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3 seats 90" max

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I'm looking for a 3 seats ( straigh configuration ) with cup holder that can not be longer than 90" and NOT leather ( I have cats ).

I have looked around in the website and the onlny thing I have found is the Seatcraft Executive series where I can customize the size of the cup holders and make the seating to my desired dimensions. ( it costs about 2000$ per row )

I didn' t see lots of good reviews about Seatcraft and I'm a little worried.

Anyone that had similar issue with dimension? Any experience with the Seatcraft Executive seats?

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It can be done but harder to find... 22" seat width and 5" arm width will get you there. The key is the narrower 5" straight armrests. Curved arms will get you over 90".
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I think the bad reviews you see are mostly about Seatcraft customer service. I've not seen many complaints about the actual seating. Take a look at Row One City Lights. You can fit three seats in 85.5" and can be ordered in fabric, bonded, or leather match.
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Row one city light looks like the right footprint.... but I have never heard of the brand...any experience?
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Please see my post on Row One in response to another member's question.

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Interesting that my cats (4 over 25 years) will scratch the crap out of fabric, but not touch leather.

The Palliser bullets I'm looking at will do a 3 straight in 89".
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Would you trade cats :-)
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