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Best smaller CRT for old video games

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I think this is a very general question, but I'd like to just field some opinions here. Specifically, I've tried playing my old low-definition video game consoles (NES, N64, etc.) on my HDTV, but the results were less than satisfactory, so I'm looking into setting up a 20" CRT to just play my old games on that.

So with that in mind, what models would provide the best picture quality for this purpose? It doesn't matter if it's a TV or a monitor, as long as it can take game console outputs. Ideally, it'd be good to have the full range of common inputs: RF, composite, S-Video, component, and even RGB if possible.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to which CRTs I should be looking for?
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if you want one with lots of inputs look at the sony trinitron tv's like the fs100 and so on,they have lot's of inputs.Most of my crt's are 20 inches and below.See if you can maybe find a panasonic crt too since they are very reliable.
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My Sony KV-20FS120 (20") actually has component but oddly enough no s-video. Nice little 4:3 flat CRT (WEGA) that increases resolution in 16:9 enhanced mode. No RGB, I suspect that's unusual for small sets. Some may have a game mode like my Panasonic CT-34WX50 (34").
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I run my Atari 2600 on my SONY KD-36XS955, and I think the games look great!

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Thanks for the advice so far!

So it looks like later Sony TVs are pretty popular. I'll look into those. Are there any other manufacturers I should be looking at, too? I said before that having a component input would be good, but I think it's not absolutely necessary if there's a better, earlier TV that doesn't have that kind of input that I should be looking at.

What about monitors, like the Sony PVM series? I don't know much about them but how well might they work for old game consoles?
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The pvm crt sony's also have rgb inputs which i have heard is very good quality for the consoles that can utilize it.Hit up your local goodwill stores since they may have a few crt tv's for cheap.Also try craigslist.Here's a pic of my hitachi c21-rf80s universal crt.See if you can find one of these too since i really love it and is has component too.
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