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So I did some searching around the net and couldnt really find a clear answer on this issue I have. Basically my situation is this:

I am setting up a sound system for my master bedroom and master bath using a Pioneer VSX-1022-K receiver with four Polk Audio RC80i speakers in the bedroom above the bed connected to the Speaker A ports on the receiver and two Polk Audio RC80i speakers in the bathroom connected to the Speaker B ports on the receiver, all ceiling mounted and a single Definitive Technology ProSub 1000 to use for the two rooms connected via coax.

Now, the problem is (or at least as I have read and understand it to be from the manual) that I would like the sub to always output not matter what speakers (A or B or A+B) are selected. From what I have read in the manual, when Speaker A is selected the setup can run in a stereo 2X with sub fashion and thats fine. However when Speaker B is selected the manual makes it sound like only the two speakers in the bathroom with play with no sub. So, I was thinking of tapping one of the wires going to one of the bathroom speakers and running it directly to the sub in one of the provided inputs on the back of the sub:

That concept seems like it would work fine for when the receiver is set to Speaker B output. However the question comes up (and why Im creating this thread), what happens when I put the receiver in Speaker A+B mode? That would be feeding the sub the coax signal AND the speaker wire signal, but from the same source.

What do you guys think? Is there a better way to do this? Thanks in advance for your help.