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Long throw (60ft) around US$ 6k

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Good night folks!

I now I'm new here, but for the past few days I read a lot trying to figure out the most cost effective PJ for this small auditorium inside a museum located in Taubate, Brazil. This museum is dedicated to a comedian that was quite popular in Brazil back in the 60's and 70's for his movies and live shows (Mazzaropi).

This is the hotsite for the exhibit that we made this year in memoriam for Mazzaropi's 100th birthday, just in case you guys are interested. (http://www.centenariomazzaropi.com.br/)

Enough about the location lets talk projection!

We have a theater like 2nd floor "projection room" centered and located 60 ft from the screen in the other end of the auditorium, this area is framed on the wall and measures approximately 23x13 ft (16:9).

The venue has 350 seats and our primary purpose is to exhibit Mazzaropi's movies, but sometimes this place will also be used as a conference room.

On my recent research i found these PJ that would suit my needs:

**Mitsubishi WD3300U DLP Projector ~ US$ 6k with proper lens

**Vivitek D5000 XGA Digital Projector ~ US$ 3k with proper lens (XGA i know but much cheaper)

**Sanyo PLC-WM5500L ~ US$ 5k with proper lens (just couple years old and discontinuing? anyone knows why?)

**Panasonic PTD6000US DLP Projector ~ US$ 7k with proper lens

besides all these DLP's i also took a look at this LCD:

**Christie lx505 ~ US$ 5k with stock lens (calculator says they'll do the trick)

and a completely different approach would be to buy an used, older and much higher class PJ, like the:

**Panasonic PT-DW7000U DLP Projector ~ US$ 6k with proper lens
panasonic II

Taking in consideration the given budget, what would you guys do??

Sorry if I wrote too much! any help will be deeply appreciated!

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well folks!

i'm not amazed by not having any replys taking in consideration this is a quite special venue, and it may be hard to describe it in words.

so i decided to post some pictures of the work we do here...

the first one is our screen pictured from the above projection room and our current solution for exhibiting (ceiling mount ~ 15 ft from screen)

the second one is taken from the screen onto the projection room (white rectangle)

and the last of them is with a crowd of poor elementary students moments before watching an exhibition on our auditorium!

i'm each time more keen of the pt-dw7000 with an el2 lens... any considerations??

many thanks once more!
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If you have a 16:9 screen I'd look for a 16:9 or 16:10 projector. At that distance and screen size you need at least 6000 lumens and honestly one that is rated 10,000 would be a lot better.

I know image fidelity isn't the most important thing with in this scenerio but remember these projectors only put out their rated lumens in very inaccurate modes. Plus you'll probably want to overcome some ambient light, which in the US is safety violation to have it completely dark in a theater. walk ways and exit signs have to be illuminated. If you have a light meter it would be good to measure the light over the audience and the light at the screen in the viewing conditions to get an idea of the ambient light.

For instance with 6000 lumens (if you truly get that) that is 20 foot lamberts with a brand new bulb. That's not bad and accounts for some bulb aging. If you have 2 ft/l of ambient light hitting the screen your ANSI contrast ratio (CR) goes to 12:1 so you would need a brighter projector to raise your contrast ratio. Ideally you want at least a 25:1 CR for video. For presentations you can get away with CR of 15:1. This is asuming you have a basic white 1.0 gain screen. A higher gain screen can help both the brightness and CR. If you can get the ambient ft/l to .5 this would greatly improve picture quality. I'm not sure what your regulations are for lighting in your country.

The Panasonic 6300 would be a better choice over the 6000 model for about the same price. It is the widescreen version (16:10).

The Sanyo might work but 5500 lumens is a little shy.

I'd skip the others in your list for reasons mentioned above.

A good used projector with a new bulb might be a better bet.

Hope this helps.

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Dont forget Sanyo is no longer around. Got bought out by Panasonic.
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Try posting your question in this forum.
I know it's for $20K+ but these guys may have had the projector you are looking for or may be able to direct you to the right projector since most have large screens.

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For that sized screen you have to get 1080p. If not, a good chunk of your seating will be useless. You also need lots of light, and I am not sure any of those really will do it. Maybe the Christie... You really need commercial level output...
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