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drool drool @ equipment list!
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Originally Posted by chrapladm View Post

Sony VPL-VW1000ES WOW!!!!

LOL, that Sony projector is just about a year's income for me. I have 3 earned college degrees so I am certainly not lazy or non intelligent. While I love looking at AVS Forums they certainly are not reality for some of us. I paid $360 for my used Sanyo 1080p projector on eBay and bought my discontinued model speakers from the Polk Audio outlet store on eBay as well. Having said that, the Hawaii home theater is going to be wonderful when completed. Now back to dreaming............
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Thanks all! I look at my equipment list (page 9) with surprise as well. My expectations are that my theater better be darn good or it will be a big letdown from an equipment perspective.
Macfan- this is a once in a lifetime deal for me after years of saving and lucky investments. I also had some crazy luck finding great deals as well as using some of my old equipment. It's been a dream for me too! biggrin.gif
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That is one very serious equipment list! I really like the sconces you found as well. Your room is going to be killer!

If I had to make a suggestion, it would be to consider a DSP from QSC or Xilica and to get professional audio and video calibration by a specialist. I plan on doing this myself when the time comes (and if budget allows initially), but all of the reaction from various theater owners that went this route said that it took their theater from great to phenomenal. I haven't heard someone speak with even the slightest tinge of regret in spending the $$ for this extra step.

I'm a bit bummed that my wife and I won't be headed back to Hawaii anytime soon so I can threaten you with a case of outstanding microbrew beer and theater popcorn for a demo!
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Thanks TMcG!!! Like many here, I'm always looking to take my system forward but I'm not familiar with your recommendations but it will be fun to read up on them. smile.gif I've spoken to a friend about the new Datasat RS20i which might be a bit of what you're referring to but I need to catch my breath before that kind of upgrade (my fun account is just about drained) but it sure looks amazing! eek.gif

Well, if you ever get out here in Hawaii my wife and I always love to have a movie night and you're more than welcome to come over for the full demo, especially if you're bringing the beer and popcorn wink.gif
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There is a conference in Hawaii in July I am trying to finagal my way to, but it is unlikely. I'll keep you posted if that changes.

I have seen the Datasat piece and it is impressive...but has an equally impressive pricetag. It absolutely has advanced DSP processing capability, but I am not a fan of making a large investment in a preamp, especially now at the precipice of 4K and HDMI 2.0 coming down the pipe. The AV8801 is more than capable and will serve you extremely well. I have one of these preamps (or its successor) earmarked for my own theater.

What I was talking about with the DSP is specific outboard devices from QSC or Xilica. Most of the professional theaters here on this Forum use QSC's DSP-322ua. It will handle up to 8 signal inputs and 8 signal outputs. As you are going full-tilt 11.1, that means 12 channels. If you go with stereo subs then that is 13 channels. Either way you will need to purchase two of these units to get the proper number of inputs and outputs to handle your system.

The other option is the Xilica XP4080 or the XD4080. The XD adds FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filters (the major reason to go with the XD series), digital inputs / outputs on a separate connector and a much better (i.e. quieter) power supply. The XD also uses a 96kHz 40 Bit floating point DSP engine vs. a fixed 24 bit for the XP series. You can read more about it on the links I provided. The reading is a bit dense, so take some time to absorb it.

With the calibration, you just can't beat having a trained professional bring $50,000 worth of highly sensitive calibration gear into your home and dialing the room into its maximum potential. It is a small $1300 - $2500 investment that makes a significant difference in the end performance of your theater.
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Not just the 1000ES! Wow! Walmart has some pretty good sales sometimes.biggrin.gif

When you aren't looking and have absolutely no intention of buying, you can find some amazing pieces at prices you can't pass up. And before you know it, you've got a list like yours. OK, I have a ways to go. But, I have one brand new Bryston 9B that I found on Ebay in Texas, back when the US/CDN dollar flipped (.75 to 1.04). I got it with shipping for about half price. The joke is that Bryston is built 100 miles from where I live. However, reading your specs, I am now wondering if it is enough power. frown.gif
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TMcG, pretty impressive items. I will absolutely be getting some professional fine tuning otherwise my Lumagen was a waste of money. I'll need some more data on the cost/value on the audio side of the equation beyond what the Marantz already does. Between that and the fact I'm running with high end speakers (Aerial Acoustics) I would need to know what exactly is being improved upon and I haven't figured that out by the cursory google search so far.... But reading about this sort of stuff is always fun! smile.gif

Jim: Walmart?!?!!.... Much, Much too high scale for my equipment! I got some of it via some blue light specials at K-Mart. Now that's living smile.gif Seriously though, building up all this equipment was not easy! I won't be making any major moves for a while.
I think you will be very happy with the 9B, just my guess. It has quality and quantity.

More supplies coming in. This is 87 sqft of 1" thick quarter sawn Sapele for trim. I can't wait to get going on that part.

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Coming along nicely!

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We don't have K-Mart!!!

It does take time to put these systems together, patiently waiting and pouncing on deals as they show up. I'm kind of watching for amps, but will wait until the theater is a lot closer to fruition before buying the more "perishable" items like processors and the projector.

The stack of wood is getting me excited. Doc, is that a bad thing?biggrin.gif
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Thanks China!

Jim, it's only a bad thing if you're more excited than me smile.gif

My good buddy over the past 20+ years (on the right) came out to visit from Maine with his family. Since Rob still hasn't adjusted to the time difference and insists on getting up way before dawn I figured that I'd put him to work while he's still in his pajamas.... hopefully we didn't wake up the neighbors as we put in a ton of screws (to ensure there will never be a rattle) before the Sepele goes on.

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I'm showing every step so here we go.... Even though there will be a FOSI Star Ceiling, I specifically want it to look like it's floating so you will see the ceiling around the perimeter so I need to paint it black. In order that the paint doesn't get soaked up and faded I first put up a thick, dark coat of primer. I also need to put it up now as I'm getting close to putting up the Sapele on the vertical area of the soffit and I don't want to spend a million years cutting with a small paint brush had I put up the Sapele before painting. The black paint follows tomorrow.... wink.gif

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The next baby step....

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Looking really good psychdoc! You must be really proud of what you have accomplished so far, especially for never having done something like this before. Really impressive.

From a selfish perspective I can't wait to see what you do with the FOSI star ceiling. I have one earmarked for my theater and although I have seen the process before in other threads it is always good to see the techniques others employ to get the desired result.
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Thanks TMcG!!! I am happy but I also feel like it means nothing unless I can see this through to the end. That is when I will relax and be proud of what I've done. But, your kind words surely help and are truly appreciated!
I like taking a ton of photos (as you've already seen) so I'll be sure to keep it up when I get to the FOSI. More to follow.....
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You better be really excited!biggrin.gif

You, Stonewater Cinema and Nightlord are really getting me motivated to get going on "that" room in my basement. Any suggestions on dealing with the spousal unit? I showed her the "Million Dollar" cinema. She said, "NO"...frown.gif

The first thing that I will be doing is making the Cinema doors while I make 9 - 6 panel doors for the rest of the addition. At least some of it is quarter-sawn White Oak. I found a thread on doors, but it is old and only seems to have one person still following it. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1294101/sound-resistant-doors/90#post_23199832 (if anyone would care to offer their opinion/expertise, thank you).

How are you dealing with the doors, being on the main floor? Are you going to have two doors (inner/outer)?

Look'n good! Sure you haven't done this before?
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Hi Jim,

It's an odd feeling having some knowledge in this area to help others after doing all this work but I guess some wisdom will seep into my thick skull during this process no matter how hard I try to keep it out. smile.gif Your guess is correct; due to my very deep doorway threshold (about 13") I will be using two doors that will each be sealed with a sound proofing kit on the inside that will be out of view ( http://www.acousticalsolutions.com/598~door-seal-kits ). My walls should have a STC in the high 60's and having two doors that are sealed will keep things consistent. The doors are solid Mahogany slabs with a nice arch from ETO doors and they are currently sitting in a shipper's warehouse in California. I finally wised up and started getting things sent by boat after spending a ridiculous amount over the past year getting things sent to Hawaii by air. My doors are Mahogany and should come close to matching the Sapele when they are finished. Here are my ETO doors: http://www.etodoors.com/search?q=MA230FR20&x=0&y=0

It's time to put the computer aside and get back into that theater. More to follow...... wink.gif
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Congrats on this endeavor. Very well thought through.

I stumble on your thread today and I had to go through all of it at one time.

I built a dedicated theater back in 2004 so I kind of know how much effort is required to accomplish such a task and yours is quite bigger than mine so I can't imagine. I am in the preparation phase to build my second home and planned of course to built another (better) HT in it for the family enjoyment.

Again very well done work and I'll surely keep following you up on your journey!
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Thanks stephrich1!!!! Your kind words are appreciated! I'll try to make this interesting as I keep going.....

More details...... the vertical aspect of the soffit is now done (except for any trim).

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With an eye towards helping those that, like me, had no idea where to start and what to do... here are the tools I used to attach the Sapele wood. First, the adhesive I used to ensure it was firmly attached everywhere and no pocket was left to rattle.

I then used this 18 gauge gun to nail the outer edges, especially in places that will be covered by trim

More supplies arrived today. Here are two door seal noise proofing kits as mentioned in a post up a bit on this page.

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This is a shot of the back wall with the AC's finally going in. Twin 12 K BTU AC's will be tucked up and hidden inside the soffit. Even though they can run in the high 20's for a db rating, I think I will surround that whole area with my left over mass loaded vinyl. Overkill is always a good thing eek.gif. I should usually just need one AC running at a time but for the big events when it's a packed house it's nice to know the room will be able to handle it. Now I can finish out the rest of that back wall. I think I'm finally seeing that the end is near..... well, sort of. smile.gif

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I was sad to see my buddy head back to Maine. It was a lot of fun hitting all those beaches but little work ended up getting done in the house during all that time. rolleyes.gif That combined with research on my forensic topic (serial sexual killers) for my hospital Grand Rounds lecture has really halted a lot of my momentum. Thankfully I was able to jump back into the room and seal up the AC's on the back wall soffit and put up some of the MDF panels that will support the Sapele wood. Tomorrow hopefully the remainder of the Sapele goes up... smile.gif A big shipment is about to set sail my way from the docks in California that will contain my Marantz AV8801, Aerial Acoustics 5B's (heights), FOSI Star Ceiling, HT Doors, sconces, 10 Mega Traps from Realtraps, Middle Atlantic racks, and other smaller items. Getting all of that home should prove to be a bit of a challenge....

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Progress continues even in the face of some setbacks. Yesterday I found one of my electrical wires was getting pinched so I tried to relieve the pressure by cutting an opening with a drill. Yup, you guessed it, the drill went right into the wire. I could not have aimed it better if I was trying. I had to take a whole section down from the soffit and pull a new line through which was a a big pain in the butt and a waste of a lot of time. mad.gif Live and learn.....don't try to solve a small problem in a rush.... it just ends up getting worse.

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Glad you fixed it! Its all part of the process and i saw these kinds of things happen with even the most professional builds on the forum , Good thing is it did not get even more complicated than what happened. Waiting for you to post pics of all the goodies you receive from the dock!
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Thanks Vigrao. At the end of the day, having a home theater is not worth having a house burn down in an electrical fire.

When the shipment comes in I'm going to have to borrow a truck to get it all home!!! biggrin.gif
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Work progress continues. My LEDs for the inner edge of the soffit arrived a few days ago from Birddog. They kept on shorting out and popping the fuse. I went link by link and found an area that looked liked it was a bit malformed and chopped it. Thankfully I don't need every foot in the run. So far the lights have been on for about 30 minutes. As long as they stay on I'll install them.

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Nice addition. I need to get some of these soon. Love those lights.smile.gif
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Thanks chrapladm. Hopefully they look better on the soffit then the do on the floor. I'm going to have to search around in the forum to see how people used them on their back wall. I'd like the LEDs to make a full ring around the room on the soffit but if they on the back wall then the red light will likely show up in the screen when watching movies, even if they are being dimmed. So my choices will be: LEDs around the whole room and only on with all the other lights vs LEDs on the front wall and sides, on all the time but dimmed during the movies. I think having just the star ceiling on with the red LEDs during the movie will look the best but I don't want it disturbing the picture. There are so few hours in the day, I don't know where I'm going to find the time to search all the great threads for that answer.... If you or anyone else has experience with this... please feel free to chime in. Thanks. wink.gif
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Where exactly are you running the LEDs? I thought it was just in the perimeter soffit, but when you say on the back wall, do you mean somewhere other than the back wall soffit?
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When I say "wall" I just mean the location where that portion of the soffit is attached. The LEDs will ring the ledge of the soffit hidden behind some trim. Thanks.
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