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Hello. Hope I'm in the right forum for this. Assume I know very little about any of this stuff which is accurate. I did a search and didn't find anything specific except generally a splitter or switch works right away or doesn't and there seems to be a lot of variability with different devices.

So simply I used a Sewell 4x1 HDMI v1.4 Switch With Ethernet, 3D Support, 4Kx2K Resolution, and Remote with my Vizio VP42 which has two input HDMI ports. I plugged the PS3 and AppleTV into the splitter and neither work. The PS3 won't pass audio thru just the HDMI cable. The AppleTV says it won't work with 'some technical jargon' I don't remember. So I'm sending it back.

Is there some splitter that will work with both or either? Any other solutions other than switching cables manually or getting another TV? Thanks.