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[Need Info] The best projector for Full HD Gaiming under 1000usd

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Which projector i should buy for full HD(1080p) gaming(PS3,XBOX360,PC) under 1000usd(can increase a budget upto 200-300$ if there is no other way).
I'm totally new at this and recently checked benq ms510, the BR movie result was great but when i ran uncharted 2/3 from my ps3 at 1080p the game looked crappy no High definition at all as it was running on a non hdtv.
i already have a 32" HDTV and want a projector that shows High Definitions of the HD games (or close) like it does on hdtvs. And from 13ft how much screen size i will get?
I'll be grateful for you help, Thanks.
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I would suggest the Optoma HD 33 with 13 ft you should be able to hit 120 in. Also the 33 has a way better response time and does better 3d for gaming than its competition the Epson 3010. unfortunately you are going to have to dish out a little over the $1000 you planned on. right now the projector superstore has the best deal on them i've seen lately
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a friend of mine just told me about sonic view pro 8200, how good is that one. And i don't care about the 3d so you can suggest 2d projectors as well
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The Viewsonic Pro8200 is your best bet for 2D gaming under $1000, it is a good projector, very bright, decent contrast. The Mits hc4000 has a slightly better image for movies, but it isn't nearly as bright, so that's the issue. Viewsonic has no real lag.

The one thing about the Viewsonic is it works best with 9 foot ceilings, although you can still use it with 8 foot ceilings depending on how high your screen is from the floor and what not.

From 13', you can go up to about 120" or a little larger with most projectors, some let you go even bigger. The Viewsonic can do 120" from that distance (actually 126", but 120" is safer so you don't cut it too close).

You can try my calculator in my signature to play around and see the different distances.
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and the hd detail, will it(Sonic View pro8200) show the games' HD details like the HDTVs do or close?
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It's going to be different. You need to realize that going from a 32" HDTV to something A LOT larger is going to have consequences on how an HDTV signal from your cable box is going to look. Because the size is so much larger and the pixel concentration isn't as high you can literally see how good a source looks. On screen sizes that you use with projectors it will make bitrate deprived sources look like garbage and that's going to depend on your cable/satalite provider. You will be very pleased with how blu-rays look. It's a much more immersive experience.
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i don't intend to watch cable or low res/bitrate movies etc, i only want it to connect with my ps3,xbox360 and gaming pc only to play games via original hdmi cable i got with xbox360 elite. so as longs as i use consoles for gaming the projection will be gud and in HD, right?
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Originally Posted by zaselim View Post

so as longs as i use consoles for gaming the projection will be gud and in HD, right?

Strictly speaking, a full HD (1080p) projector will be exactly as HD as a full HD flat panel display. Seegs108 has a point about pixel concentration, but how much that matters is also relative to your seating distance. If you sit very close, you'll be able to see the individual pixels. Move back, and you won't. In comparison to your 32" HDTV, unless you're sitting very close to the TV you probably can't resolve full 1080p in the first place. With a projector, most likely you will. For that reason, the projector might appear more HD than your TV in practice.

On the other hand, the vast majority of games aren't 1080p in the first place. With a 1080p projector, you'll get the benefits of having minimal screen door effect and a smoother, softer image for 720p content. On the other hand, that smoothness comes at the price of sharpness you'd get with 1-1 pixel mapping on a native 720p projector.
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The pro8200 would be good for your situation. Gaming and TV/movies. I have it and use it for that. And is cheaper than all the other 1080p PJ's.
I do use the pro8200 for multiplayer split screen when I go over to my friends house or he comes here. And movies /sports is nice in 120 inch screen.

But mostly I use my 42 inch hdtv for movies/games/sports. But split screen sucks on a 32inch or 42 inch.

If your friend recommended a pro8200 and he has one, maybe go to his house and see how you like it.

The pro8200 is portable and is cross-over PJ, meaning it could be home theater or take with you projector. It comes with 3 years warranty, case, 2 hdmi ports, and is super Bright and Clear.

Then spend the rest of your money on portable screen and you are set for travel or setting it up at home.

Pro8200 got good Pro reviews and user reviews. So it's not a no-name brand.
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ok, thanks. and which screen should i get, i mean material and color and how much will it cost (specially portable)
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Any 2D LED projectors (720 or 1080) with zero input lag?
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