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Sewage pump monitoring

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I had planned on picking up an Insteon 2413s to simply control a dimmer switch (2476d) and my fireplace(2450).

My concern however is that at some point I also want to be able to add on such that I can disable a receptable based on a contact status. I am trying to prevent the pump in the washing machine in my basement from being able to overflow the sewage pit in the basement floor. I don't believe the toliet or shower, I plan to put in can as they are only gravity fed, however the washing machine can and has, fortunately when my basement was unfinished.

I was going to control the 2413 with a Global Cache unit and irule for the lighting etc, but I wondered if it would be insufficient for the secondary project. It would need to be programmed to perform its task (turn off receptacle), when a float in the pit, triggered a closure on another device.

Any thoughts or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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Wire a 120v relay to that receptacle . It will switch it on or off based on the contact status on the relay.
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There are units out there that utilize a water sensor, that disables the water valves feeding a wash machine, and also some have a feature that a unit plugs into the outlet, and the wash machine plugs into it, that shuts it off, when it senses water on the floor.

Look at either smarhome.com or talk to a reputable plumbing company, or monitored alarm company that has access to the parts, vs. trying to hash something together. Oh look, two seconds, and I found what you are looking for http://www.plumbingsupply.com/washin...toffvalve.html use that with http://www.specialtyalarms.com/site/1313932/page/470322
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