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Someone mentioned 'smug.' If anyone wants to know just HOW smug, then you have to read the following... talk about King of Smug. With that kind of attitude, the company is not going to be around for long or even before they get the first unit out the factory, I mean, garage door.

Read this one: "Brytewerks - 'nice'."


And to really get a taste of this guy's scintillating personality, check out the Facebook page, the 'award-winning' cinematographer, and founder of Brytewerks, has for his movie.

Also, if the product was formally announced in January 2012, why did Brytewerks have to attend DEMO in May 2012?

Something's not right. Did they run out of money between January and May? It's now June. Where are the products? confused.gif

Like with any, and I use the term loosely when describing the this projector, "advanced", ground-braking technological product, who wants to be the first to buy one without having the product line go through a shake-out period of a year or two and, especially before some real-world reviews from the media and beta owners are in? Keep in mind the Titanic didn't do the appropriate sea trials before setting sail, and look how well that worked out.

I'm not buying anything like this on vaporware publicity. This company has "zero" history of sales success in this arena and as far as his last big project - the 'award-winning' movie - is concerned? It made no money. He gave it away. http://youtu.be/RWdlzZzlFz0

Think about it. Consider yourself warned.
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Here is the latest on their progress: "Just as we were ready to manufacture the Model One for our pre-order customers our LCD supplier informed us that our LCD had been discontinued. As a small company ordering in small lots we had no leverage. In addition, the Chinese supplier gave us defective LCD panels. Very expensive defective LCD panels."
Here is the web version of their email update - BryteWerks email update
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Wow, there's a word 'scam' written all over the place.
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Yes i would agree. but honestly who would want a projector like this ? 11k lumens is a bit too much for the standard user in home theater, singe transmissive color lcd tech ? really, and a built in HTPC, most dont want these things that i can tell.
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