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Anybody else waiting for a possible 80" Elite?

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I want a bigger display! A good looking bigger display! and I hope that we will see a 80" Elite by the end of this year!
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I think just about every TV enthusiast is looking forward to the 80" elite. God knows I am. The only other set I'd like to see more would be a 90" elite. I just hope they stay away from 4k and "fine tune" the existing X5FD platform.
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I'm still hoping for a 80" Elite 2 or at least a 80" Sharp with local dimming but given Sharp financial state I wonder if we will ever see a 80"+ local dimmer coming out this year or later in 2013?

Those $20k+ 4k sets are starting to make the Sharp 90" look like a bargain for its size even though it's "only" 1080p. Still, $10k is a bit of a high price for my wallet especially with no local dimming.eek.gif

I'm so ready for a bigger screen in my HT room!biggrin.gif I almost bought the 80" 632 last year but didn't cause I was curious to see the 90" and, maybe, next gen Elites. Now I'm fighting temptation to buy the 90" cause if I see a 80"+ local dimmer in the next 6 month I know that I will regret it. But boy is It becoming tough to wait! Been waiting for a year already!!tongue.gif
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I tell you I have a 70 Elite and I love it but an 80 would be perfect. The 70 is great but not as big as many would think. I could never go for a 65 now. Never.

I wanted 80 when I bought the 70 Elite but I don't have the patience to wait. I do not have a large room and sit about 8.5 to 9 feet back and 70 is great but I could easily have an 80 on the same wall. I do think 80 would be the end of the road for me. Problem is I can't afford displays for a while.

I moved a Sony 55inch XBR8 into my bedroom and it's perfect even for my medium size bedroom. 55 is the new bedroom size biggrin.gif

Everytime I see that 80 I think how perfect in size.....

Curious to see if they bring an 80 Elite but can't afford another display for a while. Between the XBR8 and the Elite in a three year span was at about $12.5 to $13k. Can't afford audio/video anymore smile.gif. I do love my 70 Elite though.

80 equals love

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Thank for you input Rick,smile.gif

I am now "stuck"wink.gif with a 65" but I feel the 70 Elite is not big enough of a jump size wise to justify an upgrade. Before my 65" I had a 72" RPTV and kinka miss those 7 extra inches that I traded for PQ. Now I'm ready to go for 80" - 90" so an Elite in this range would be nice given that it won't be 20k. I'm a bit curious about the 75" samsung too... but I didn't see one.
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This is the closest announced product to a 90" Elite as we can get for now. Reported to have full array and local dimming. When were the last Elites announced, October?


Also, rumors of 4K Elite and 80" 1080p Elite, so who knows. With Sharp's financial troubles the Elite line will be lucky to not get cancelled.
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Wow, those professionnal panels must cost a lot $$$. Hope they introduce a home user version of those big local dimmers!
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I went to the Fillion Hi-Fi store yesterday and talked with a salesman about Sharp financial state. He ended up telling me that the Sharp repreaentative told them that Sharp will be coming up with another 90" model and even a 100" model soon. When I asked about the model numbers and release date he said he couldn't remember the model details and there was no release date given by the Sharp guy. Given that the salesman was not even aware of Sharp financial state I take all this info with a grain of salt but still, he got me dreaming for a moment there...I'm now a even more curious to read from CES on january 2013. At least, Sharp sees itself in the business till 2014 but with more layoffs...
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