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Nuvo Concerto Configurator Software - Get it HERE

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Thought I'd throw this out there for all you Nuvo users. I managed to source what I'm told is the latest Nuvo Concerto Configurator software. Here's the link.


Got it directly from Nuvo, and what's contained in the link above is the unaltered zip file they gave me.

Hopefully this will help some of you out looking for the software as I was.
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Haven't installed the sw in a while, but isn't there a EULA that you agreed to?
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I never agreed to any EULA. The software link was given to me by NUVO without any terms or conditions attached or expressed in the message.

I actually hadn't even opened the zip or installed it myself (until now). You don't have to download it if you think there's anything questionable about it.

I don't believe there is, but then who am I?

Here is the text contained in the README.TXT file contained in the ZIP. I don't see anything here restricting distribution.

Just trying to be helpful and share whatever I find.


Concerto Configurator Installation ZIP

This ZIP archive contains the files necessary to install
the Concerto Configurator application from NuVo
Technologies. This application allows the user to
create configurations for the NuVo Concerto distributed
home audio system.

System Requirements
An application capable of extracting files from a ZIP
archive (WinZip, PKZip, WinRar, etc.)
Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP
5 MB available disk space
(50 MB if Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 upgrade is needed)
800x600 256 Color video resolution minimum
400 MHz Celeron processor or better
(1.0 GHz recommended)

Installation Instructions
1. Save the "Concerto Configurator Install Email.zip" to
a folder on the hard drive.

2. Extract the files from the ZIP into the folder.

3. Start "Setup.exe"
Note: it may take a few moments for the installer to load.

4. Select OK to start installation. Note: if Microsoft
.NET Framework 1.1 is not installed, a link to the
Microsoft update site will be displayed. This process
will take a few minutes (depending on connection speed)
and may require a reboot.

5. Select Next> on each page. The default setting can be
used or you can change the settings as needed.
"Disk Cost.." allows you to view how much disk space is
required on each of your disk drives.

6. Click Close to finish the installation.

Administrator privileges are needed in order to install the
Microsoft .NET Framework upgrade. No special privileges are
needed to install or run the Configurator.
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As long as that's a link provided by NuVo, I guess it's up to them. I was going to tell you that you can get the config SW from NuVo tech support anyway.

Note that this software is for the Concerto, NOT the Grand Concerto, which is at v2.66p.

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I had my GC sent in to Nuvo for repairs (power supply and ipod dock problems) and asked for a copy of the configurator (2.66) and they gave it without question.
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The link appears broken, and I lost my CD. Any chance you can repost?
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I've restored the link. Should be working fine again.
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Thanks for posting.

So this is NOT for the grand concerto, only the concerto?

Maybe someone can help clarify how all this works with Nuvo. I know they want to protect their dealers/installers and therefore don't openly offer their configuration SW to the public. However I'm planning on pulling the trigger on a grand concerto with expander (NV-I8GMS & NV-I8GXS) in December/January. It may or may not come from an authorized seller. The authorized sellers say they only sell to dealers. I'm not a dealer of course, just a HA enthusiast. But I will need this configurator SW to set it up no matter who I buy it from.

Am I screwed, and therefore need to buy Russound instead? Can I call their tech support and ask for it? Do I need to beg or pay someone for it?

I'm also in the same boat for the NV-T2DF tuner configuration SW...

Thanks in advance.
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When you pull the trigger, just email NuVo tech support and ask for a login to the ProZone where they keep the software...

Call a local, authorized dealer and see what they'll do for you price-wise for a DIY install. Just don't expect them to answer a bunch of questions about installation if they're not being paid for doing the work. But I'd certainly want to get the main gear from an authorized source to avoid warranty hassles. And that dealer can certainly supply the software as well.

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Hi Jeff

It appears the Nuvo web site does not have a tech support email address. Just a generic customer service email for "updates on order status, NuVo University, or shipping and service issues" and a sales email. Is there a secret email somewhere or do I just need to pick up the phone and call them? I'm an engineer so I can handle the electronics part easily.

I'm reading several threads over at Remote Central where it sounds like Nuvo does NOT give this software out to anyone but an authorized dealer through their Prozone web site. They sound quite strict about it actually.

BTW, is Automated Outlet still an authorized reseller? They used to be but their site now has very little product listed.

Thanks again
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I don't believe Automated Outlet is an authorized dealer any more...

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Is there a Mac version of the configurator software?

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Originally Posted by LoveToRide View Post

Is there a Mac version of the configurator software?


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guys I'm new to the forum, my software does not work with version 1.71 is the concert i8DLS not connect or killing.

solving, etc. My cables are excelent.
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Any chance the link could be restored?


I bought a house with a Concerto system and want to change the presets.  Nuvo tech support was not very helpful, pushing me to a dealer who will not return my call.



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Thanks for posting the link for Concerto configurator software here last year. I just tried the link and it is not there anymore. Would it be possible to share it again?

Thanks a lot
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