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Need Advice

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Hey all, I've trolled these forums for a long time and have always found it helpful to see how you guys put these incredible home theaters together. We're in the process of building our first home and I have Guardian doing the low voltage wiring and they're going to be installing Klipsch R2650 speakers (5.1 system) in the basement. This is a multi-topic question so here it goes.

1.) Anyone have the 2650's and what do you think?

2.)What kind of a sub should I get to fill the room? Dimensions are approx. 12'x12' with 8' ceilings.

3.)What kind of receiver should I be looking for?

My big concern is buying a sub that's too over/under powered for the space. I'm also concerned with buying a receiver that's too over/under powered for the speakers and sub it'll be powering.

I'd greatly appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!
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I not going to give much advice, because I purchase on a budget and this isn't a bugdet forum, however my room is close in dimension to yours so I'll bite. My receiver is a Sony dh810. I got it because it was under $200 and could upconvert my old replaytv to hdmi. As a bonus it's 3d ready. For my subwoofer I got an Outlaw M8. It was on sale for $212 and I verified with Outlaw that it was sufficient for my space. Love the thing. Not too long ago I picked up the Bic V1220 that Walmart was selling for $99. I still like the M8 better, but I now have a second subwoofer for a system I'll set up elsewhere in the house.

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