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DENON AVR1712 or ONKYO HR 360 Best sound??????????

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I have been looking to upgrade my ONKYO receiver (RC160) which has served me well for the past 3 years... I am basically upgrading my HT to a 7.1 set up and for some reason or another my older ONKYO does not seem too detailed. I was hoping that I can get my in celiling speakrs ( 4 of them) to play those great little sound effects that we hear when we go to the movies. Having said that I thought it might be time to upgrade the receiver. It seems like Denon does a good job with their calibration. Could this be my problem?My Older Onkyo does not Calibrate as well? Onkyo might not sound as good? Obviously my Onkyo might not be too high end. At any rate, I looked at these receivers based on my budget and they loo like they could be decent ones.

I want the best quality of sound first and foremost. the Onkyo has more features than this Denon (perhaps I sould consider the AVR1912 instead) , but Airplay, radio, etc is a non issue for me. My TV can stream and so can my Blu Ray player. I just want GREAT SOUND. This ONKYO seems to be quite an upgrade from my the RC160 ......

Which one would your recommed?

I will be running the receiver with a pair of KEP IQ70 and a KEF IQ60 and 4 in ceiling Energy RC series speakers..... Sub to be determined later..

I only watch TV, movies, and listen to music...... I never listened to the radio

Thank you for reading my post and helping me with your opinions.

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The 1712 features Audyssey MultEQ XT which has 16x more speaker filters than does the more basic Audyssey 2EQ in the 360. Also 2EQ cannot EQ the sub which the higher versions of Audyssey can do. Choose Onkyo for features and Denon for better audio fidelity.
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SO the Denon AVR1712 will sound BETTER (clearer and cleaner) THAN THE RC360?

It seems like the amplication of the AVR1712 will be the same as the 1912 and 2112. So otehr than features, all three should sound the same and an upgrade over my current ONKYO 160 and the current RC360? Or would I not even noticed the difference?
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I would get the Denon 1712 since it does a better job EQing your room than the Onkyo.

Plus if you're in Alpharetta, you're fairly close to the Fry's in Milton. The 1712 is on sale for $227 this week. Pretty hard to pass up at that price.
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I looked at the same receivers, and got the Denon 1712. From a sound quality perspective, it will be better. However, the Onkyo does convert analog signals to HDMI (as well as upconvert to 1080). If you have a Wii or something like that, the Onkyo will allow you to only run one HDMI cable between the receiver and the TV. I only have HDMI sources, so it wasn't a concern for me.

JDsmoothie's link in his signature was hugely helpful as I compared features of various receivers. I'd recommend that you check it out.
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Thank you for your reponse...... I guess the AVR 1712 it is ......THank you
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