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viewsonic pro8200 shutdown issue

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I just got a refurb pro8200 and watched a movie on it for the first time last night. Nice picture and everything, but at the end of the movie I went to shut it down and everything was frozen. Wouldn't bring up projector menus, wouldn't respond to the power button, nothing reacted. I finally held the power button down for about 10 seconds and it shut down (pretty abruptly, I was trying to figure out how to get the fan to keep running.)

I started it again a few minutes later and it was fine, menus worked, shut down normally, etc.

It's going to be hard to send this back as I'm in the midst of bringing it back to Canada with me (I'm travelling right now), but if I have to I will. Any other ideas for me? I notice there was a firmware update thread earlier but the site referenced seems to be down now.


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I guess just monitor it. Since you said you just got it and used it first time, maybe it was factory refurb and everything had to get setup right. I remember a number of us had weird sounds and stuff the first time we started up OUR NEW units. But after first time everything worked right. Turn off fast shutdown, so the fan cools down the PJ the right way.
Read the last 4 or 5 pages of the pro8200 main thread,so you get pointers.
Other owners of pro8200 will probably also come here and share what they think, too. pro8200 owners are super nice guys. Welcome to the clan.
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Well strange, tonight I let it run even longer than last night and the freezing problem didn't re-appear. Hopefully it was just a first time thing!

Thanks for the tip on turning off quick shutdown. I'm going to really like this projector!


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I've had two re-cycle like shutoffs on my Pro8200 in 1400 hours, it's been a NON-issue though for me overall. I think my issue was just HDMI timing related or something. It looked bad the first time it did it, the unit would not fire the lamp up completely, kept going in a circle until it turned itself off (fans still active though). The second or third time it worked normally and like I said it's a rare occurrence and doesn't seem related to any long-term problem, just a glitch that happens rarely.
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shoot! Just happened again.

That's twice in about 6 uses, so a pretty frequent problem. Both times have been when the room is quite hot, so I'm running off that theory for the moment. Fortunately the lamp has been fine after each rude shutdown, but I sure don't like it!

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If there is poor ventilation or the room is super hot, it will shut down on you, I think they all do it. My suggestion would be to use high altitude mode when its that hot.
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Since it's a refurb and it shut down the first time you used it and the 6th time you used it, sounds like viewsonic didn't fix the unit.

Can you return it or send it in for replacement?

I would do it sooner than later.

Give the PJ plenty of room to breath, don't place against wall and make sure sides of PJ have plenty of space too. And use it in Air conditioned room. Use it everyday the next week so you can send it back to have it repaired if it turns off again. It has NEVER turned off on me. I bought a NEW unit.

When you say the room is hot , are you talking 90 degrees? I'm in florida and I use my PJ in cool room, is it turning off from OVERHEATING or something else? Unless you think it's something you did wrong , call and have it returned. You weren't pushing a button on PJ or remote when it turned off, were you?
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Hey, I have had my pro8200 for about 2 years and its worked fine other than a few odidities every now and then. A few days ago I turned on the pj and after 45 seconds it shut down on its own. It now does this every time I turn it on. Any ideas?
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Originally Posted by JCLondon View Post

Hey, I have had my pro8200 for about 2 years and its worked fine other than a few odidities every now and then. A few days ago I turned on the pj and after 45 seconds it shut down on its own. It now does this every time I turn it on. Any ideas?

Sorry to hear that. How many hours do you have on the bulb?
Maybe look at the service menu. I forget the button pushes on the remote, look through thread. Maybe it has some useful info and give error message or indicate what is wrong. See if you see anything strange under that section.
You still have 1 year left on warranty, I guess you can tell us how viewsonic treats you in the 3rd year of warranty. Maybe they will replace it with newer version. keep us updated.
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I got a Viewsonic Pro8200 (new, as far as I know) off Amazon in September and have the issue described in the original post here.

To be clear, the projector never shuts itself off, but becomes unresponsive and develops some visual artifacts (vertical lines of noise). When this happens, none of the buttons or the remote have any effect and if there was an overlay on screen at the time (such as showing the volume when it is adjusted), the overlay gets stuck and does not fade away like it should. This happens with PS3 via hdmi (I need to try other devices/connections), but I did try it at 720p to see if it happens at the lower resolution and it did - and then I changed the PS3 back to 1080p, and it changed it's output, but the projector now only showed the upper left portion of the image like it didn't react to the new resolution.

The good news is that every time this happens, I've been able to hold down the power button until it does a hard shutdown. Then when I start it back up, after it gets all started back up it works perfectly from that point on. But it seems to usually have this problem the first time I turn it on (not an immediate thing, but doesn't take too long to develop), then I hard power it off and turn it back on and after it gets started up it works great, so it's become this annoying ritual to use the projector.

I've been meaning to troubleshoot it at least with some other devices and/or try to connect the PS3 up with component cables instead of hdmi to see if it still happens.

Is it possible there might be a firmware update that would help?

If I call up Viewsonic, what kind of experience should I expect? (From what I read on Amazon, they have good warranty services? Been hoping it won't come to that though)

I'd appreciate any thoughts/advice on these matters!

EDIT: Confirmed it does the same thing when using my OUYA on the other hdmi port with a different cable. Also happens when using my PS3 via component cables.

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I'd also like to wake this thread back up for the same reason described by JCLondon a year ago.  Did you figure it out??


My projector automatically shuts off at different short intervals. I replaced my projector bulb for my Viewsonic Pro 8200 with the RLC-061 replacement bulb from Newegg but actually coming from Projector Lamp Genie. I received it and installed it on April 8th, and it instantly worked like it was new - bright and beautiful. However, now it shuts off after ~5 minutes of use. The projector doesn't completely shut off, only the lamp turns off. I think its the new replacement lamp?  It seems to shutoff quickly after its already been running, and it lasts for a while if its been off for a while previously.  Is this a heat related issue I can fix? Help? :)

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