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tritrix give me a reason.........

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Give me a reason not to order a set of tritrix.



Thanks everyone
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pro: it appears to be a decent low cost design.
con: it appears to be a decent low cost design.
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I love mine. Sound great, economically priced, easy to build. They have no problem keeping up with my THT or producing great sounding music. Now, if you are a hard core audio guy then they may not be for you. For an average guy like myself, they are just the ticket.
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Here's a visual pro. I live the way mine came out.
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All my life I've been an audio Guy. My friends would call me hard core but compaired to the people on here I'm not. IV come to understand this over the past few months of my research. I've allwaz been the Guy with headphones in. Or the Guy spending the weekend putting a new system in his truck. I've only had old worn out garge audio or car. IV been moving the same infinite 6x9, 6.5, Sony head unit, jvc 560, and one 12" Rockford fosgate punch 2. Most people love it. I've had people that wouldn't believe I only had 1 sub. I payed less then 100 for the whole set up. I use to be a auto detailer for a car lot so I'd ask the boss if I could have the pieces. IV allwaz had klipsch or skullcandy earbud headphones. Now in life I'm a maintenance man. I wear my headphones 4-8 hours aday depends if I'm working alone. I'm at a point were I have a couple hundo the wife said I could spend on some audio gear. I popped the tweets in my thrushers. So I see these tritrix as about as much as I wonna spend. I've read a ton of reviews and somany people love them. Were I live we have no audio sales other then best buys for atleast 4 hours any direction. I can't auditions any high end audio so I do alot of net research. I have a nice set of 12 4 ohm subs (ill say the brand after my builds done). I got them cheap 45 each. The Guy I got them from bought them and put them in his garage. He still had the bill of sale for 378.93 after tax. He was needing some money so I got them as cheap as I could. I cut the tape on the boxes to test them before I bought them. Ill say this in my basement the wife can hear them on the next block. We're in the middle of the block. I hallowed out my 10 thrusher box to 12. And bout 2 weeks ago the tweets blew. I hooked up a set of 8 ohm concert 2 fullranges within bout 5 hours my amp smelled of plastic and shut down. I think it was cuz I had 8ohms on one channel and 4 ohm on the other. My amp was rated 4-16 ohm. It was time for my amp to go it only worked on the CD input. It wouldn't switch to any others. The volume would crackel anytime you'd touch it. Its been on its last legs I just finally pushed it to far.

So that's why I'm here I wonna mate the tritrix with my subs. The tritrix are good. Down to bout 50hz some people say 40. I'm thinking of cutting them off at 100 Hz. 2 reason ill be able to feed them a lil bit more power (right?) And because my subs are good from 22-250hz. I believe I will have a full range 6ohm system? Tritrix 8 ohms subs 4 ohm wired in parallel be 6ohm?

Sorry everyone I am gluten intolerable. I woke up at 5am body said run to the bathroom. So this has been a half asleep slightly painful pretty out of it post I'm sure there's alot of errors. Well its 6 back to bed I go for nother hour or 2 its Saturday so sleep in a lil.
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Originally Posted by Jstslamd View Post

Here's a visual pro. I live the way mine came out.

Looks great. Looks big, is that the "tall boy" variant?

I got a tritrix kit recently but havent started a build yet. Trying to decide on vented or transmission line. Also trying to get a dust collection / confinement strategy in place before starting another project
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Originally Posted by darkrider7589 View Post

Give me a reason not to order a set of tritrix.


Affordable. Well thought out design and crossover. Good imaging, very nice and natural bottom end. Play WELL above their price point. Well rounded speaker.

Originally Posted by darkrider7589 View Post


You have to assemble and finish. SQ their are no cons given the price point.

Reasons for not ordering them: You don't have time. You don't have the inclination to finish projects of this nature. You want an overall bigger speaker.

Having heard these at the last PE.GTG in Kentucky I was impressed.
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For me it was between the tritrix and the aviatrix.

I went with the tritrix mostly due to cost and the kit is/ was on sale. I just finished them and they sound really great powered by a little 20w 2 channel amplifier I can use with my iPod or compiter.

I went vented for the smaller form. Now that ive heard these, next time I have extra cash ill spring for the aviatrix for my home theatre. These I will most likely use for 2 or 2.1 audio in our bedroom I could also build one more and use it as a 3.1 in the livingroom. they sound way better than my focal sibs I got as a 5.1 speaker set. If you do go vented order a set of the pvc piping from pe with the kit.

I built my own cabs out of an old homemade desk (oak plywood).
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Your set looks nice jstslamd.

Thank you everyone. The wife approved me ordering the tritrix kit last week. I just hada prove it to myself.

Here's an idea for lowpolyjoe run string round your work area and hang moist sheets around you one ontop too. If u need it one on the floor. Did when were bondo a buddies hood in his DORM room lol. It worked very nice we were only hand block sanding. We saved him lot of money at the body shop.

My plans for the boxes : I trying to narrow it down

Stack the tritrix on top of the sub box. Cover then in bondo and sand them to a smooth finish. Then paint them with a base clear auto paint. They'd be beautiful.

Stack them then lay 2" wide strips of wood top to bottom. It would give the boxes a slightly triangular shape. Then stain the strips 2 different alternate colors.

Make a few 30" shelf in between the boxes and put the subs acrost the floor. It'd have an entertainment center look. Only problem everything on the shelves would vibrate so u wouldn't wonna put your CD player, amp, or anything like that on it.

I need to start a crossover thread soon. I need to build a 250z low pass filter. For each sub. And I need to build a 100hz high pass filter that I can put in or out. So I can see if I like the tritrix played out or cut off and the subs handle it.
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Thanks. I actually just bought the whole tritrix transmission line kit from PE. At the time it was just easier than dragging all of my tools out durning the winter months. The enclosures were surprisingly nice for the money. Everything went together without a hitch. And everyone that's says you need a million clamps to assemble them is either not too keen on bein able to build enclosures or I'm just that good (not really that good at all). As far as finishing the enclosures I just used the Dayton vinyl PE sells and I used spray bomb gloss black ( I'm an Autobody painter by trade so it wasn't just as simple as slapping the paint on them and walking away. I have about 6 coats of high build primer). If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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I made a pair along with a CC for my daughter about 18 months ago. They came out great, and sound really good too. If I had to do it all over again I would go with the flat pack kit vs me making my own cabinets. Took to much of my time. But she was happy. And in turn I was happy.
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Sound great.

Affordable entry to diy speakers.

Can be "upgraded". I turned my tritrix speakers into the Dayton Classic WMTMW for only an extra couple hundred bucks for the pair. Just needed 4 Dayton 8 inch speakers and some more new/replacement crossover parts.


It takes a bit of time to build them. It takes even more time to build them well and make them look good.

May require tool purchases that would bump up price.

In my opinion, totally worth it.
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As far as purchasing the tools. The way I look at it. If you plan on building a set of speakers there's no way there wont be another set that you'll want to build. The only thing I would say is you don't have to buy top of the line tools to start out with. No one buys a ferrari for your first car. Just my 2 cents.
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Pros: They sound great, way better than anything in best buy.

Cons: You have to build them. LOL - I think this is one of the pluses.

They are voiced flat, no 100-200hz bump like many systems that you may have heard. They sound like the bass is missing at first. But once you listen for a few days you will understand how much clearer these are than any store bought speakers. You will love them I am sure. I know I love mine.
Also do go with the TL version if you have the room. Much better than the ported. IMHO

Bottom line you can't do better for the money.
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Are you still contemplating ?!? Buy them. You won't be disappointed.
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