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Question About Screen Resolutions

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I own an iMac that can display resolutions up to 1920x1080 pixels (standard).

Out of curiosity I just switched to 720p and immediately noticed the difference with everything being less sharp and bigger on my monitor. Then I compared the result with my 6 year-old bedroom HD-Ready TV (up to 720p) by turning on my PS3 and personally thought it looked better (as in more detailed) than my iMac on 720p.

Is this my eyes playing tricks on me because I am so used to the 1080p resolution on my computer or do TVs work differently? I mean, my TV has a bigger screen size than my iMac but still gives me a better display in 720p. Of course, if I change it back to 1080p my computer outshines the TV by a great deal, no questions asked.

But how come that you can see the difference on computer monitors so easily (even it it's a smaller screen) while TVs with less than 40 inch make it very hard to distinguish Full HD from HD-Ready? Mind you, I was sitting at the same distance when observing both devices for this "test".

Any insight on this?
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It all depends on the displays you're using and how well each one deals with the devices you've connected to them and resolutions your feeding them.
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The sharpest picture on any digital flatscreen monitor is the native resolution. When you display 720 on a 1080 display the monitor has to blur some pixels together to fill in the spaces. This is also true if you fed 1080 from the computer to your 720 TV. The picture would look better feeding the 720 a 720 signal.
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