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Is installing a pj hard?

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Hey everyone I am a new poster but a long time looker for a while now. I am looking to redo my basement as our new family room. I have controlled lighting but there is ambient lighting coming through windows(I plan on getting dark matte black shades to go around the whole room for now to cover the windows and white walls)...

I was wondering if installing a projector to the ceiling with a mount. I ask this because my local store does not carry the model projector I will be getting and I don't know of they will install if I don't get it there..on the same not I was going to get a motorized drop down screen...I'm not new to installing things around the house or construction work in general, I just wanted to get your guys thoughts if I should try and find someone to install
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Install yourself...you'll be fine.....
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How do you plan to run the wiring? You need an AC outlet AND low voltage (HDMI, component, etc) for the projector.
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Well, the ceiling mount is the toughest one to do right. It still isn't bad, but I would consider a couple of things.

First, how big is the room? If it is 20' or less deep, you might want to consider shelf mounting on the back wall. It is easier, and has the advantage that the projector doesn't drop down into where it might get bumped around. Which leads to...

Second, how high are the ceilings. It simply isn't going to work if you are planning on hanging it from a 7' ceiling above a 12" riser. Basically, make sure the projector isn't going to interfere with traffic patterns or sight lines.

If the ceiling doesn't have drywall yet, preplan for the cable runs. You will need power and a low voltage box near the projector for data lines. You will need to run an HDMI cable over to your equipment, so either pre-wire, or consider the joist runs carefully. You will also need to run low valtage wiring to the screen to handle the auto-retract feature.

Also, buy a GOOD mount, like a chief. The cheap mounts won't stay in place and will wiggle any time anyone moves. Trust me on this one, or you can buy my cheap mount...very cheap!
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What kind of mount or shelf really depends on the projector's range of throw-distance and vertical (and maybe horizontal) offset. You can even mount it upside-down on the ceiling (as it were sitting upside-down on a shelf) as a DIY solution that looks better (to me anyway) than an expensive mount sticking out of the ceiling (it's cheaper too).
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Thanks for the replies so far guys...I forgot to mention my basement has a drop ceiling...would I be able to mount it to the wood above the ceiling? It's about a 7 1/2 ft high ceiling
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Here's how I mounted mine to a 2 x 4 screwed between the ceiling joists with a galvanized pipe and fittings from the hardware store. The aluminum projector mount is custom made.
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If you use a Chief mount system with the down pipe you can just put a round pole through a hole in a ceiling tile and their is no need for a custom plate.
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