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Multi Zone Set-Up Equipment Question

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First off, there is a lot of information here to digest, and many opinions offered. That said, here is a description of what I currently have, and what I would like to set up. Equipment recommendations are what I am hoping to get.

What I have:
Yamaha RX-V663 Receiver (has Zone 1/2, but also Speakers A/B. I currently use Speakers A/B to divide my audio into two zones).
iTunes library is streamed from my PC to the receiver using an Airport Express

In wall/ceiling speakers in the following rooms:
Speaker A (for TV viewing)
Living room (5 channel)
Speaker B (general music throughout the house)
Kitchen (1 speaker)
Foyer/Hallway (2 Speakers)
Upstairs hallway (1 speaker)
Ensuite (1 speaker)
Garage (1 speaker)

I am about to finish my basement, and while I still have access to the wiring for the speakers above I would like to set up more control over zones, while adding more zones as part of the basement project.

Zones I would like to set up are:
1. Entertainment room in the basement (5.1 is sufficient)
2. TV room on the main floor (stereo is sufficient)
3. Basement gym (stereo is sufficient)
4. Kitchen/Foyer/Hallways
5. Ensuite
6. Garage

I would like the equipment to interface with my receiver (obviously, but I'm not sure if I can do multiple source audio using the zone control), and possibly my iTunes library, & Boxee Box. Multi Source would be nice, but it isn't a must.

Any suggestions on possible solutions and equipment?

Thanks in advance!
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As a follow up, the more critical need for me is multi-zone control. Worst case scenario would be 2 different inputs.

I would hopefully use Zone 1 on my RX-V663 for my 5.1 surround, with Zone 2 going out to a multi-zone controller (which one would be good value for $).
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What are you going to do for control of this setup? If you're running wires for speakers, can you run cat5 for keypads as well?

If you only want one source playing in any/all of the "zone 2 areas" (outside the family room), an amp and a good speaker selector/volume control like the Aton DLA4 or DLA6 might be a good choice. They have RF remotes for it as well, and it's certainly controllable via iRule with some extra hardware.

That system also offers optional keypads for in-room control.


It's when you want more than one source playing in the "zones" that you cross the line from a simple speaker/level selector and go to a whole-house audio system.

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