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Problems with Direct TV and 3D

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Ok here is the situation.....my father was over house sitting for us and somehow he switched my Direct tv box to "SD MODE" apparently he held the Exit button on the direct tv remote down too long. So when we got back in town I switched the receiver back to "HD MODE". However in doing so my 3d channels are now greyed out and when I select one of them I get the message "YOUR TV IS NOT A 3D capable device" or something like that. Tried resetting everything but all to no avail. Now little bit about my set up:

I use the same DirectTV receiver for both my family room and my theater room and use a MonoPrice Matrix (http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...q=1&format=2to).

My two displays are:
Panasonic 55GT30 (3D)
Sanyo LCD PZ4 720p projector (non 3d)

OutPut 1(Living Room) Panasonic 55GT30
PS3---->MonoPrice Matrix---->55GT30
Xbox--->MonoPrice Matrix---->55GT30
DirectTV-->MonoPrice Matrix-->55GT30

OutPut2 (Theater Room) Sanyo Z4 (720p)
PS3--->MonoPrice Matrix---Onkyo 606 AVR---->Sanyo Z4
Xbox 360-->MonoPrice Matrix--->Onkyo 606 AVR---->Sanyo Z4
DirectTV-->MonoPrice Matrix--->Onkyo 606 AVR----->Sanyo Z4

I original thought when I first hooked everything up I was going to need to upgrade my Matrix to a 3D capable one, however when I hooked everything up, the Panasonic was able to display the 3d channels and has been working fine for about 5 months now up until this incident. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
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If you were to hook up the DirecTV box directly to your 3D television, would it recognize it as a 3D TV?
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