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In the market

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Hey everyone, I'm in the market for a new surround system and i'd like some recommendations.

Budget is $500 to $1000

I was on the verge of getting the Samsung HT-6730W when a friend recommended I get a full featured receiver. But, I do like the 6730 overall.

So ideally, I'm looking for a 7.1 receiver and speaker system. I'd like the rear speakers to be wireless. And the left and right speakers to be standing skinny speakers.

I will be connecting all via HDMI
Cable Box
Apple TV
Blu-ray Player

Can anyone recommend a setup?
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Wireless speakers still need power and will probably have less robust amps.
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You have 5 HDMI devices, I dont see how that Samsung could have worked for you at all since it only has 2 HDMI inputs.

You should probably get something with 6 HDMI inputs or more.


Why do you want skinny tall speakers? What's wrong with regular towers up front? They're not that wide.

Something like this?

And then if you need a wireless solution you could add a Rocketfish device.

But like was said above, these things are not really wireless. You still have to connect wires from the Rocketfish receiver to the rear speakers and also plug in the Rocketfish receiver to the wall for power. All this does is save you from running wires from that front of the room to the back.

A Bic F12 subwoofer cost less than $200.
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For the non-7.1 devices, I was going to go through my TV's (4) HDMI ports and out its optical.

I'm in an apartment so space is vital, I mean regulars towers aren't a deal breaker, but I like that slick streamline look.

I was thinking about the RX-V671.

Just curious, if I had to make the HT-6730W work, what would be the caveats?

Also, couldn't I just get an HDMI switcher, if I truly needed more HDMI inputs?

Sorry, I'm a noob.
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If you run all your devices thru the TV and output via optical, it converts the audio to 2-channel stereo and you lose your discrete 5.1 audio. It's better to run everything thru the receiver instead of the TV.

Drawback of any combo receiver system like the 6370 is that the power is less even though they advertise it as more. The speakers are usually subpar, they have to cut corners somewhere to get a competively priced package. And in this system you have a passive sub so it gets its power from the receiver instead of its own built in amp.

I'm a big proponent of buying a standalone receiver and a speaker package or individual speakers and a sub.

But this is your system in your home and you're the only one who needs to be pleased with it. I just think if you have $1000 to spend, I'd go with seperates instead of a HTIB solution.

If you want tallboy speakers then get something like this.

I don't think performance will be a good as the Jamo's though.
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I'd want to run all the devices through the AVR. You can matrix the DD 5.1 to 7.1 for a more full surround sound. Yes an HDMI switch is an option. Go to monoprice for that if you need it.

The speakers on that are not very good (small single drivers on the surround and rear) and the receiver doesn't look too good either. At 8 pounds for the whole set-up I'd be very leary.

The spec's listed on the website are scetchy at best. I don't really know what you're getting here.

In the manual you see that it is 165Wx2channels with no THD listed. What does this even mean in a 7.1 system? The input power is 50W.

The front stage has 140dB as the lower end and it doesn't say what SPL that is measured at. This is right in the range of human speach and a little beyond where you can sense directionality.

The sub starts at 40hz which won't give you that seat of the pants feeling.
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And so I am convinced.

Any other wireless alternatives? I really don't want to run cables all the way behind my couch.
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Any recommended 7-set speakers. I like the Jamos but its only a five speaker set.
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I like my HTD Middy and Flat Panel speakers that I just got.
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Sammy 2,

You linked a Monoprice 3 x 1 HDMI switchbox. I'm sure those aren't the speakers you were talking about.
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Nope. That's the link I meant to put in above. Let me fix it all up.
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There you go.. Sorry about that.
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Originally Posted by outsidr54 View Post

And so I am convinced.

Any other wireless alternatives? I really don't want to run cables all the way behind my couch.



I recently went from 3.1 on a concrete slab for many years to up to 7.1 with a single box. Not as nice as discrete speakers for each surround and rear channel but it works very well at 120W. I even have it up against the wall behind my couch. What I really enjoy now along with the improved HT is multi-channel music.
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