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Like I stated earlier in the thread you do not want to use an digital EDID on an analog input.

Things will still work in most cases , but there are differences in the data descriptors that could potentially cause a problem.
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Originally Posted by Rugrash View Post

Like I stated earlier in the thread you do not want to use an digital EDID on an analog input.
Things will still work in most cases , but there are differences in the data descriptors that could potentially cause a problem.

Well how do we know if the .inf is digital or analog?

I can't use the HDMI anyway since the AVR will not allow 120hz pass through.

My set-up does not allow me to use HDMI direct to the PA70G since I have multiple displays connected, I have it passing through a 1x2 and then to my AVR and then another 1x2 to the PA70G and an HDtv. My set-up is not typical by any means as there is a bunch of gear in this room and that makes it even more of a pain to get it all working properly.

Aside from that TriDef only see's the LG if no other display/connection is active and nothing else can be on the same output via a 1x2 as it results in no 3D (even if the other hdmi connection from the 1x2 is into a 3D AVR).

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Originally Posted by Rugrash View Post

BTW, the way I read inf files is I use monitor asset manager to open it and then create a bin file from it.
Just use the open file icon and browse to the location.
I then use Extron EDID manager to read it, it will only read a bin file.

When you open the inf file with Monitor Asset Manager read where it says "input signal type" it will normally say analog or digtal.

I'll usually create a bin file from the inf, then I open it with Extron EDID Manager. Once open, I'll choose the full-view tab and look at it or I'll stay in detailed view and read the descriptions as I mouse over the data block bytes.

Sorry it's been hectic, I'll try to help out more later, when I get back.

If you were to use an Analog EDID on say an HDMI input, it wouldn't/shouldn't hurt anything, unless you chose some crazy resolution that you know your display is incapable of. Like say choosing a 120Hz output resolution for your TV, when it's a know fact that all TVs only accept a 60Hz input, even then there are safeguards and it is more than likely that nothing would get hurt. It may just say "Display out of Range"The problem you'd most likely encounter is that there'd be no audio over your HDMI cable because VGA cables do not carry audio, so there would not be any descriptors in the analog EDID for audio. The audio would be managed by your audio card and speakers for analog.
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I just worked around it and figured out a way to get my HDMI audio back along with the 3D VGA video and it all works as long as I don't enable my desk pc monitor.

Also TriDef auto enables the proper 3D resolution once it is activated even if I am set for a different resolution (like 720p 60Hz, which works much better for desktop on the PA70G).

On that note: For those of you sending 1080p... don't. wink.gif

You'll likely see a better image sending 720p 60Hz since the internal processing/scaling of the PA70G is not too hot (confirmed with various test patterns).

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Did some more 3D testing...

1280x720p @ 120hz works for 3D but it is not proper aspect at 16:9, it leaves a nice sized gap at the bottom of the projected image as a blank black bar (1280x720p @ 60hz is great in 2D and is the optimal 16:9 resolution to use with the PA70G, only bested by 1280x800 which is 16:10).

1024x768 @ 120hz fills the screen but does not look to be scaled properly for 16:9, it's stretched horizontal which causes the image to appear squished vertical.

It does a nice job with 3D considering the resolution limitations but it is often fairly dim due to the glasses (at least on my matte 100" screen). Pairing this unit with a high gain screen (like the Da-Lite High Power) and table mounting the PA70G would yield a respectable result.

I played Borderlands 2 for a while (capped at 120 frames) and I usually cannot play FPS games in 3D as they make me sick fairly quickly, this one did not and I am going to guess it was partially because it was dimmer than what I have played on before. As usual DLP delivers a nice ghost free 3D image and the depth here is impressive as is the pop-out, there were items that I could reach out and put my hand through that remained just as sharp and detailed as the background with no hint of ghosting.

Over-all it is a positive 3D experience and for what I paid (Fry's deal) I cannot hardly complain other than to say LG should really have their own driver (inf) with proper timings if this is what it takes to make the PA70G work in 3D (considering it is described as being 3D Ready and we honestly should not have to go to such lengths to make it work).

Best of luck, I hope those of you trying to get this working are able to do so and we can figure out ways to improve things further.

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I know that Cyberlink PowerDVD's 3D Blu-ray playback software did not want to enable when I was not using1280x720@120Hz.

I had to use Corel WinDVD to be able to play 3D Blu-rays over HDMI, because it was the only program that would allow me to use the default 1024x768@120Hz factory resolution that was available over HDMI.

Once I performed an EDID override, life became good for gaming and movies.

The problem with doing 3D over VGA is that you loose HDCP, so you need to use a HDCP stripper like AnyDVD HD for playback or you'll need to use a program to rip it to your hard drive while stripping HDCP in the process.

16:10 resolutions do tend to survive the square to diamond pixel conversion more intact.
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What I'm going to say is just something to think over, because it is very cheap solution for 3D on this PJ or any 2d hdtv.

I could stop there, but , I will share a little experience with it owning it less than 24 hours. smile.gif

Now, if you do read the reviews on amazon, read the newest ones first, and go backwards, very important. Why? Because the company put out a firmware that added "brightness feature" to the unit, so if picture is dark, you can in addition to adjusting the brightness on PJ, you can also crank it up on the device itself.

Now, what do you get for 35 dollars. First of all, you get 2 hdmi inputs, so you could put pc and 360 into unit and switch via remote. You get heavy gauge hdmi cable. You get 2 passive 3d glasses. Not bad for 35 dollars. Oh, I forget the unit itself. smile.gif You get 3d on xbox, I went to console settings and I saw the option , and enabled it and watched You Tube 3d sbs , and it was amazing! Worked great. Now the 360 and just the Pj will not enable 3d, but this device will! smile.gif

Now, of course it will work with any device, pc, ps3, etc. I can get good 80 inchs in 3D! Works best with 3D material. It does have 2d to 3d conversion, and depending on the tv show it is good to just ho-hum. But if you got blue ray 3d player, for 35 dollars, you could do a lot worse.

I tried it on my 2d hdtv's and it worked great too. So, even if you hated it on the pa70g, you could throw it on a 2d hdtv and I think you would be happy.

We are still working on getting 3d on our beloved pa70g, sounds like we are making progress, keep up the good work guys.
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Nice! Athough it's anaglyph, it will give a 3D effect that can actually be pretty decent. I used Nvidia 3D Vision Discover for awhile before I got a 3D Display.

Some of the other anaglyph converters like that, actually have HDMI 1.4 input capabilities and will convert side by side + top and bottom to frame sequential, just like the VP3D1 or 3D-XL converters.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5x4rIYDgC8 <---gets better at faster frame rates, the glasses are open more, allowing more light in 120Hz>60Hz

Unfortunately no one has got a converter that outputs frame sequential to work with the PA70G as far as we know.
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Btw Nvidia 3D Vision discover is free to use if you have a Nvidia GPU. It will work on any Display.

The main problem is finding good glases with good extinction for less crosstalk.

Also make sure to block the sides, any reflection on the inside of the glasses from ambient lights or the light from the display reflected off your face, will make the glasses less functional.

Edit: some manufacturers will not allow Nvidia 3D Vision Discover to enable on their laptops, it's mostly due to their power saving implementations.
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Yeah, I was trying to get my pc to work and got frustrated. It least with the cheap 35 dollar solution, I can watch 3d on the PJ and regular 2d hdtv's and it looks pretty good, as good as the epcot stuff I saw in the past that were also passive glasses. I just watched "amazing oceans 3d" and it had a lot of pop. The device does side-by-side and above/below, I had to move about 8 feet back to be comfortable with it. I just didn't feel comfortable spending 200-300 dollars for the viewsonic/optoma solution and we are not even sure that stuff works with the pa70g. I just ordered a second unit, so I will have 4 3d glasses if company comes over, and I can put the other unit on one of my hdtv's. I can load a memory stick on the 360 with 3d stuff and make 3d movie night. I mean just a pair of the dlp link glasses cost almost the cost of this device.

What is the next grade up above 35 dollars that would look better for us, other than the 200-300 dollar stuff.

Because even if we get the pc to work, we still need 360, ps3 solution if we go dlp link 3d.
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WoW, I didn't read the desciption far enough. I now realize that it would support SBS and O/U which will give you a better effect when watching sterescopic source material vs just 2D -3D conversion.

If it would output frame sequential, you'd be set.

I've actually been using Nvidia 3D Vision Discover for the last few days in order to simulate the experience that I would get with the Omega 3D System that I'm interested in.

Any of you that give it a try, make sure you use the setup wizard and then click "set keyboard shortcuts", in the screen that opens check the box "enable advanced in-game settings"

Be sure to play with the convergence settings, the effect can be quite amazing.

Note: sometimes you have to hold the convergence key for what seems like a minute, before there's any change. Unlike the depth setting, there is not a bar graph to show the increase and decrease effect applied. So you'll need to peek over your glasses and watch the seperation as it adjusts.
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I have a KanexPro CubeUp 2D to 3D Converter with 4x1 HDMI Switcher that I use to watch Netflix and 2D Blu-rays in 3D with. It works well but was a lil pricey at the $200 I got it on sale for. Normally it's 4$00 and in noway worth it. It's very tempermental when switching between 2D-3D conversion to 2D upscaling as well as port switching. http://www.kanexpro.com/item/?id=2DTO3DSSW

A very similar converter is made by iogear and sells for about $100 atm and used to be $200 when it launced at this time last year. I read contradicting reviews on it, so I choose the CubeUp which was the same price at the time.

Both of these units will work like a 3D-XL or VP3D1, but both suffer with handshakes and switching.. Two features that set the 3D-XL apart from the others is 1. it has a port on it to plug in an emitter for 3D glasses like those that are made by Bit Cauldron/Monster Vision. 2. when you use a pair of 3D-XLs, you can demux a stereo signal sending the right images to a proector and the left images to a 2nd projector for a dual-passive 3D projection system

Unfortunately, it currently appears that these may not work with the PA70G due to them not seeing it as 1280x720@120Hz capable.

One converter that will work, since we do know that the PA70G accepts a 1280x720@120Hz input signal over VGA is the 3DFury. It's a little pricey, but it has a lot of features packed into it. One thing to note, is that I read a post where it cost the user $90 to mail it back for a refund. While it works fantastic with frame sequential projectors, it does not work well with 60Hz TVs. He was trying it on a TV.
Some of the features are analog and digital stereo out, simultaneous output of analog and digital video, an emitter port for glasses and it has demuximg capabilities when 2 units are used. Just to name a few.
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BTW, only the cryothermal tweaked H5360 EDID was digital, the other two were analog. Glad you found one that worked and are enjoying 3D gaming via TriDef finally.
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I did some more testing. When I use the 35 dollar 3d wizard on the 360, the 3 d looks better to me for 3d movies compared to pc use (my crappy pc) , i can get bigger size screen size. Also, 2d to 3d looks very good on 360 for something like dexter, boardwalk, and new tv shows, there are 3 settings of 3d effect (in 2d to 3d mode only) , min, normal and max, and normal seems to work pretty good.

So, if you do get the device your experience will be the same, BUT since all our computers are different you could have a better experience than me, since I have low graphics and older PC. You don't need any 3d program, vlc works, since the device itself converts everything.

I don't think the pc I have has hardly any graphics ram, since it's onboard graphic from motherboard.

I wanted to give as accurate assessment as possible, because although I may have so-so experience on PC, your PC could be even better than my xbox experience. Also, everything depends on the quality of your source material, naturally.

So, I'm more impressed with device, the more I try it for more types of video. Also, it has 4 modes, no nothing, 2d to 3d, 3d sbs, 3d above/below.

Now since my pc sucks for video, I make the pa70g screen sizes 40-60 inches, but xbox you can get bigger images no problems in 3d.
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Originally Posted by Rugrash View Post

BTW, only the cryothermal tweaked H5360 EDID was digital, the other two were analog. Glad you found one that worked and are enjoying 3D gaming via TriDef finally.

Good to know, thanks once again.

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I've been looking through this thread for hours on how to do 3D movies with this projector and just can't seem to figure it out. Mine is hooked to a htpc that i use to watch movies and TV. The pc is 15 feet behind the projector on a self and 25 feet from the screen. What do I need to watch movies in 3D? Do I need a new video card? The video card in this PC is an Intel 965 express. (I have another HTPC that I can upgrade the video card on.) How do the glass work and which ones would I buy? I keep seeing stuff about IR devices? Where do you put the IR device? Thank you for all your help.
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Originally Posted by Amber Ale View Post

Wow, I was wrong!
LG announces HECTO Laser TV 100″ projector
"The device will also feature 1080p Full HD resolution and 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio"
Read about it here
"No information yet on the pricing or availability, but we would expect it will be available by Summer 2013"

if i get it right it will be useless for most of us projector people, caused by the fact you have to use the delivered screen. for example i want to go about 120'' and dont want to waste the extra 20'' space i have.
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Originally Posted by caveys812 View Post

It's from the PA70G. As I stated before, lenses on the glasses blink when I face the screen and I can detect a change of color in the lenses but no 3D. I am also new to the PJ realm but pretty well apt in computer and electronics as DaGamePimp is. It may be a software problem from my end but I am not sure because I am also novice at setting up 3D in PCs/software.
I have the same glasses like you and Tantaniko's the FX-30. I was trying to play 3D movies with Stereoscopic player on my computer, but my glasses were ON for about 3 second then OFF for about 1 second. It was flickering non-stop, and it made me crazy. Than i sat more close to the screen, and set the minimal saving mode, (on medium you might lose sync if you are far from the screen) and it was working perfectly. When i was near to the projector, and far from the screen it was not working. I thought i had to be close to the projector for better sync, but not! wink.gif
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Can you tell me your settings on stereoscopic player and what type of file you were playing?

Also what was you computer set up such as video card etc?

Thanks in advance.
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Can you tell me your settings on stereoscopic player and what type of file you were playing?

Also what was you computer set up such as video card etc?

Thanks in advance.
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anyone think that we'll see a U.S. version of the PA75K in 2013? and what do you guys think about using this with channel master HD tuner? smile.gif
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Hey, did not I found on the motherboard PA70G, places to connecting wifi module, and I think that the only solution to the wifi dongle DLNA smile.gif what is included, with PB63K or black, how they use TV LG.Today kinda messed with the lens, and now I focus on the 100 "screen at the position as stated below the photo smile.gif

To do this remove the lens, remove the three screws, and rubber gasket, ring knife specialist factory lowered height determines the position of the seal.Then in the body of the lens from the inside in places where the holes are screws, I deleted my bulge (distances up to about holes) about 1mm thick,Then I put gasket and screwed the lens. Now whole fun is to set the lens, the image is on the control, remembering that the top picture on the bottom edge of the DMD, you need to lower circulating sroby Screws smile.gif the more the more we approach the lens and get sharpness.If any such sharpness missing only the left then you need to tighten the screw to the right if the right is left.  Aiming adjusted right and left page, you need to check that it is not sharp on top or at the bottom, and the correct tightening or loosening the screw Upper.  it is a little complicated but before deleting the redundant plastic lens had not only a great leap diagonally.Now, there is no basis under the screws will only rubber seal and I can adjust the lens in any direction smile.gif
I corrected the day, with a bright room, and I still have a small area to improve smile.gif, it is good to give small washers under the screws from the front to not screw them in power, to the end he turns around hard, and you can destroy them, and then either rotate or tighten, if you have some sort of damage to the new heat exchanger better before you tighten.
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What tool do you use to release the screws on the focus wheel ? (en)
Aký nástroj používaš na uvolnenie skrutky na zaostrovacom koliesku? (sk)
Jakie narzędzie używasz , zwolnij śruby na kole ostrości? (pl)
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Small screwdriver with a set of precision tools

Only this one screwdriver unscrew all the screws
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Does anyone here with comcast find the menu a little blurry? I'm thinking my focus is off and its pushed all the way to the end. Picture looks good but something is off.
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Fry's has the PA70g back in stock again. But the price is still $800. :-(
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Originally Posted by caveys812 View Post

Can you tell me your settings on stereoscopic player and what type of file you were playing?
Also what was you computer set up such as video card etc?
Thanks in advance.
I just followed Tataniko's previous post.

"2. Install and configure Window 7/8 Codecs with LAV decoder
- LAV decoder configured:
* decode Xvid/Divx/Mp4v/Avi/Mkv/H.264/AVC
* use hardware decoder DXVA2 Copy Back method (Radeon) or other (it's GPU depending)
3. Install and configure Stereoscopic Player (I use 1.8 portable edition)
- Stereoscopic player, configured:
* use LAV decoder for Mpeg4/AVC/MVC videos
* viewing method by Software page flipping
4. Enjoy 3D"

It playes everything mkv, mp4.... also set up your 3d setting in nvidia control panel (if you have nvidia video card) and set 1024x768 120hz
In the decoder setting, on dvd decoder i changed both to LAV decoder but i dont know if it changed anything. Actually i just downloaded new codecs, and changed to software page flipping on stereoscopic player, and it was working.
My computer set up is: Asus N56VJ laptop (i7 2.4, nvidia geforce gt 635m 2gb, 8gb ram, win8 64bit)
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engadget just reported the new Q7 qumi 7 from vivitek, same old 1280x800 chip just brighter 800 lumens for 1,000 bucks, guess 2013 won't be the 1080P LED portable year, sucks...guess that's what we can expect from LG same 720P DLP chip just brighter
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Originally Posted by garibay_2004 View Post

engadget just reported the new Q7 qumi 7 from vivitek, same old 1280x800 chip just brighter 800 lumens for 1,000 bucks, guess 2013 won't be the 1080P LED portable year, sucks...guess that's what we can expect from LG same 720P DLP chip just brighter

Wonder if the Q7 will have the same "judder" issue the Q5 currently has. Still even if it is brighter, with glass lens? and if they fix the image processing I'd still take a $400 unfocused LG over a $1000 perfect Q7. I mean were still talking 720P it's 2013, all projector companies need to give up their crack like addiction to bulbs.

For more fun Q7 Topic click here.

Ok, back on topic, sorry.

Edit: We want 1080p, they want to squeeze a projector into a cell phone
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I would settle for a budget LED projector with a TI chipset that that actually has a few more mirrors than the claimed "native" resolution and is in a square pixel layout.

Plus a good lens would go a long way.

But I do have to say that it's amazing how well their on the fly conversion of the input signal to diamond pixel structure works, considering the layout and low number count of the mirrors on the DMD 0.45
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