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Epson HomeCinema Owners

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Hey gang,

My new (3rd) lamp arrived this mornin from Epson, waiting for me to install it when I get home.

I think I'm going to try and save this one as much as possible.

Can any of you share with me the settings you are using on your projector that makes it still seem plenty bright AND saves on bulb life?

I think the first thing I'm going to try is switching from normal (or standard, can't remember) to ECO mode. I usually leave the brightness/contrast at 0.

I already employ the preventative measures such as cleaning the air filter, making sure it doesn't get hot, proper ventilation, cooldown, etc.

Thanks for any help you can provide!
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Sounds like your doing everything that is possible, without setting up a water cooling solution?
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Use the high altitude setting. It spins the cooling fan faster. Couple that with the the eco mode (actually called "brightness control") and you should have the longest lasting combo. If you are worried about the fan noise, I can tell you that in my testing, the high altitude+ low brightness control is actually quieter than high brightness without the high altitude.
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Billbillw thanks for the advice.

I read up on altitude mode last night before putting in the new bulb, as I figured that might include working the fans a little more.

I notice almost no difference in noise, and my adjustment to "ECO" mode has been minimal, since the bulb I replaced had been just about dead, so a new bulb in "ECO" looks almost blindingly bright. :-P

Cleaned the air filter (again, just for good measure), and it still was not dirty at all. I definitely think these bulbs have a serious heat problem. The dimming lamp that I pulled out had a bulb that was bent beyond a 45 degree angle and was turning a dark color.

Again, this happening at 1100 hours seems absurd to me.

Here's hoping ECO mode + altitude mode might help these bulbs live a little longer, otherwise I have to come up with a more costly solution in a year. :-(
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