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Presently I use a Dune Base Player for my movies archived to file. I also use a Sony PS3 to play my discs (blu ray and dvd).

I was hoping to replace both with a quality Blu Ray player that can do justice to my NAS stored files via network. My files are just the movies with the HD audio stream and a few rare instances of subtitle streams. Also, some movies are MKV due to issues getting the subtitle streams and just the movie in one file.

The Dune has done fairly well with playback on my 50" Kuro but I can see a bit of difference compared to the original played back on my PS3. I suppose this is related to the Sigma chip and how Dune exploits it.

My system - 50" 5010 Kuro Plasma, Dune Base, Sony PS3, Marantz NR1602 and TiVo.

Ideally would just like to have the Kuro, Marantz and a single "media player" that does decent quality for discs, files (m2ts, mkv), audio discs, AAC and Apple lossless format audio files.

Any advice would be appreciated from low cost to medium cost solutions.

Thanks in advance.