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Remote help?

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Hi, I am getting a new house and I will be mounting the tv on the wall, behind the wall is a room where I will have all the components. I saw a friend have the same kind of setup but not sure what it was. I know on his tv he had a little black circle that I assume he pointed some remote at to turn everything on. What do I need to accomplish this please. Not looking to spend hundreds on this but I would like to know how to accomplish this and what I need please.

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i have a Logitech 650 remote now but it won't go through walls. could this be done with a Logitech 900 or 850 remote or is there another way to do this...

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You need remote extenders. I would ask your friend what he is using.
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If you're just going through one wall, I would go with a wired IR extender.

This setup will have:
- an IR receiver eye that's mounted to the back of the TV (signals bounce off the wall and are picked up by the very sensitive eye)
- a confirmation LED that's mounted to the bottom of the TV. This flashes blue when the IR signal is received.
- Wire through the wall to the distribution box
- Blasters from the distribution box connected to each of the components
- All control done with a Logitech Harmony remote of your choice

I have the Hot-Link XL (IR over Cat5) and it works very well. You can do the pro though as its only a short run. The eye is very sensitive and there is no delay in transmitting the signal to the components.

The Harmony remote will allow you to set up activities macros for all of your viewing options and will automate the setup and customisations for each (e.g. press a button for watch TV and it will turn on the TV, AV receiver, go to the correct input etc). This makes the system much easier to use for the wife and kids and cuts down on remote clutter.
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i will look into this, thanks so if i currently have a Logitech 650 this setup will work with that? i have that remote controlling all my stuff now.

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Yeah that will work fine. The extender simply passes the signal so you won't need to reconfigure anything.
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great thanks for your help. so currently i have my Logitech 650 controlling my pioneer plasma, xbox 360, wdtv live, dtv h21 receiver and sony sound bar. how do all those thing connect to each device. is it a easy setup? Setup will be tv mounted on wall the everything will be behind the tv in the room except the sound bar. please advise greatly appreciated.

Thanks a million
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I have the harmony 900 and believe you can get a better more flexible remote at its price point.....
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since ljo000 says i can use the remote i have the logitech 650 i rather just stick with that and get the product he said sounds great and all the reviews sound awesome. this is going in my daughter play room and i just want to have the components hidden and it sound like the product he said will do the job. just wanna make sure it will work with the components i have and its easy to hook up. ljo000 has been very helpful would like to purchase this today if i see that i will work with the products that i listed and all.

thanks again!
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I have the Logitech Harmony IR extender working with a Harmony 650 at my parents house and it seems to work pretty well so far.

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how are these as fair as hooking up to my devices how to they connect so the remote works?

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The distribution box has a bunch of wires coming out of it with a small IR blaster on the end thats sticky. You put the blaster right on the component IR receiver eye. 6 blasters are included and Hot-Link has a kit to hook up a second batch of 6 to the same distribution box. Its very easy to set up, especially if you're only going through 1 wall. At the TV side, I used a couple bits of black electrical tape to keep everything hidden nicely.

The only possible complicating factor is if you have a device where the IR eye is hard to find. It took a bit of trial and error to get it positioned on my Onkyo receiver. I just cut a hole in a piece of card and moved it around with the blaster against the hole with my wife in the other room using the remote. As soon as it worked for her I knew I had the correct position.

Also, if you have any problems, Hot-Link customer support is excellent. Just give them a call and they'll help you out.
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The Logitech is pretty similar to what ljo000 posted. It comes with 2 mini blasters, and the base unit itself is a powerful IR blaster. I'm actually not even using the mini blasters. I just have the base unit on top of the LG home theater unit in the closet and it works fine. The IR signal from the base unit must be strong enough to bounce off the walls/door of the closet to get the signal to the LG.
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