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HDHomerun Prime $149.99 @ Deals.Woot today

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$5 shipping
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And they have sold out!!! before noon PST...
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Good thing I ordered mine (and received e-mail confirmation) before 1 pm Central (11 am Pacific)!

Interestingly enough I'd received an Amazon e-mail pointing me to that woot sellout site at 3:36 am the morning of -- I sure hope it works out, is not a scam, or just a way to hi-jack my cc and/or accounts. Since ordering it they sent me an extensive "Welcome to Woot" notice stating I'm now enrolled in FOUR of their sites???


Welcome to the warm embrace of Woot, the first, best, and most hygienic daily deal site! Sit still a minute because you need to know this stuff:

You're now a registered member of all four of our sites: woot.com, shirt.woot.com, wine.woot.com and sellout.woot.com. Don't be alarmed. We'll explain more later.

Typical orders take up to 5 business days to ship from our warehouse (except for overnight t-shirt orders, which go out sooner, and wine orders, which take longer). If you order an item during peak times like a Woot-Off, it can take a little longer. Once we ship it, delivery time to your door depends on FedEx or SmartPost.

Once the item ships out, you can access your tracking data by going to Your Account and clicking on the order number. If you have a problem receiving your order, or you receive the wrong item, contact


If you receive your item and it doesn't work, contact the manufacturer first. They made the junk. Let them deal with it. If they turn out to be total tools, contact service@woot.com and we'll grudgingly provide some further assistance.

If you receive your item and decide you don't like it, take it to eBay or pawn it off on one of your so-called friends. We don't want it, either.

What's with that? I only wanted to buy the Prime, no fuss, no muss and now all of this? I had a buddy say it's a "good site" before I ordered... I hope it all works out... at this point it seems less than on the up and up.

Any comments? Thoughts? Experiences?
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Wish I saw this..

Woot has always been quirky. To put you at ease, amazon bought them about two years ago. Check the bottom of tha amazon page and you'll see the link there.

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Maybe it'll be fine after all. I just got uneasy when they signed me up on four sites without my knowledge/permission. Like I said, I just wanted the Prime... nothing more. Realizing their association w/Amazon explains the advanced e-mail.
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I just wish I saw this earlier. I would have jumped on it in a heart beat, apparently many did or they didn't have many HDHR Primes to begin with.
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I ended up getting one of those $155 Homerun Primes from woot. best $150 I have spent since building my HTPC.

I previously bought a ceton infinitv quad tuner, and was using that for about the past year. it overheated during the summer last year and was replaced under warranty. However, setting up and using it was quite a bit more involved and difficult than setting up the prime.

Owning both products has shown me the pros and cons to both, and I will ultimately say that having 3 dynamic tuners available to any and all computers on my network is a lot better than 4 static tuners in one computer box, with really wonky software to setup sharing...
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this just went back up and I ordered. Thank you slickdeals notifications.

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Well it hit 130 so I ordered another!
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Newegg has the Prime for $149.99/free shipping with promo code EMCNEHE58.
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At J&R for $135 and possible cash back:

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