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Samsung UN32EH500 Focus/Smoothing issues

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I purchased this 32" set for primarily watching CNBC in my office. I sit about 4' from the screen. It's connected via HDMI to a DTV HR24. The picture looks good but I notice that the focus/sharpness of people on screen seems to go in and out. You can see nice HD sharpness, then the image gets milky, then sharp, etc. I've tried everything - turned off Noise Reduction, etc.

I never noticed this on either of my 56" or 61" DLP's. This is my first LCD/LED screen - plus I know I'm sitting kinda close too.

Anyone else notice this? - I tried other HD channels and don't notice it as much but still see it.

I now also purchased the Panasonic L32E5 to compare. Not sure but I might still see the same issue.

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Are you seeing this variation in sharpness within the same camera shot? It's pretty common to see sharpness variations between, e.g., the sharpness of a studio shot of an anchor, versus a remote shot of a guest in another studio. It's also common for video replays--especially when sourced from another network or a source other than the host network--to be significantly less sharp. I notice these variations quite a bit when watching cable news stations such as CNBC, MSNBC, and CNN.

If, on the other hand, you're seeing significant sharpness variations within the same continuous camera shot, or within a movie or television series episode, you may have a problem--either with the television, or with your eyes.
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The issue is all the time - even when showing Mandy...

You can see the HD lines in faces then it's like some kind of anti-aliasing is going on to smooth it out. It's the back and forth between sharp and slightly less sharp that is quite visible to me. I am going through a 50Ft high quality HDMI cable and a 1-2 HDMI splitter. I removed the splitter but still noticed the issue.
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