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Popcorn Capacity

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Has anyone tried putting the 12 ounce packet of popcorn and oil in an 8 ounce machine? How did it do?

When I use the 8 ounce packages in my 8 ounce machine quite a bit of unpopped kernels fly out of the kettle. So I am thinking I can get 12 ounce packages to get a little more popped corn....

Thank You.
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Actually I've tried this with my 4 oz machine.Using 6-8 oz packs. Best result comes from using the packs designed for it.To combat the problem you speak of I did add 3 washers for a little weight to weight down my lid while popping. I jsut made sure they could slide up the stir shaft. Works great and has really cut down on the unpopped kernels.

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I will try that. Thank u for the idea.
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I was just sort of curious as to the experiences of other forumites had with this.
I have the Paragon 6oz popper and I frequently use 8 oz packs. It has been working great for me. No more un-popped kernels than usual. When I bought the 6 oz, my kids were both pretty small, but now they both eat quite a bit more and 6 oz is not enough for all of us, but two batches is too much.
Anyway, just curious as to your experiences. smile.gif
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