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Problem receiving CBS on MDR515 DVR

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I just installed my new MDR515 DVR and having issues with just one channel, CBS which seems to be problematic for other users. I have read virtually all the threads regarding channel interference and have performed a few of the suggested remedies including "Map-Your-Own" and "Clean-Tuner" solutions. I even did a clear channel setup then manually added only the one channel that I know is CBS and the issue still exists. I also do not notice the tuner display flashing when surfing to 94.4.

Here are the major network channels how they appear in Fort Lauderdale, FL with straight Comcast cable (no STB):
ABC: 94.10 (MDR515 DVR), 86.411 (HDTV tuner), 411 (If a Comcast box were connected)
NBC: 100.6 (MDR515 DVR), 86.432 (HDTV tuner), 432 (If a Comcast box were connected)
CBS: 94.4 (MDR515 DVR), 85.433 (HDTV tuner), 433 (If a Comcast box were connected)

The problem is that sometimes CBS is broadcast on 94.4 as expected but other times it's replaced by a Spanish TV station. I have not noticed any discernible pattern, it happens during simple channel surfing without making any other setting adjustments on the device. And it seems more times than not on the Spanish station.

I'm pretty sure 94.4 is the correct DTV station as I have picked up the correct programming at times and I have not noted it on any other channel. I do get CBS on analog 4 which is not usable due to the low signal quality (I have since deleted all the analog stations using the clear channel setup.)

So I have two questions, why does CBS come and go and why does the MDR515 DTV channel mapping differ from the HDTV when the HDTV signal is sourced from the MDR515 pass-through cable feed.
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The Mag's coax passthru is sending the raw incoming signal thru to the TV's integrated tuner. It does its own thing with the signal, and it tunes in a diff. manner than the Mag's hybrid tuner.

On that CBS channel, what is its call sign when it shows as CBS?
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When selecting Display on the remote, it is listed as WFOR-TV.
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That's on display ch. 4 and RF channel 22 if on antenna.

You might see what the Mag tunes when you ADD 22 to the digital tuner with the Manual Channel Preset menu. If no joy, try 85, then 4, and see what happens? Its nickname is "CBS 4."

By one user's method, you might also try direct entering 94.22 with the numbers while on live tv.
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Added 4, 22 and 85. Just a blank screen (no scramble message) on 4.1, 22.1 and 85.1 then nothing more. Also tried manually entering 94.22, no signal there either. I have another HDTV on antenna and noted it picks up CBS on 4.1. I then connected the device to an antenna in another room and let it go through self programming. Picked up CBS on 4.1. Haven't waited long enough to see it it switches (likely not). Any chance that Comcast is switching it on their end? The obvious solution is to switch to antenna but I don't have a feed where this box needs to be. Just want to be sure its not a defective unit, I see a lot of folks prematurely return them when these problems arise.
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Apparently, your cableco is sending that CBS channel with info the Mag can't decipher like the tuner in your TVs.

The "flashing" display is a good clue that you have duplicate channels in the 94 slot. Only thing to do now is see if Deleting that other channel that you see switch with CBS in that channel slot clears 94 for CBS alone. Since you can sometimes see a "Spanish station" there, hopefully you can determine what that network is by call sign and see where it's supposed to be ...

Use Zap2It
to find your channel listing where it should show what channel that other station should be on. You could be lucky and find that other channel is supposed to be on 93 or 95 and it's a simple case of "adjacent-channel" interference, or then again, it could just be messed up cabelco data for that channel mis-directing it to 94???

If still no joy, wait-and-see if it changes?

We're just now going thru a change to a new cableco and they've been switching channels almost hourly... we were trying to decide which of two ABC digitals to use for my wife/CFO's Soap when suddenly one of them disappeared! A day later, it was back.
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