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Living with theatre (with pics now)

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Hello guys, this will be the place where I'm going to update my living room with home theatre.

First let me say thanks to all members of this amazing community for the amount of knowledge I've gained reading the forums, for pointing me out to get one of the best sounding systems I've ever heard, and to amaze with the wild things some members do around here.

I wish I lived in the U.S. every single project I try to accomplish would be much, much easier. Living in Panama is complicated I only been here around 2 years (I'm from Venezuela) I still don't know where to find good labour to help me with the projects, specialized stores, general help so to speak.

Not only the lack of knowledge of the country isn't helping me out, is the way they build here, as in Venezuela here every structure is made with bricks, not like in the U.S. where you guys use drywall if you need to modify something you just grab a saw and your are good to go.

My equipment right now consists in:

Samsung UN46C8000

DefTech STS Front Speakers
DefTech Ten Centre Speaker
DefTech Gem XL Surround Speakers
DefTech Supercube III LFE

Pioneer VSX 1120

Htpc ASROCK Vision 3D

Xbox 360 250gb with kinect
PS3 250gb

Set top box:
Cable Onda with HD Channels (Panamanian cable company)

Logitech Harmony 900

Right now I have everything lying in the floor while I find the perfect media centre for my stuff, the only thing that is done is the TV mounted on the wall.

I'm looking for modern minimalist furniture to conceal my hardware, but it's been really hard, as the stores here in Panama that sells that kind of stuff are really expensive, and the places I've found in the state with that kind of furniture are very limited with the choices.

I'm leaning towards a module from BO Concept or Hacking some furniture from Ikea, the price difference is huge, but I also guess it would be the quality.

I will try to take some nice pictures of everything in the floor

Edit: here are the pics, please excuse the mess, but I'm trying to find the perfect furniture for my stuff and no luck yet.

IMG_0966 por ykza.leviathan, en Flickr

IMG_0971 por ykza.leviathan, en Flickr
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With those pictures now I believe I could use a bigger lcd LOL
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Hi leviathan18,

Congrats, you have a nice place. Once you are done decorating it will look very classy. Keep us posted!! Peace!
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thanks for the kind comment.

i hope it complements the decor of the apartment
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Once you get everything set up you will have an amazing looking room. Keep it up!
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I like it, nice!! I like Def Tech, I bet it sounds great in there. Very comfy looking couch too.

Man, can you imagine how massive of a front projection screen you could go with on that wall!!! I waited forever to get a FP thinking it would look dim/not sharp but found the opposite to be true. Of course you would have to limit the amount of sunlight coming in, but man that wall screams projector!! I'm not trying to pressure you into blowing money or anything.... or maybe I am... sorry!
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Yeah I've been thinking about a front projector my biggest dilemma is that I will have to destroy the whole wall and the roof to put the projector (wall is brick and mortar, no drywall around here)
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Well it seems I will have some upgrades.

I will change the HDD Enclosure, with a Synology NAS, so I will have some redundancy and some peace of mind.

I will change the receiver for a Denon 3312ci, but I'm still deciding on what receiver I'm going to get.

also it seems I found a nice cabinet for all the stuff I will show it when I get it.
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Room looks great! or its the camera....either way I look forward to seeing what you add!
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not a bad camera canon 7D
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That's a nice place you have there and great gear too.
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Thanks, I'm waiting for a sample of wood to make the furniture, I decided to go custom.
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Here is the final versión 6ivh.jpg
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Nice. Looks clean. I love the fact you can't see any wires.

Who makes that couch? I need a new one...
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Originally Posted by drewTT View Post

Nice. Looks clean. I love the fact you can't see any wires.

Who makes that couch? I need a new one...

No idea loool.

I will take pictures with the dSLR about the details of the furniture, I bought a new TV also a UN65F8000 to better fill the wall, also looked at a front projector but is almost impossible to put.
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Me gusta mucho, bien moderno. Good job on hiding all the wiring. Cheka mis fotos poquito similar al tuyo. I like the setup but not the girls that much, lol Congrats.
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