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Playmemories Home seem to be the worst crap I ever used. I'm also reversing to PMB. I've never seen crappier codecs. Everything worked perfectly until I downloaded the last version of Playmemories. After that, its almost impossible to view AVCHD-videos without lag.
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"Disregard anything that has been said about PMH (Play Memories Home) before this and download the 2.0 version."

Different people in this forum have different needs and issues using Sony's software.

Play Memories Home, version 2.0, like its predecessor, removes all my comments and labels names from the older, Picture Motion Browser (PMB) catalog/database on my computer. Any trade-off for the other features in a newer version (PMH v. 2.) is meaningless for me - someone with over 6,000 video clips and photographs in PMB that all have comments and labels for each file.
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Just recently I tried to burn a DVD using Playmemories Home. It would not burn to a DVD-R but was ok with DVD+RW.
Copied the DVD+RW to a DVD-R using CD BUrner XP. Both type of disks played on my PC but the DVD-R was not able to be used on a DVD player. Did not experience this type of problem using PMB so it looks like I'll be reverting back to it.
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Were you uncomfortable with the privacy issues within their Terms of Service? It states in plain English that the images / video become the property of Sony and ANY 3rd party entities it wishes to conduct business with. For that matter, ALL Data becomes their property. I don't like such broad and over reaching confiscation of my personal data... for any reason, not to mention just for the "privilege" of using their software. Thoughts?
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I'm the OP for this thread. It should have died. The issue with the Sony software was solved long ago.

My thought is that our world has changed and the word "privacy" no longer works. If you want to enjoy the electronic world, you have to go public to some degree.

My mother-in-law died two years ago. She had a land line phone that was unplugged when she did not want to be interrupted, did not own or want a computer and forced the Post Office to deliver mail to her door. She had lots of magazine subscriptions and watched TV. She guarded her "privacy". She lost touch with her friends, neighbors and most of her relatives. Her "Privacy" was intact.

Her favorite granddaughter puts her entire life on Facebook. If Grandma had a little less concern about privacy she would have enjoyed being part on her granddaughter's life.

Where Sony and other's get stuck is that companies with deep pocket are constantly harassed by people with frivolous law suits. They have to write their contracts so that they can minimize financial bleeding.
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