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Okay, been a long time since I've been here... have to stay away or I'd be buying a new piece of equipment every few months....

So, I have a question regarding the theater movie mylars over the door. I've purchased many over the years and I'm used to the mylars being double sided (just like the poster) for placement in our light boxes. Recently I purchase a lot of 6 mylars, specifically because it contained Hunger Games. But upon receipt of the mylars I was surprised to see five of them (including Hunger Games) are basically single sided, only one is double. And four of them have no copyright from the studio (including Hunger Games). Frankly, I just feel the Hunger Games mylar is a photoshop hack....

Am I missing something? Have studios suddenly started creating single sided mylars with a plain white shiny background and no copyright images?

And, does anyone know where I could get an original Hunger Games mylar for our theater, lets just say it's really important to a certain family member whom I've kind of let down at the moment.

Thank everyone!

- Jeff