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LG 55" 55LM7600 calibration

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Anyone have calibration settings done with a calibration disc, professionally done or done by them self?

Would love to try other settings.

Here's one from another forum member.

Found this from a review site. I guess it's professionally calibrated?
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Hello was wondering if anyone will post their video settings.

Does anyone use TruMotion for sports? When I do, I get an effect where the ball or players will be blurry and tripple.
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Hello was wondering if anyone will post their video settings.

Does anyone use TruMotion for sports? When I do, I get an effect where the ball or players will be blurry and tripple.
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C/Net's calibration/settings for the LG lm7600: http://forums.cnet.com/7723-19410_102-573198/lg-47lm7600-picture-settings/

Haven't got mine yet so let me know how this works.
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Set mine to there settings and it looks great. Try it.
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Firstly, I want to preface these calibration settings with the following:

I'm a FAN of the "soap opera" effect. I like how clear it is. So, if you don't like this, I wouldn't bother applying these settings. These settings are months worth of fine tuning. I use this in every environment and find it to be the clearest and most color accurate for me. I hope this helps at least ONE PERSON out battling calibration settings for their 55LM7600.

Energy Saving: OFF
Picture Mode: isf Expert2
Backlight: 75
Contrast: 80
Brightness: 50
H Sharpness: 50
V Sharpness: 50
Color: 50
Tint: 0

Expert Control:
Dynamic Contrast: Off
Super Resolution: Off
Color Gamut: BT709
Edge Enhancer: High
Color Filter: Off
Gamma: 2.2

White Balance:
Color Temperature: Medium
Method: 20 Point IRE (See Settings Below)
Pattern: Outer
Luminance: 130

IRE Settings:

IRE Value: Red, Green, Blue

100: 12,21,9
95: 50,50,40
90: 50,50,37
85: 42,22,32
80: 34,18,36
75: 40,20,42
70: 50,30,50
65: 50,34,46
60: 29,18,24
55: 24,11,26
50: 22,4,18
45: 24,12,22
40: 20,9,20
35: 18,10,18
30: 15,7,14
25: 4,0,4
20: 2,-1,2
15: 2,2,4
10: 10,8,2
5: -3,4,-16

Color Management System Settings:

Color: Saturation, Tint, Luminance

Yellow: -10,1,-2
Red: -6,5,17
Green: -10,8,4
Blue: 8,0,5
Cyan: 0,5,5
Magenta: 0,-1,4

Picture Option:
Noise Reduction: Off
MPEG Noise Reduction: Off
Black Level: Low
Real Cinema: On
LED Local Dimming: High
TruMotion: User (De-Judder @ 10, De-Blur @ 10)

Aspect Ration: Just Scan

Feedback and results are greatly appreciated.
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Hey DMBatCOFC I was just wondering how you came by those settings and if your tv was professionally calibrated. But other wise I will give these settings a go on my LM7600.
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Hey TC,
I got to these settings after months of fidgeting! I haven't had the TV calibrated, however, I just hit silver status with Best Buy and will be taking advantage of the free calibration service in a couple of weeks. I will post those results after the TV has been calibrated.
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I used a Combination of DMBat's settings and setting from these 2 sources.



I ended up with 2 custom settings using each of the ISF Expert options. I ended up tweaking and switching between the 2 ISF options and ended up going with DMBat's settings for the most part. I took a few settings from the other recommendations over DMBat's but for the most part, with the exception of a handful of changes, I love how the set looks....in SD, HD, and 3D....

After 1 day I could not be happier...I am sure at some point I will end up tuning more...but for now...very pleased.
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Thank you very much for the feedback! I'm glad it's working out for you. I like your hybrid solution, as each person's preferences are different.
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I just purchaseda my new lg 555LM7600 and cannot wait for it to get here... Anyone have any other input or could post up more exact specs on tweaking? What is a soap opera effect mean? Also dataman would you mind posting your settings?
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Hey Matty! The soap opera effect means that the picture refresh rate is so high that the picture almost looks fake or 3D - crazy smooth movement. A lot of people don't like it - I do. A down side to this is that sometimes you'll see blooming around fast-moving objects with the TruMotion - a true 240hz refresh rate would/should eliminate the blooming. I just can't afford to drop thousands on a real 240hz set. Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the explanation!! That's good to know, sorry I'm new to all this tv lingo. This is the first real set I want to dial in close to perfection! Any thoughts and tips would be greatly appreciated. I also purchased the Disney blu ray world of wonder 2 disk set. Anyone here ever use this? What's your take on it?
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It's a WOW With DMBatCOFC settings only thing changed was LED Local Dimming:Medium
TruMotion: User (De-Judder @ 2, De-Blur @ 5) no soap opera effect even with TruMotion on
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Thank you for the feedback! I'm going to be applying your de-judder and de-blur settings to my set as soon as my wife gets done watching her TV show. Glad my settings helped you out a bit!
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I got this set a couple of months ago and really like it.
Wondering how the Best Buy calibration worked out for you and compared to your own?
Is it true that calibrating on ones own, in the expert settings, voids the warranty? I haven't tried your personal calibrated settings yet and am a little worried about somehow screwing it up?
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Hey there!

The Best Buy calibration results are drastically different than the setting I provided on this thread, and it looks great! With that being said, I talked to the calibration tech who said that each TV set is different, even if the model numbers are the same. I would highly recommend getting your TV professionally calibrated.
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O.K...thanks for your reply!smile.gif
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