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pioneer cs-77s

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i dont if the is the right place for this but i trust the voices in this forum and mods please move it if it is wrong place.
my brother in law found some cs-77 and gave them to me to play with. i really love the look of the cabs and would like to use them. they play all right and seem to be good condition. now im wonderng if there is any upgrading to be done or could i use them with new drivers, xover parts,etc? i never had any vintage looking speakers before than my grandparents fishers xp55s and those work and i never thought about messing with them for sentimental reasons. thanks for your guys help.
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I would try here
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I was wanting to see if you found out anything about your speakers. I have had a set of Pioneer CS-77 for a few years and the high end driver is starting to crack from dry rot. These were given to my Dad by a uncle of his and it would be nice to keep them running.
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