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Originally Posted by psychdoc View Post

Yes, it's a Stewart Grayhawk, around 139" wide. No complaints at all. The image with my VPL-VW1000ES is spectacular.

I am sure it does. I just had not seen a Grayhawk screen in a while since it was a technology developed in the late 1990s to improve black levels in early DLP and LCD projection technologies.
Originally Posted by psychdoc View Post

Ok, I'm going to throw this out there for anyone who's been down a similar path. I need to place a few outlets/gang box's in the middle of OC703 acoustic panels wrapped in fabric that are 2" thick but will be a total of 2.5" away from the wall. First problem: I can't find any gang box extenders 2.5" deep. Second problem: how do you manage the hole and make the fabric stay tight and look good? Thanks in advance to anyone who has answers to those two questions.

I would offer you two very similar options. Both involve making a buildup frame 2" wide on all sides out of some scrap sheet material (OSB, Ply, MDF) that goes around the electrical box. Apologies for the blurry picture, but you can see the electrical outlet on the wall in this photo with the OSB frame. Only 1" deep acoustic panels were used here, fyi, so that is why the entire box is cut out of the soundproof shell to allow for a slight recess:

From there you can surface-mount a standard electrical box, bringing the wire in through the rear and then use an electrical box extender OR you can bend out the two little sharp tabs of an adjustable electrical box and surface-mount the box to the buildup frame using the supplied screw holes. Like before, the wire would come in through the back of the box but still retain its adjustability.

In both cases you would simply run the fabric over the acoustic panel, frame . . . everything. And then you would go back and cut an "X" in the fabric where the electrical outlet would be located. You then staple the fabric to the inside of your cutout for a nice, tight fit being careful not to distort any pattern in the fabric, of course. From there you would install any surface-mount electrical box, make the electrical connections and install the electrical plate. Using the adjustable depth Carlon box cited above is actually more difficult because the box must be installed first and the best you can hope for with securing the fabric is stapling it to the surface of the frame, very close to the perimeter of the electrical box, and having the plate cover all the staples.

Hopefully this all makes sense . . . I am still pre-coffee at the moment. biggrin.gif
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Thanks guys! I'm seeing it now. I looked for a while for some pics like that but didn't find any. Thanks TMcG.
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Putting up the frame for the finished wood and leaving a sunken area for the OC703 acoustic panel so the final wall is all even.

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Coming together nicely. biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by TMcG View Post

In both cases you would simply run the fabric over the acoustic panel, frame . . . everything. And then you would go back and cut an "X" in the fabric where the electrical outlet would be located. You then staple the fabric to the inside of your cutout for a nice, tight fit being careful not to distort any pattern in the fabric, of course. From there you would install any surface-mount electrical box, make the electrical connections and install the electrical plate. Using the adjustable depth Carlon box cited above is actually more difficult because the box must be installed first and the best you can hope for with securing the fabric is stapling it to the surface of the frame, very close to the perimeter of the electrical box, and having the plate cover all the staples.

The only thing I would add... After cutting the X, dab glue around the inside edge of the blocking before stapling (pine is softer to staple into). Then rub the fabric to make sure that it is pushed into the glue. With time the fabric could pull on the staples and start to pucker. With the glue, the fabric won't pull and the stress is distributed evenly around the hole.
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Thanks chrapladm!

Jim...sage advice....I will try it out when I get there.

Here are some more pics. I worked my butt off all day today and the family friend that is a contractor came by to lend a hand. As you can see in the following pic, I'm using more MDF eek.gif it's the Devil's wood, I tell you. At least this time I wore a mask smile.gif As you can see, for the side walls and the back wall the acoustic treatments will be in the middle while wood will be on top of the smooth MDF at the top and bottom (as well as on the soffit).

A new darker batch of Sapele came in. It looks a lot better than as displayed on my phone camera but here it is. It looks amazing (in my humble opinion). This is one of the sections of the front wall. It will be trimmed out and should look pretty darn good (hopefully). biggrin.gif

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Will the walls be covered with absorbing fabrics and foam on the MDF?

Just curious as I have seen others do this on other builds. What were you able to do for ceiling height again?

I keeping thinking of a dream setup but dont think I will be able to have 12ft ceilings in the HT room in a two story renovated home in Hawaii.
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The Sapele goes on top of the MDF. That leaves several rectangular holes that the OC703 wrapped in Fabric will go. In the end, the fabric and wood should be close to even in height. I like this look better than hanging acoustic panels on the wall that would cause you have many lumps sticking out on your wall. But, it's all about personal taste.....

Chrapladm, I only had 9' ceilings and it seems to be plenty! Would more be better? Of course. But that sort of thinking is what this hobby is all about. smile.gif Hawaii is a difficult nut to crack when it comes to Home theater, you are correct on that part however.

Currently looking for the best place to buy GOM "stop sign 1891" from the "streetwise 2721" collection. Anyone have a great experience with a merchant with Guilford of Maine fabrics? Here is a pic:

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Everything looks good and is really coming along Psychdoc! That Sapele is going to be KILLER. I can't wait to see it installed. I've always used Fabricmate for Guilford of Maine fabric and although I haven't previously used their track, I know people on this Forum are very satisfied with the quality of the track.

One other piece of advice that I'd give you is that the fabric should "float" above the acoustic panel by an 1/8" of an inch and not resting directly against the acoustic panel itself. It gives you the opportunity to stretch the fabric tightly without exposing any of the small "lumps and dumps" underneath from either the acoustic panel or anything else.

Keep up the great work.
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^^ +1 to both fabricmate for GOM fabric and the slight gap between fabric and panel material. TMcG is right on the money. And he's also right that it is taking shape very nicely!
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Thanks TMcG and AirBenji! Always nice to hear things are on track from outside experienced perspectives. I've never made acoustic panels before (much like everything else) so I appreciate the tip on the gap. I've got it burned in my head already and will make it happen when that part happens soon.

On that note, I received a call early from Ed Blumenstock from Fabricmate this morning. I don't think he realized he was calling me in Hawaii as the call was received at about 0515 in the morning. I had to chuckle a bit and thankfully I was just heading out the door to work so the rest of the family didn't wake up. Hopefully I can work something out with them as they seem pretty good, prompt and friendly.smile.gif

I need to jump in the theater and work as much as I can this week but since my "vacation" is now over it will be tough to maintain the kind of progress I achieved recently. But, fatigue is turning to excitement as some of the finished wood goes up. More to follow and thanks again guys for chiming in......
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Slowly starting to take shape! smile.gif Once the trim work goes on top it should look pretty darn good (hopefully).

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Wow! What a transformation in just a few days. That Sapele looks really rich and classy. Nice work!
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Wow that changes the look from bare wood. eek.gif
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Wow what a change! Looking great!
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Thanks everyone. A friend came over for a little while yesterday to lend a hand. Things always go faster when I'm not alone (I tend to measure 4 times and cut once). smile.gif
Once the rest of the room is completed and the trim molding goes up it will look a lot better.
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Just went through the entire thread it is stunning and you have fantastic taste! I love the choice of gear, especially the speakers, are the aerials version 2? Cant wait to see them go in the theater and you post the pics and tell how they sound. Did you hear them before in a dedicated and treated theater?
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Hi Vikgrao,

Wow, very kind words indeed. Thank you although I wonder if I should really send the praise to my friend who goes by the name JlgLaw here in this forum. He has far more experience with all of this and invited me over to his place here in Hawaii before he moved to get a taste of "the good life". I was hooked. All my HT plans at that time were thrown in the circular file and I started from scratch on everything and I'm glad I did. He has been my "go-to" guy for everything, especially acquiring all of the equipment through him. He has been an instrumental source of information (along with many of you writing in my thread as well as your own) but beyond being very well informed about all of HT, he is just a great guy and great friend.

Since this room was being constructed from scratch I decided to shoot high with future upgrades in mind. With that in mind, the current system will be a 11.4 system all being Aerial Acoustics (with the exception of my rear surrounds which will be the best pair of my previous surrounds until I can save up and make those Aerials as well).

As far as hearing my Aerial Acoustics 20T's in a dedicated room, I have not had that experience yet. I did have them crammed into a crappy tiny room for a while until construction started. The space was awful but they still sounded wonderful. In the new larger treated room, they should sound amazing.... hopefully biggrin.gif

Thanks again VIkgrao for your kind words... they definitely add to my motivation to make this thing turn out well! smile.gif
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Your welcome. Since you have not yet heard the aerials in a dedicated treated room your in for a huge surprise thanks to your friend Jlglaw. As far as i know there is always some level of compromise when choosing speakers for dedicated theaters, You have to make a choice based on whether you are mostly going to use the room for watching movies with reference level theater sound , great dynamics etc and music is secondary, or if you are a audiophile then to choose speakers with great fidelity but a compromise in dynamics.

Very few speaker companies achieve audiophile grade reference level sound and sound amazing for both music and movies. I auditioned quite a few very expensive brands over the last few years looking for speakers which can perform both ways as above and i can say without reservation that the aerials are on top of that list!
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Everything looks incredible so far! Best of luck finishing up! Make sure you continue to post pictures I have loved following. smile.gif
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Thanks kweisen! Your input is appreciated! smile.gif
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I agree with all, very nice build and recent transformation! Looks AWESOME!!! please keep the pics of progress, very nice for us to watch and anticipate.
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Thanks cavchameleon! I will keep the pics coming whenever there is something worth seeing. Thanks again! I spent the night cleaning up the room. It took forever but isn't worth a pic. smile.gif
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Things have slowed down a bit in the home theater. Our house addition was on hold for about 4 months and the walk-in closet and master bathroom got a lot of the recent attention. I was able to spend today in the home theater and I started on the acoustic panels. Thankfully I had an electric stapler. It is a must when making panels. I couldn't imagine making them without it eek.gif. I'll post pics of the bathroom and walkin closet later but here are some pics of the panels taking shape.

In my opinion it looks a little plain but with a busy carpet going in as well as slightly busy sapele wood that might be a good thing. It will definitely need trim around the panel edges to spice it up. I was able to make 6 panels today with the biggest being 100" x 48".

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Ok, some updated shots of the rest of the house as it takes shape. A big, beautiful slab of white granite still needs to go on top of the cabinets in the middle of room but that is already being worked on. If I was getting my dream theater the wife said she wanted a dream closet.... DEAL!!!!! biggrin.gif Here are some shots. As you might have guessed, I only get one wall.... any guesses as to which wall I get?

Anyone guess the tiny wall shown here? Winner Winner, chicken dinner. It's still a great deal!

Only a small bit player on this part...... Koolau, a family friend and contractor, jumped in here. It still needs grout and needs to be cleaned and I still need to finish the ceiling so it still has a way to go. It is actually much bigger than it looks in the pic. It has horizontal jets on both sides as well as vertical. As always, more to follow....smile.gif

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WOW thats awesome. Great pics. Very jealous of your closet. eek.gifbiggrin.gif Your shower looks like you could have a party in there. Or fit two of the biggest losers in there. biggrin.gif

Either way the panels also look very professional.
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Thanks Chrapladm. I'm hoping to get some significant progress going in the home theater in the next few weeks. The doors are incoming as well as FOSI star ceiling, racks and other equipment. I've already lined up with a local firm to have a Control4 system installed as well as a Lutron QS system. Lots of work to be done.
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Sounds awesome. Nice to see everything coming together. Reminds me of all the renovations we did on our current home. Still have a lot to do but its fun at times. biggrin.gif
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I had to send an updated equipment list to the firm handling the Control4 and it appears different from that on the front page of this thread so I thought I would update it here:

System will be a 11.4 system including the following items:


Marantz AV8801 (11.4 pre/pro) http://us.marantz.com/us/products/pages/ProductDetails.aspx?CatId=AVSeparates&ProductId=AV8801
Control4 HC-800 (in the process of getting this) http://www.control4.com/products/controllers/C4-HC800-BL-1
Lutron QS (in the process of getting this) http://www.lutron.com/en-US/Products/Pages/WholeHomeSystems/Homeworksqs/Overview.aspx


Sony VPL-VW1000ES 4K Projector- watched a bunch of movies already on the screen listed below... only one word WOW!!!! biggrin.gif http://store.sony.com/p/VPL-VW1000ES/en/p/VPLVW1000ES
Lumagen Radiance XS-3D http://www.lumagen.com/testindex.php?module=radianceXS_details
ISCO Anamorphic Lens http://www.isk-optics.de/index.php?id=home-cinema&L=nkdozyndblpd
Cineslide http://www.techht.com
Stewart Filmscreen, retractable 2.35 aspect, 11.5 ft width with side masking http://www.stewartfilmscreen.com/residential/products/retractable_screens/abb_electriscreen/abb_electriscreen_residential.html
Sharp LC-80LE632U, 80" tv on the wall behind the screen for viewing non-movie/big game content http://www.sharpusa.com/ForHome/HomeEntertainment/LCDTV/Models/LC80LE632U.aspx

Content delivery:

Kaleidescape 3U Movie server http://www.kaleidescape.com/products/servers/3U/
Kaleidescape M700 Disc Vault http://www.kaleidescape.com/products/disc-vaults/m700/
Oppo BDP-103 http://www.oppodigital.com/blu-ray-bdp-103/
Directv HD DVR http://www.directv.com/technology/hd_dvr_receiver


Bryston 6SST2 500Wx3 in 4 ohms (Mains and Center) http://bryston.com/products/power_amps/6BSST-2.html
Bryston 4SST2 500Wx2 in 4 ohms (Wides) http://bryston.com/products/power_amps/4BSST-2.html
Bryston 4SST2 500Wx2 in 4 ohms (Heights) http://bryston.com/products/power_amps/4BSST-2.html
Parasound 5250 250x5 in 8 ohms (surrounds) http://www.parasound.com/nc/5250v2.php

Power Management:

Torus Power CS 20 AVR power conditioner http://store.acousticfrontiers.com/Torus-Power-AVR20-Isolation-Transformer-Surge-Suppressor-and-Voltage-Regulator.html
Panamax MB1500 UPS power conditioner and projector battery backup http://www.panamax.com/Products/Battery-Backup/MB1500.php

Speakers: These speakers are amazing!! biggrin.gif

Aerial Acoustics 20T's Mains in birds-eye-maple http://www.aerialacoustics.com/products/model20tv2/index.aspx
Aerial Acoustics CC5 center speaker in Birds-eye-maple http://www.aerialacoustics.com/products/modelcc5/index.aspx
Aerial Acoustics LR5's Wides in black- overkill for wides but I love it biggrin.gif http://www.aerialacoustics.com/products/modellr5/index.aspx
Aerial Acoustics 5B's Heights in black http://www.aerialacoustics.com/products/model5b/index.aspx
Aerial Acoustics SW12 subwoofer X 4 in Birds-eye-maple (1 in each corner) http://www.aerialacoustics.com/products/modelsw12/index.aspx
Aerial Acoustics SR3 surrounds http://www.aerialacoustics.com/products/modelsr3/index.aspx
Definitive Technology BPVX (oddball speakers in the rear surround location (least important) until I can get another pair of Aerial Acoustics SR3's) http://www.definitivetech.com/products/bpvx

Theater effects:

FOSI Star Ceiling, dimmable http://www.fosistarceilings.com
Birddog dimmable LED ribbon (for edge of soffit ringing the room) http://www.birddogdistributing.com/164ft-120-Volt-Red-3528-LED-Strip-Light-Spool.html
Three Tiered Ziggurat Custom Sconces from Lightcrafters in Texas for each of the six columns http://lightcrafters.smugmug.com/Lighting/Ziggurat-Variations/7376387_tf2fpn#!i=417420249&k=JFgrWZp&lb=1&s=A


Fortress Palladium seats, two rows, motorized row of 5 and row of 4 - Amazing custom made seats! http://www.fortresseating.com/productpage.php?prod_id=12

Sound control:

Megatraps by Realtraps x 10 - efficient bass traps http://www.realtraps.com/p_megatraps.htm
Wall Acoustic Panels covered by GOM fabric made by yours truly wink.gif http://www.guilfordofmaine.com/system/images/775/original/2721-1891.jpg?1352835439

I can't wait to see all this stuff come out of their boxes and work together in my Sapele wood covered theater that has a STC rating in the mid to high 60's. eek.gif As always, more to follow... biggrin.gif
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Sony VPL-VW1000ES WOW!!!!
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