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Nab 2012

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Anybody at the show?
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Anybody looking for some video porn on anything specific at the show? I am here for the while week.
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RED Laser Projector

Specifications too please if possible.
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Try to see if you are able to "hustle" someone from Red to give up some info on what sort of imaginer system they use for the RedRay Laser projector.

Or at lest attend the screening of the "Loom" short, and try to see what sort of imaginer is in use (Lcos,DLP,LCD,GLV,Scanning, Mems etc.).
It should be better today or tomorrow than yesterday, as they have improved the projector some by enable it to show 4K 3D for each eye.

There should also be a screening of a movie called "Timescapes" somewhere which should be in 4K 2D.
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They have a native 4k barco flat panel running monochrome 4 k content. Looks spectacular.
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Hmm, something different from the AUO 56" LCD Barco has had for a few years now? Monochrome, so this is from Barco Medical?
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Content was mono to show detail.
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The Sony oled broadcast monitors are disturbingly amazing!
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