TV, which I have hopefully recorded a couple of times in the last three decades, has never been the original cut.

The edited and shortened version of the film has garnered a 4.6 rating on IMDB. IMHO the original version would earn somewhere between 8-9 and would still give rise to controversy in the 21st Century.
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