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I'm having an issue with my 609 & McAfee Firewall when I stream from my Win 7 pro Music folder it will loose connection after 5 minute - If I Disable my Firewall (turn off) It will play for as long as I have it disabled.

What Port or ports should I have open in order not to loose the connection?

Firewall Version 12.0
Build 12.0.345

I found My Issue - It is with my local firewall setting - To test - disable the firewall on any PC you are connecting to - if the connection does not drop then look into your McAfee firewall settings.

Double-click the M icon.
Click Web and Email Protection drawer.
Click Firewall.
Within the Firewall menu click the Ports and System Services drawer.

When That Opens --Click the Bar that says- Universal plug and play ports -Then Click edit - the go to the drop down window and change it to "all PC"S"

Click Save

Your Onkyo will no longer drop it's connection.